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January 25-29

Monday- Review for Unit 1 Test, finished web quests, Unit 1 Test and notebook due tomorrow

Unit 1 Ancient Civilizations Study Guide


Tuesday- Unit 1 Ancient Civilizations Test and Error analysis

Wednesday- begin religion unit, fill in monotheism chart with information about Judaism and Christianity

new monotheism chart

Monotheism everything! – Copy

Thursday– 5 Pillars of Islam lesson, completed the rest of the monotheism chart

The Five Pillars of Islam show how Muslim beliefs should be put into action in daily life

Friday- movie day!  Mrs. Foster is on a field trip!



January 19-22

Tuesday– Unit 1 European settlement and causes of the American Revolution Test, notebook due!

Enlightenment and Declaration of Independence reading/questions for h.w.- due at the beginning of class on Wednesday

Wednesday- American Revolution (standard 4 guided notes), staging American Revolution battles, American Revolution standard 4 EOC questions

American Revolution guided ppt notes

Guided pp American Revolution 8-23 – fill in the blank

Thursday– U.S. Constitution simulation and notes

Standard 5 Constitution student notes

Friday– Study guide for Unit 2 Test on Monday (American Revolution to Constitution)  Also, don’t forget about the study sets on quizlet (Standard 4 American Revolution and Standard 5 U.S. Constitution)

Unit 2 Study Guide spring 2016

January 11-15

Monday- Ancient Egypt pyramid assignment

Egyptian Pyramid Activity redone

Tuesday– Ancient Egypt review, Ancient Egypt writing assignment.

Egyptian writing assignment tier A

Ancient Egypt Writing Assignment

Egypt white board review

Wednesday- jigsaw lesson over Mesopotamia, answers to the graphic organizer are included below.

Meosopotamia graphic organizer key


Egypt/Mesopotamia quiz, comparing Athens/Sparta, gods and goddesses trading card

Comparing Athens and Sparta

Friday- Greece writing assignment and movie, Tuesday we will start the Greece Project.

athens sparta writing assignment tier C

Athens sparta writing assignment tier A



January 11-15

Here is what we will be doing in U.S. History for Domain 1, show your parents!

Domain 1 news letter


Which colonial region am I describing practice, review of key vocabulary from Middle/New England Colonies, Notes/video clip on Mercantilism/Triangular Trade, Finish Colonies Vacation poster and be ready for your sales pitch tomorrow!  Also, multiple choice question quiz tomorrow.

Websites for Colonial Region Vacation Poster Assignment

practice for understanding the differences between the different colonies:

Which Colonial Region is it



Colonies Quiz, Finish and present Colonies project, error analysis due tomorrow when you walk in the door.

Wednesday- Lesson on the causes of the American Revolution, Road to Revolution activity

American Revolution 1


short lesson on the Great Awakening, break up letter to the King of England (daily grade), finish Road to Revolution, watch the Patriot

For part of class tomorrow we will be in the media center preparing for the ACCESS tests, the rest of class will be for working on the study guide for the Unit 1 Test (next Tuesday)

Break up letter to the King of England

The Great Awakening

Friday- practice for the ACCESS test online, study guide for Unit 1 Test next Tuesday, don’t forget to check out quizlet- 13 Colonies and Causes of the American Revolution

Study Guide for Unit 1


January 4-8

Monday– Teacher Work Day

Tuesday– Fill out contact sheet, overview of class expectations and syllabus, World Map activity, Start student author page.
H.W.- bring in pictures for student author page and syllabus signed.

Wednesday– Basic Geography Quiz, Web quest using my blog and quizlet sign up, Finish student author page

World History class introduction web quest

Thursday- AD/BC practice, chart on 7 categories of a civilization, small group work with newspapers and magazines.

Seven Categories of a Civilization