Monthly Archives: March 2016

March 21-25

Monday– Finish Standard 15 origins and impact of World War I

Don’t forget about World War I Quizlet!  World War I quiz tomorrow!

Standards 15cd & 16a picture activator

Tuesday- World War I Quiz, Harlem Renaissance foldable and concert poster assignment

Harlem Renaissance matching

Harlem Renaissance Guided Reading

Wednesday– Study guide for Unit 6 Test, you have a sub today, I’m in the library!

Unit 6 Study Guide spring 2014

Thursday– Unit 6 Test and notebook due

Friday- Progressive Era mini-q

prohibition buckets










March 21-25

Monday– French Revolution simulation, notes, group activity

French Revolution Day 1 spring 2015

French Revolution graphic organizer

french revolution notes continued

Tuesday– Finish French Revolution notes, French Revolution CRQ,

French Revolution CRQ

Wednesday- you have a sub today, I’m in the media center all day!  You will have a chart to fill out.

Inventors and Inventions of the Industrial Revolution 2013

Thursday- study guide and review game

Friday- Revolutions Test




March 14-18

Monday– culture lesson, kente cloth

culture bringing it all together

kente cloth questions

Tuesday– Start Revolutions unit, Enlightenment graphic organizer

enlightenemnt introduction

Wednesday– English Revolution

The English Revolution

The English Revolution graphic organizer

Thursday- American Revolution


American Revolution 1

Friday– Finish Road to revolution activity, American Revolution review, clips from the Patriot

American Revolution Review






March 7-11

Monday– Progressive Era and Race guided reading, see Mrs. Foster for copies

Progressive Movement and Race

one-pager on Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court case (daily grade)

Tuesday– Review of political reforms during the Progressive Era, tree map on the Progressive Era (muckrakers and the role of women, race, politics), start mini-Progressive Era project book

Progressive Era Mini-Project Quiz Grade

Wednesday– Unit 5 Review game, study guide, and work on Progressive Era book

Unit 5 Test Study Guide

Unit 5 Jeopardy game

*Don’t forget the test is tomorrow and your notebook is due!  Don’t forget about quizlet!  The class study sets include: Standard 11 and 12 railroads, big business, and the consequences of industrial growth, Standard 13 Progressive Era