Monthly Archives: February 2016

Feb. 29-March 4

Monday– 2nd block: Black History Month 3rd block: Abolitionist newspaper

revised shorter abolitionist newspaper

Tuesday- Start Unit 5 Expansion and Reform, ppt, guided reading

guided reading big business

Unit 5 Day 1

Wednesday– Standard 12 Consequences of American Industrial Growth, small group graphic organizer (quiz grade)

Don’t forget to check out quizlet set Standards 11 and 12

Quiz on Thursday!

Standard 12 ppt overview

standard 12 interactive

Thursday– quizlet/review standards 11 and 12, quiz, muckraker guided reading and graphic organizer





Feb. 29-March 4

Monday- Exploration notes, explorers chart, Middle Passage video clip and triangular trade map

Age of Exploration

Exploration Notes outline – spring 2015

Exploration Notes Spring 2015

check out the Exploration study set on Quizlet- vocabulary quiz on Wednesday!

Tuesday– review causes/effects of exploration and key vocabulary, finish Explorers chart, Which explorer am I describing?

Exploration Perspective Project planning sheet

Copy of Exploration Monument Project

Wednesday- review of exploration key vocabulary and quiz.

Start Exploration monument project

Which explorer am I describing



February 22-26

Monday– Civil War Day 3 key standards 9abe, illustrated timeline in pairs (daily grade), practice EOC questions

Civil War Day 3

EOCT Questions standards 9abe

Civil War Part I Quizlet is helpful!

Tuesday– Civil War Day 4 key battles and individuals, key battles map activity.

Civil War Day 4

Civil War Day 4 interactive

Civil War Part II Quizlet is helpful!

Wednesday- quiz over Standard 9, lesson on Reconstruction, Quizlet “Reconstruction” will help you review

Study guide for Civil War and Reconstruction.

Unit 4 Civil War and Reconstruction Study Guide

We will play a review game and I will take any questions about the study guide on Thursday.  The test and notebook will be due on Friday.





February 22-26

Monday- Introduction to the Renaissance, trading cards on famous Renaissance art, start biographical poem research about either da Vinci or Michelangelo

biographical poem example

Tuesday– Finish biographical poems and printing press simulation: What was the impact of Gutenberg’s printing press?

Renaissance Day 2

Wednesday- Reformation lesson, Study Guide for Renaissance/Reformation Test


reformation notes outline

Thursday– Review game and take the Renaissance/Reformation Test

Study Guide for Renaissance and Reformation

Review for Renaissance and Reformation Test fall 2015





Feb. 8-12

Monday- Feudalism Notes and Create your own feudal manor assignment

Design your own Feudal Manor

feudalism in a day


Tuesday– Knighthood and Chivalry notes, Create your own Coat of Arms

Is chivalry dead

Coat of Arms activity

chivalry knighthood notes

cheat sheet for creating your coat of arms

*Review key vocabulary on quizlet!  We will have a Middle Ages quiz on Thursday!!! The name of the study set is “Feudalism”

Wednesday– Black Death questions and illuminated summary

The Black Death questions

Thursday– Feudalism Quiz, finish ALL notebook work, illuminated manuscript due as separate daily grade

Friday- Finish all notebook work, turn in Black Death summary!






Feb. 8-12


2nd block: Health Survey and identification of “Social Studies” words from the Unit 3 Test

3rd block: Take Unit 3 Test, notebook and Illustrated storybook due!

Tuesday– Start Unit 4 Civil War and Reconstruction

The Civil War and Slavery

Civil War Day 1

Wednesday- Notes/Guided Reading rest of Standard 8, Mexican-American War Poster in small groups

Guided Reading Standards 8bcde

Civil War Day 2

Review Standard 8 Quizlet, Quiz over Standard 8 on Thursday!

Thursday- Quiz over standard 8, Slavery continues notes

Thursday February 11th


Friday- Emancipation Proclamation Lesson and CRQ

Emancipation Proclaimation CRQ

Emancipation Proclamation Lesson




February 1-5

Monday-  Industrial Revolution guided reading

Industrial Revolution Guided reading and activity 9-2 – Copy

don’t forget Quizlet study sets for Standards 6 and 7

Tuesday- Review Which word doesn’t fit?, Start illustrated storybook about unit 3, I’ve included the directions and examples.

Which word does not fit

illustrated storybook directions

How to make your storybook great!!

example for illustrated storybook paragraph

Wednesday and Thursday-

Work on illustrated storybook, identification of “social studies” words


2nd block:  Unit 3 Notebook and Test, illustrated storybook due!

3rd block ACCESS Test