April 10, 2017


Welcome Back!!!  We hope you all had an enjoyable and family-fun Spring Break!  Before Spring Break each year, we begin to do our post-assessments, progress notes, and hold meetings to make some decisions about the next school year for your children.   Whether we have had your meeting or not, you all have received the latest progress notes, and we hope you felt the same pride we did as we prepared them. Your children are blossoming like the flowers this spring!  We have observed SO much progress in every one of your children, and we look forward to seeing that continue over the next six weeks.  It’s hard to believe that this school year is coming to an end.  It seems like we just started!  

Wrapping It UP

Our Community Helpers unit was a big hit with the children, as they got to take on many roles, wear many different hats and uniforms, and delve into the busy workings of their own community!  We focused on the reasons why we need various community helpers, learned the importance of doing our “jobs” at home and at school, and learned to associate specific clothing, tools, places of business, and vehicles with the corresponding occupations.  We were even fortunate enough to have a visit from a real police officer, and he let us get in his cruiser!  

Although March went out like a “lion,”  we finally had a day decent enough to fly our kites!  Thank you for sending them in, because the children LOVED this activity!  If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to “Go fly a kite!”  Your kids will show you how :-)!

Coming Next

We will begin this special season with a beautifully illustrated, lift-the-flap book, Something Is Coming by Bernice Chardiet.  This story is about the many different animal babies that hatch from eggs. We will classify animals according to type (bird/reptile,) outer covering (feathers/no feathers,) actions (swim, fly, slither,) egg size, and egg color.  We will sort eggs by size, pattern and color, count baby birds and other critters that hide in eggs, play games, and sing songs about animals and eggs.   We will “write” our own books about eggs, and we will finish the week with an egg hunt!  IF YOU ARE ABLE TO DONATE INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED TREATS, PLEASE SEND THESE IN BY THURSDAY, APRIL 13TH!  We have enough plastic eggs for everyone to find plenty, we just need the items to put in the eggs. THANK YOU!

We will expand our Springtime learning to include mammal babies, as we read Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown.  This is a lovely book with simple, rhythmic text about the cycle of a day on a farm, where families of animals peacefully play and sleep.  In continuation of our farm theme, we will emphasize the time concepts of sunrise, morning, daytime, sunset, and nighttime, and the different activities we do during certain times of the day.

Finally, we will culminate our farm unit with Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins.   This is a classic children’s story that some of you may remember from your childhood!  Rosie’s Walk is a simple, wonderful story for emphasizing prepositions and positional concepts as Rosie the Hen narrowly escapes the teeth of the fox throughout her afternoon walk.  She travels over, under, around, through, past, and across various landmarks around the farm.  There are so many wonderful opportunities to practice all of our related themes within this farm unit.  When possible, use language at home during your daily routines to emphasize the time of day, and what you are doing in the morning, at night, during the daytime, etc.  Talk about moving in space as you work around the house or the yard.  Are you going around, behind, between, under, etc.  As always, you are your child’s best teacher!

During the month of April we will introduce and practice the letters “e” and “x,” and we will review the vowels “i” and “u.”  We will help Ellie Elephant eat enormous eggs; everyone will exhibit their ears, eyes, and elbows; and we will eat exquisite Easter eggs!  We will play spring songs on the xylophone, help the chicken stay away from the fox, and x-ray our chickens for chicken pox!

We will introduce and practice the color pink and the shape oval .

Dates to Remember

Friday, April 14, 2017 – 11:15 am – Preschool Egg Hunt (If you can send in individually wrapped goodies, or help stuff plastic eggs, please let one of us know!)

Needed Items

These items are in NO way required!  If you are willing and able to send something in, we will appreciate it immensely.  But, please don’t feel like you must.

  • antibacterial surface wipes

Thank you, Parents!  We are partners when it comes to your child’s comfort, safety, and happiness!