Learning Commons Updates

This week was another busy, fun-filled week in the LC! Small group and whole group checkout continued this week, and classes continued to visit for makerspace introductions and brainstorming sessions. We are serving an average of 20 students in independent groups a day in the makerspace (either working on January maker activities or their own classroom projects/creations). Some kindergarten classes continued to visit for a fiction and non-fiction compare/contrast activity, and some first grade classes started to brainstorm makerspace ideas with the reading of Izzy Gizmo. Additionally, Mrs. Vaughn’s Kindergarten class stopped by to share their informational writing about Polar Bears based on their fiction and non-fiction lesson from last week!

Also, all third, fourth, and fifth grade art classes took place in the LC or with Mrs. Sherman and Mrs. Bisson co-teaching this week to help introduce makerspace ideas by assembling 3D castles and robots with recycled materials. These are on display this week in the LC.

Don’t forget that the third nine weeks Biblionasium challenge (read and log 1500 minutes by March 12th) is up and running!

We will continuously need donations for the makerspace as well! Think about donations similar to the STEM lab! Feel free to donate art supplies, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, plastic baggies, plastic grocery bags, rubber bands, straws, glue, cotton balls, string and plastic cups! If you can create something out of it, then consider donating it! Donations will be going on year-round, and you can drop off donations in the learning commons. Thank you in advance for your help with this!

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