March 25, 2019

We want to express another huge thank-you to you all for showering us with so many beautiful flowers last week!  We enjoyed them in the classroom, and we are still enjoying them at home!  I put some in the dining room and some in the bedroom so my whole family could enjoy them.  We have never felt so loved and supported as we have from you this year!  THANK YOU!!!

Wrapping It Up

Our trip into “infinity and beyond” was a huge success!  We learned the countdown and “blasted off” more times than I could count, and we floated in space with several missions to complete.  We helped aliens find underpants, and dug for moon rocks to collect.  We learned how astronauts eat and sleep on the space station, and we rode our buggies on the surface of the moon.  We learned about symmetry with our paint blob aliens and made rockets several different ways.  We reviewed some vowels and introduced and practiced the letter “Qq,” the star shape and the color black.

Coming Next

We’re going to keep “going places” for the next few weeks, beginning with Down By the Station by Jennifer Riggs Vetter.  Through the rhyming, song lyrics and familiar tune, this book not only helps us sing about the train, but several other forms of transportation.  We also get to learn the names of the people that operate each vehicle and how they work at their jobs.  Each page also give us the chance to make the fun sounds (i.e., Vroom, vroom!) of each vehicle.  We will continue with the color black and the star shape, and we’ll introduce and practice letter “Cc.”

Dates to Remember

  • April 1-5, 2019 – Spring Break, school closed

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