October 16, 2017



Wrapping It Up

We have just finished our unit based on Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler and How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by Jane Yole.  The kids have had so much fun learning about their bodies and ways they can stay healthy by following daily hygiene routines.   The stories were rich with repetitive and emphatic vocabulary.


What’s Next?


From here we continue our “Dino” mite stories with a focus on feelings and emotions with the story T.Rex Trick –or –Treats by Lois G. Gambling .This story is about a dinosaur named   T. Rex who wants to find the perfect scary costume for Halloween but can’t decide.  When his friends come over to help him, they point out that his frown makes him look very scary and that maybe he should just go as himself.   The children will love the descriptive vocabulary and cute illustrations in the story.

October 23rd, we will continue on with Toby’s Dinosaur Halloween  by Cyndy Szekeres. This short story is about a cute mouse named Toby who dresses up like a dinosaur and goes trick-or-treating for Halloween.

Mrs. Grimmer’s class will also focus on feelings and emotions with the story Glad Monster Sad Monster by Ed Emberley & Anne Miranda.  We will learn how to identify our own emotions, and those of others, things that make us feel a certain way, how to communicate our feelings, and how to manage our emotions appropriately.  The children will enjoy getting to know the seven “colorful” monsters from the story as they laugh, cry, stomp, make silly faces, scare each other, hug each other, and worry about things that might be “under the bed!”  Please help your children identify and verbalize their feelings when they are frustrated, angry, sad, silly, happy, etc.  This will help them learn that they have control over the situation by reacting appropriately to their feelings and continuing to try when things get difficult.  They will also understand the value of staying happy when they are trying so hard to overcome frustrating situations!


We will continue to focus on the color “orange” and the shape  “triangle.”  This week we will review the letters “l,” “n,” “w,” and “x.” Next week we will introduce the letter “v.”

Up Coming Events and Dates to Remember

  • October 16-20, 2017 – Conference Week– follow early release schedule.


Needed Items

 Lysol wipes

Baby wipes


Wish List

 Water color paints

October 2, 2017

Welcome back!  We hope you all had an awesome Fall Break!  It really does feel rejuvenating to have had a bit of a reprieve in the action before we come back to tackle all of the activity have planned heading into the Holiday season!  Fasten your seat belts, because we are “speeding” into a busy time of learning and play!

Wrapping It Up

Just as Fall seems to have arrived, we are finishing our unit on trees, leaves and apples.  We completed our unit by making apple pie on the Friday before Fall Break!  The children really responded well to the repetition, number concepts, color concepts, descriptive vocabulary, rhymes, and sound play these stories allowed.  These guys are predicting words, filling in cloze phrases, counting, and responding to difficult “Wh” questions!  They recognize the letters “u,””l,” and “n,” and their associated sounds, and we reviewed the letters “s,” “e,” and “c.”  Our tree unit was a nice segue into October, as we will continue to explore the various signs of the season and the special activities Fall brings.  We finished our month-long emphasis on the color blue and the square.

What’s Next?


***Please note that we are flipping the original schedule of these two stories to begin with Skeleton Hiccups.***

We are moving into October with some awesome seasonal stories that will extend on everything we have learned so far.  This week, we begin our journey into seasonal concepts with the book Skeleton Hiccups by Marjerie Cuyler. This is a delightful story about a skeleton who wakes up one morning with the hiccups and can’t get rid of them.  He goes through his daily routines (brushing his teeth, taking a shower, raking the leaves, playing with his friend, etc.) unable to stop the “Hic! Hic! Hic!”  The story emphasizes personal hygiene and staying healthy in a humorous, seasonal setting.  Please refer to the concept map for specific vocabulary.  You play such an important role in helping to reinforce the concepts at home with your children throughout your daily routines!  As we continue to focus on the changing seasons, we will also focus on our bodies (inside and out) and staying healthy.  Next week, while continuing to focus on healthy habits and our bodies, we will also begin a month-long dinosaur unit with the book How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by Jane Yolen.  This book, from the wonderful “How Do Dinosaurs?” series, highlights appropriate and inappropriate ways to get well when we are sick.  The rhyming text and engaging pictures depict different kinds of dinos initially engaging in mischievously inappropriate behaviors (ex. throwing his tissues out the door.)  As the story progresses, the dinos display many good behaviors for recovering from illness and staying healthy.  In the mornings or before bedtime, you can emphasize the importance of getting enough sleep, staying clean, taking care of our teeth, etc. with your children.  Since we are entering the cold and flu season, please try to encourage your children to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze and wash their hands frequently throughout the day.  We will reinforce all of these behaviors, as usual, and focus on these “healthy”concepts through our activities and play over the next two weeks!

This month we will introduce the color “orange” and the shape  “triangle.”  We will also introduce the letters “x” and “w.”  Since the week of October 16th is Conference week, and we release at 12:00 every day, we will review the letters “l,” “n,” “w,” and “x.”

A Sparkle of Interest

On every other Friday of the month, we spend 30-45 minutes in a group sing-a-long session.  This session is led by some of our wonderful Kindergarten teachers.  We go to the cafeteria with all of the Kindergarten classes for some singing and dancing! The songs are all chosen to support numerous skills and concepts children are developing at this age.  And…they LOVE this!

Coming Events and Dates to Remember

  • October 6, 2017 – 6:00-8:00 pm – Fall Festival
  • October 12, 2017 – Earl Release Day – 1/2 day students dismiss at 10:30 am, Full-day students dismiss at 12:05
  • October 16-20, 2017 – Conference Week – follow early release schedule above every day this week.