March 26, 2018

Wrapping It Up

Our amazing preschoolers have welcomed Spring with gusto!  We learned about farm life and the importance of animals who give us so many things we need.  We “milked” a cow, then made chocolate chip cookies to dip in our milk!  We watched how sheep are sheared, and we carded real wool to make it straight and smooth for spinning!  We watched some eggs hatching and saw how the wet baby chicks dry and become fluffy!  We compared the new babies to the older chicks that hatched 4 weeks ago, and noted the changes in their size, coloring, feather texture, and peeps!  We spent some time in the STEM lab learning about the forces of wind through some engaging, hands-on experiments, and we got to make our own “wind dancer” with colorful ribbons.  Mrs. Johnson (our STEM teacher) is SO wonderful!  She took some great pictures that I will share with you through email!

Coming Next

Wake Up, It’s Spring, by Lisa Campbell Ernst, is a joyful way to celebrate this season of newness and awakening.  As the sun warms the Earth, the Earth wakes the earthworm, who wiggles and sings to the seed.  The seed sprouts and nudges the ladybug, who in turn tickles the rabbit’s ear to wake him.  The chain of creatures react to the coming of Spring in unique ways, and it culminates with a family and their pets waking to dance with everyone in the warm sun.  The text is beautifully, richly written, but simple and understandable.  It and lends itself to a variety of activities as we head into our Spring Break and holidays that come with this time of year!

We will finish the month of March with the color green and the diamond shape.  We will introduce and practice the letter “Rr.”

Dates to Remember

  • Thursday, March 29th at 11:25 – Egg hunt.  Please send in your stuffed eggs by Wednesday morning.
  • April 2-6, 2018 – Spring Break – school closed


March 12, 2018

Wrapping It Up

We have had some “WILD” fun with our zoo to farm transition, and there is SO much learning we can pack into discovering our animal friends!  Our two “cow” stories,  Miss Moo Goes to the Zoo and The Cow Loves Cookies, have introduced numerous animal friends who have given us lessons in friendship and kindness, sharing and helping.  We learned where milk comes from and baked chocolate chip cookies to dunk in our milk.  We also discovered the important job farmers have and the many other products that our animal friends share with us. We have begun March with a nice review of letters Qq, Bb, Tt, Zz, and Gg, and the introduction of the color green and the diamond  shape.                                                                                           

Coming Next


We will bring in Spring, and the joys of changing weather, babies, and our celebrations of newness with two more animal stories that bring us more exuberant, rhyming romps (complete with familiar farm characters) that highlight these concepts with gusto!  Stuck in the Mud, by Jane Clarke, finds Hen counting her chicks early one morning and discovering that one has disappeared.  She finds the baby in the middle of the farmyard, stuck in the mud.  Hen enlists her friends, Cat, Dog, Sheep, Horse, and even Farmer, to help free her chick. They all take a turn pushing and pulling “again and again,” only to become stuck themselves.  The surprise near the end of the book emphasizes the joys of friendship and helping, as Chick jumps to freedom.  But, he really wasn’t stuck; he just wanted company to play in the mud!                                                

Down By the Cool of the Pool, by Tony Mitton, is another lively, rhyming text that has Frog crying, “Wheeeee! Can you dance like me?” This is the challenge for Duck, Pig, Sheep, Cat, Dog, Goat, Pony, Donkey, and Cow, to all party around the pond and each do its own dance.  The text builds upon itself with alliterative descriptions of the animals (“Playful Pony began to prance. Donkey drummed his hoofbeat dance”.)  The fast-moving friends eventually land in the pond with a huge splash!  But, they don’t let it damper their joy, as they continue their fun together!

We will have another STEM lesson on Tuesday, March 13th!  First, we will again observe the eggs that are incubating to look for any changes or new babies.  We will describe the changes our current chicks have made in the week since we saw them last.  Finally, we will go to the lab for a multi-sensory unit all about the wind!  We will introduce and practice the letter “Hh” this week and bring in the letter “Ff” next week.  We will continue to emphasize the color green and the diamond throughout our many activities in March.

Upcoming Events and Dates to Remember

  •  Wednesday, March 14, 2018 – Early release day – 10:30 dismissal for 1/2-day 3-year-olds; 12:30 dismissal for full-day students

Thanks to everyone who sent in needed items!  We are well-stocked now!