August 24-28th Learning Commons Updates

We hope everyone is having a great week! See below for details for each grade’s lessons this week in the learning commons!

Kindergarten: This week we discussed the American flag, and we designed a class flag for each kindergarten class based on what each class thought was important to them (AASL 1.2.2,NETS-S 1A, ELAGSEKSL5).

1st and 2nd grade: With both grades this week, we read a variety of books and discussed ways we can tell how a book is “just right” when we pick library books. We focused on the 5 finger rule, and students received a bookmark with these rules on them (AASL 1.2.2, NETS-S 1A, ELAGSE1RL2, ELAGSE1RL2).

3rd,4th, 5th grade: Almost classes were able to come check out books this week and discuss which books they would like in the learning commons (AASL 1.2.2).

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