Physical Education Reminders

We are looking forward to providing your child with an exciting and rewarding Physical Education program.  Students will have PE twice per week.  Please see the Specials Schedule for your child’s PE days.

For your child’s safety, we require students wear athletic shoes to PE.  Students who do not have appropriate shoes (open-toed shoes, shoes will heels, boots, sandals, or Crocs) will be unable to participate in PE.

If your child has any ongoing health concerns or restrictions that we need to be aware of, please send a detailed note with instructions for their class participation limitations.

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Week Two

Our K-2 students are learning the difference between personal and general space.  We will be moving our bodies in both spaces as they learn different locomotor movements.  3 -5 students are already running and dodging.  They will be playing a fast moving Extinction Tag game.

Week 1

As begin our first full week of class, our students will be moving around the gym to complete an ice breaker activity.  Students will discuss and share what they did to get their bodies moving this summer.  We will also introduce Physical Literacy and what we are going to learn in PE.

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to see our returning students and meet the new friends at Frey!  Our first few days of PE we will be working on learning Personal v. General Space.  Can’t wait to get our bodies moving!