February 11, 2019

I would be remiss if I didn’t stop to thank you all for the gestures of appreciation you have showered us with in the past three weeks!  Thank you all so much for the office supplies, gift cards, personal notes, and sweet treats!  We (teachers, paras, therapists) know how fortunate we are to be partnering with you all to nurture and guide your children in this Frey Elementary School Family.  Your support is paramount to us being able to bring success into what we do for our little guys!

Wrapping It Up

Our community helpers unit was a big success, as we explored so many different possibilities for our futures!  We have climbed ladders, sprayed hoses and balanced on fiery beams to rescue lowercase letters and babies.  We saved the runaway bus as we matched our shapes, studied our own fingerprints under magnification and directed traffic as police officers.  We have flossed and brushed giant teeth as we pretended to be dentists, and we made delectable desserts as chefs.  We took care of boo-boos with LOTS of bandaids, listened to our heartbeats, and took our blood pressures as doctors and nurses.  We also rode our mail trucks as we delivered letters to mailboxes as postal workers.  All this, and we still had to go to “school” and do Ms. Kelly’s job a few times!  We introduced and practiced letters “Nn,” “Dd” and “Mm,” and last week, as February began, we introduced the color pink and the shape of heart.

Coming Next

This week, we will celebrate LOVE within the context of the good feelings we have about our families and friends, with the seasonal story, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose by Lucille Collandro.  Just like all of the other “Old Lady” stories, the quirky main character swallows an ever-increasing list of seasonal objects.  It provides a rhyming text with funny illustrations, but this time the hungry old lady swallows a rose, lace, glitter, jewels, candy and a card!  While reinforcing lots of fun vocabulary, this story provides opportunities for sequencing, prediction and re-enactment, and provides a rich means of supporting seasonal concepts.

We will continue practicing the color pink and the heart shape, and we will introduce and practice the letter “Vv.”

On Thursday, February 14th, we will do a simple Valentine exchange and a special snack.  We will design and make our own Valentine bag or box during the week, while we practice what it means to love something or someone, and how it makes us feel.  Please send in one Valentine for each friend in our class by Wednesday.  The list is as follows:

Lake, Joseph, Logan, Gabriel, Walker, Aaron, Arire, Grant, Maddox, Jayoni

Dates To Remember

  • February 14th, 2019 – Class Valentine exchange
  • February 18th-22nd, 2019 – Winter Break, School closed

Needed Items

  • bottles of white school glue


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