December 3, 2018

It is hard to believe that we are already heading into the halfway point of this school year!  Our little “gumdrops” have made so much progress, I am excited to see what the rest of this year brings! Every one of them will be graduating from preschool in the Spring, and it seems like we just got started!  We’re going to make the most of the next 5 months!

Thanks so much to the  for the generous grant awarded to our Preschool class!  We received several STEM materials that will allow us to explore more physics and engineering with age appropriate play and activities!

Wrapping It Up

We learned about farm life and the importance of animals who give us so many things we need.  We “milked” a cow, then made our own butter!  We watched how sheep are sheared, and we carded real wool to make it straight and smooth for spinning!  And, we gathered eggs and scrambled them to make a tasty snack packed full of protein!  We discussed many of the fruits and vegetables grown on farms, foods the different animals eat compared to the things we eat, and made some applesauce that any person or animal would love!  All of our farm stories highlighted the times of day, from sunrise to nighttime, so we spent lots of time talking about things we do at certain times of day.  Finally, we focused on table manners, “please and thank you,” and the numerous things we are thankful for!

Coming Next

Throughout the month of December, leading up to the long Holiday Break, we will focus on three classic fairy tales which were all arranged by Mara Alperin.  Needing no explanation, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Gingerbread Man, are the exact same stories we remember from our childhoods.  With all of the wonderfully rich children’s literature to choose from now, it’s easy to exclude these “old fashioned” favorites from my curriculum planning each year.  In fact, I have never used the first two stories in my classroom.  This past summer, while working on my plans for the year, I came across an article that discussed the many merits and advantages of using fairy tales to support literacy skills and character education in the preschool setting.  The article discussed how the tales often have a very distinct protagonist, highlighting the division between good and bad.  The moral choices of the characters are subtle however, so the lesson doesn’t come across as “preachy.”  Instead they open up the processes of critical thinking and inferring.  Children will begin to understand that making poor decisions often leads to negative consequences.  These stories also include repetitive lines (familiar to us) which allow for children to predict, fill in, rhyme, and understand numerous positional, quantitative, and describing vocabulary!  Think of:  “Little pig, little pig, let me come in…,” “It is I, big/middle/little Billy Goat Gruff!” and, “Run! Run, as fast as you can!…”  Plus, since these stories were created centuries ago, and have proven their appeal to children for hundreds of years, they open opportunities for teaching history and international settings.  Finally, fairy tales are full of adventure and suspense, which make them fun and exciting!  We will focus on the feelings and behaviors this time of year evokes, and ways we can make good choices and show gratitude, kindness and helpfulness all the time throughout the year.

This month brings us the color green and a review of shapes ,      ,      ,    and     .    We will introduce and practice the letters “Hh,” “Gg” and “Xx.”

A Point of Interest

It’s that time of year!!!  What time of year you ask???  You know, that coughing, aching, sniffling, sneezing, stuffy head, fever, so you CAN’T rest time of year!  We are all aware of the flu epidemic in our state, and unfortunately we are seeing many, many sick children and teachers.  Please- if your child is running even a low grade temperature, is coughing, sneezing, or oozing lots of stuff from the nose, do not send him/her to school.  Your child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.  If your child is vomiting or having diarrhea, he/she may not return to school until 24 hours have passed since their last episode.  Please know that we do all we can in our classroom to keep things sanitary and healthy, but we count on you to help us! Thanks you!!!

Dates To Remember

  • December 3-7 – PTSA Holiday Shoppe
  • December 19 @ 12:00 pm – Class holiday party and book exchange ( Each child will bring an age appropriate book, wrapped, with a tag reading: “To my Friend, from your child’s name.”  Books should cost no more than $5.00.  Please send these by Friday, December 14th, so we can be sure there are enough books.)  
  • December 20-21 – Early release – dismissal at 10:30 am (3-yr-olds) and 12:20 pm
  • December 24, 2018 – January 4, 2019 – Holiday Break – school closed

Items Needed

Thank you, Parents, for your generosity toward keeping our kiddos comfortable, safe and healthy while with us at school!

  • Antibacterial surface wipes



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