Physical Education Reminders

We are looking forward to providing your child with an exciting and rewarding Physical Education program.  Students will have PE twice per week.  Please see the Specials Schedule for your child’s PE days.

For your child’s safety, we require students wear athletic shoes to PE.  Students who do not have appropriate shoes (open-toed shoes, shoes will heels, boots, sandals, or Crocs) will be unable to participate in PE.

If your child has any ongoing health concerns or restrictions that we need to be aware of, please send a detailed note with instructions for their class participation limitations.

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Getting our cardio in…..

PE classes will be short this week since we have early release.  All classes will be moving their bodies, either by earning laps on the track or playing a fun group game in the gym.  Lots of students will be bringing home certificates and tokens!  Be sure to ask your kiddo what they earned.

Rescue 911

I can’t wait to hear how everybody got their bodies moving this fall break!  This week we are practicing ALL kinds of skills……throwing, catching, dodging, balance, shooting, jumping and more as we play a student favorite, Rescue 911.

Crab Soccer

Students will learn how to complete the Fitnesgram Pacer test and practice a modified Pacer as their warm up.   We will then be exercising our upper bodies by playing some crab soccer games.

Overhand Throwing and Catching

We are going to work on the skills of throwing and catching.  Our younger students will practice “point, step, and throw” while playing a game called Cookie Monster.  Our older students will be playing Spy Kids!

Bounce Brigade and Alligator Alley

Our 3-5 students will be working in small teams on bouncing and catching.   The K-2 students are practicing underhand tossing and catching.  They have so much fun with these games, they don’t realize how much they are learning!

Locomotor Skills and Hula Huts

We are warming up with Fitness Spinners this week.  Ask your student which exercise is their favorite!  K-2 students will practice different locomotor skills and learn how to build hula huts.  3-5 students will play a fun game called Hula Hut Throwdown!

Fitness and Fun Stations

This week our students are moving their bodies and practicing different skills at stations.  They will underhand toss, overhand throw, shoot basketballs, practice agility and strength exercises; just to name a few.  Be sure to ask your student about the rock wall and their hula hoop skills.

Team Building Activities

This week our students will learn some new Instant Activities to warm up our bodies and get them ready for exercise.   We will use the Rock, Paper, Scissors warm up and then complete team building challenges.  Be sure to ask your student how their team did!