Flames of Frey………AIM HIGH!

We are looking forward to providing your child with an exciting and rewarding Physical Education program.  Students will have PE twice per week.  Please see the Specials Schedule for your child’s PE days.

For your child’s safety, we require students wear athletic shoes to PE.  Students who do not have appropriate shoes (open-toed shoes, shoes will heels, boots, sandals, or Crocs) will be unable to participate in PE.

If your child has any ongoing health concerns or restrictions that we need to be aware of, please send a detailed note with instructions for their class participation limitations.

Welcome Back!

I hope everybody had a fun and active break!  We are gearing up for some fitness stations next week.  We are getting started with learning some new warm ups and playing some student favorite games this week.

Fall Fun!

Students will love playing our memory game as they move around the gym looking for “bugs”.  What a great way to combine activity with concentration; let’s go on a critter hunt!

Soccer Skills Stations

We are out on the field practicing dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending this week.  This will prepare us for our upcoming small group soccer games.

Foot Skills

We hope everybody had and enjoyable and active fall break!  We are starting our soccer skills this week with some dribbling and passing drills.

Fall Break

I hope everybody has a wonderful fall break!  We talked about how students can be active, on the road, at home or even inside their house.   When we return to school, students will have an opportunity to talk about how they got their body moving!