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Nov. 30-Dec. 4

Monday- lesson over Civic Responsibility

Participation in Government Civic Event Report Form

Civic Duty

We also started an ABC book project that will be due this Friday.  It will help prepare you for key vocabulary on the SLO’s.

ABC book for American Government

Tuesday- Lesson over electoral college.  Worked on the ABC book (due Friday)

The Electoral College worksheet

Electing a President

Wednesday- Class is only 30 minutes today!  Continue working on the ABC book.

Thursday- class is only 30 minutes today!  Continue working on the ABC book.

Friday- How can I be successful on the SLO’s?  You should be finishing your ABC book (project grade), I have created a study guide for the SLO’s.  This can be completed on your own, through web quests, and review games next week.

*Be looking for web quests that I post!

American Government Review


Nov. 30- Dec. 4

Monday- Introduction to the Cold War.

Cold War Notes Day 1

5 W’s of Cold War

Tuesday- Cuba and the Cold War lesson.  Students completed a guided reading and created “Cuba and the Cold War” storybook.  These assignments are numbers 2 and 3 in your notebook.


Directions for Cuba Storybook

Cuba and Vietnam

Reminders*  You can always be working on extra credit web quests!  Cold War Test and notebook due on Thursday.

Wednesday- finished Cuba and Cold War books, notebooks are due tomorrow!  Worked on the Cold War study guide- quiz over Cold War tomorrow.  Started working on ABC’s of World History project- due Monday.

*also, check out the Cold War quizlet for practice.

study guide for Cold War test

World History ABC book

Thursday- short writing assignment comparing U.S. and Soviet Union (daily grade), quiz over Cold War, and notebook due.

Friday- How can I be successful on the SLO’s?   We are finishing our ABC book (project grade- due Tuesday, Continue working on web quests- they will help you prepare for the SLO’s!

Nov. 16-20

Monday- Legislative Branch test, notebooks are due!

Tuesday- We start the Judicial Branch.  We discussed key vocabulary and created a one-pager about the Supreme Court Case Marbury v. Madison.


Judicial Branch

Marbury vs. Madison one-pager

Wednesday- Judicial Branch notes.  Ppt. and assignment “Who is in the courtroom” are below.  I’ve also included the Supreme Court case studies project instructions.

who is in the courtroom matching

Supreme Court Case Studies Project

Judicial Branch Day 2

Nov. 16-20

Monday- We will continue with You Science Testing

Extra Credit opportunity for those who are finished with You Science Testing!!!  Clink the link below for a webquest.

Web Quest Extra Credit 1

Tuesday- We must finish our You Science testing!  Those who are finished will continue to work on the extra credit web quest above!

Wednesday- We have an important meeting with the counselors!  Look for more of my extra credit web quests!  Coming soon!

Thursday- substitute

Friday-Extra credit opportunities!

Extra Credit web quest 2 religions