Finally Up!

It is with great excitement that we bring you the first edition of the Preschool Press for the 2016-2017 school year! Welcome to all of our new and returning families.  We are thrilled to have you and your precious little ones with us!  They are off to a great start, as there have been very few tears (the Kindergarteners have had many more,) lots of giggles and much fun as we have gotten to know our friends, teachers, therapists and lots of other people in this big, wonderful school!

We started the year with a lot of “new”:  new friends, a new Occupational Therapist (welcome Maria Perotin!), and…a new blog site!.  We have had a change to our blog site this year, and it has taken us quite a while, in the busy-ness of a new school year, to learn this new (not-as-user-friendly) platform. We are still learning, so please be patient with us! We did not want to keep you in the dark any longer about what’s happening in Preschool!

In the listed pages, you will find a wealth of information about our class, the curriculum, the current themes, and many tips and tricks you can use at home with your child to help support the things we do here! We are partners when it comes to the comfort and success of your children as we, hopefully, lay a very positive foundation of learning which will support them for the next several years of schooling. As always, please feel free to contact any one of us, if you have concerns, questions, ideas, or anything you would like to see your child doing. The school phone number is available on the Frey Elementary home page, and you can always leave a voicemail. Our emails are probably the best way to contact us at: (Ms. Kelly), (Ms. Michelle), (Ms. Tara), or (Ms. Leslie).

Current Events

bunnies bridge down-by storybook_mytruckisstuck

We are “traveling” toward the end of our transportation unit which included Bunnies On the Go, The Bridge Is Up, and Down By the Station.  This week, we will read My Truck Is Stuck, the last of four very loved and very interactive stories. We have explored lots of ways to travel, differences in ways to get around in the city and country, packing for and taking a vacation, and saying “goodbye” and “hello.” The children have continued to develop their abilities to listen for and produce rhyming words, sequence specific events in the stories, predict and make inferences about situations in the stories, and increase meaningful vocabulary as it relates to their experiences in and outside of the classroom. We have thoroughly explored the letters “s,” “r,” “l,” “o,”and “a” while “riding with rabbits” and “soaring in sailboats!”  The color red and the octagon red-octagon shape have been consistently reinforced and easily and relevantly worked into many of our theme related activities!  We will finish September with the letter “y” with “yellow yachts” and “yucky, stuck, trucks.”

Coming Soon

When we come back Fall Break, we will begin a fun, seasonal unit with an emphasis on emotions.  We will introduce four new stories, and spend the month of October learning about the color orange and the triangle orange-triangle shape.  We will introduce and practice the letters “h,” “g,” and “v,” and we will review the vowels “a” and “o.”  Stay tuned for more details :-)!

Dates to Remember

  • September 26-30, 2016 – Fall Break, school closed
  • October 8, 2016 – 9:00 am- 1:00 pm – “Frey”day on a Saturday – Frey Homepage
  • October 17-21, 2016 – Conference Week – Early release all week (morning preschoolers will dismiss at 10:30 am and all-day preschoolers will dismiss at 12:00 pm)

What Do We Need?

Nothing!  A very big THANK YOU to everyone for sending in the items on the class supply list!  In this section, we will list things we are running low on, but please only send items if you are able!

On the Wish List 

Again, these are things we use constantly in the class, but are not on the supply list.  DO NOT feel like you should send these things! They are listed in case you are able or desire to contribute:  

  • Sticky-back Velcro
  • White cardstock