February 27, 2017


Welcome back!  We hope you had a nice Winter Break and are ready to tackle the next few weeks as we watch the seasons change. We had such a “LOVEly” time at our Valentine exchange!  Thanks to all who sent beautiful gifts and flowers to us!  And, we feel so appreciated after the many gestures of kindness you showed during teacher appreciation week.  The food was great, too!  Your children are reason enough for us all to be here everyday with smiles on, but food always adds to the fun!  A big thanks goes, especially to our room moms, Dana Dodd and Augustine Dellar, for making us all feel so special.

Coming Next


We have moved into Spring and Weather with our new unit today.  Who Will See Their Shadows This Year? by Jerry Pallotta has several animals trying to affect the weather with their own shadows.  The animals’ shadows bring varying results: the camel’s causes a sandstorm, the buffalo’s makes sleet, and the peacock’s a tornado. The racket wakes the groundhog, who, seeing no shadow, brings the spring.  Although Groundhog Day has come and gone, this story is a nice segue into Spring and it introduces many types of weather conditions.

As March comes in like a “lion,” The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins will be our next book. This is a delightful story of the wind that takes a different item from someone on each page and lifts it high in the air.  The vocabulary is repetitive and predictable, but challenging enough to introduce and reinforce many new concepts.  We have many activities planned around this theme.  On Wednesday, March 15th, we will have “Kite Day!”  Please send in an assembled, working kite for your child before the 15th, so we can begin talking about our plans.  If the weather is not conducive on that day, we will have several opportunities that week to “catch a breeze.”  Simple, inexpensive kites are available in most every discount and drug store now.

As March goes out like a “lamb,”  The Rain Came Down by David Shannon will have us talking about more Springtime weather.  Raindrops set off a chain reaction of temper tantrums, but a sudden break in the clouds makes the bad moods melt. A series events begins with a noisy, muddy dog that aggravates its owner, so “the man yelled at the dog and woke up the baby…. The dog barked louder. And still, the rain came down.” Outside, a taxi driver beeps at a stopped truck, and in the next frame, the truck driver argues back. One by one, shop owners collide with pedestrians as tension accumulates, all to the refrain, “And still, the rain came down.”  Finally, “the rain stopped! And so did the noise.” The sunshine changes everything.   We review sequencing and patterning, retelling of a story, comprehension questions and “reading” of the story with our older children.  We will introduce community helpers.  We will discuss how to dress for the weather and how important it is to stay “under the umbrella.”

We have begun our focus on the color blue and the shape “diamond” for the month, and we will do lots of activities to strengthen our awareness of the letters “K” and “U.” This week we are reviewing the last five consonants. Again, it always helps for you to reinforce these concepts throughout your daily routines with your children.  Wow!  They are “blowing” through this school year and making so much progress!

Dates to Remember

Thursday, March 2, 2017 – 6:00-7:30 – STEM Night

Needed Items

These items are in NO way required!  If you are willing and able to send something in, we will appreciate it immensely.  But, please don’t feel like you must

  • antibacterial surface wipes

Thank you, Parents!  We are partners when it comes to your child’s comfort, safety, and happiness!