September 16, 2019

Wrapping It Up

ROAR!  Our dinosaur unit has been dino-mite!  All of the children enjoyed the games, movement, dramatic play, science and cooperative activities that accompanied and enriched our unit.  As a natural extension to our “About Me” and “Back to School”  themes, these stories provided wonderful lessons in friendship, sharing, getting along, etc. We emphasized a variety of vocabulary concepts, including many descriptive words and actions, along with a focus on acceptable behavior, manners and rules in a variety of situations.   We also learned about the different characteristics of some of our prehistoric friends, including size, attributes, diet, etc.  We reviewed the letters “s,” “e” and “d,” and introduced and practiced the letter “y.”  

Coming Next


As we begin to welcome fall and the cooling temperatures (hopefully,) we’ll turn our attention to the farm and harvest time.  Our emphasis will be on farm life and animals, healthy foods, and where food comes from. We will begin our farm unit with the book Harvest Party by Jennifer O’Connell.  As the farmers in our story survey their farm during the harvest, they come to find all the fruits of their labor are gone.  Starting with their ten bushels of apples, and culminating with the one key to the barn, the farmers countdown the items that are missing (7 stalks of corn, 3 hay bales, etc.,) until they discover the surprise all of the animals have prepared.  The rhyming, song-like text introduces a multitude of concepts as we continue to explore the various signs of the season, the foods we eat, and the special activities and traditions that come with this time of year.

When we return from Fall Break, we’ll continue our farm unit with Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins.  In this equally rhythmic text, the farmer laments as his animals eat the apples from the apple tree, one-by-one, until he has none for his wife to bake into a pie.  Once again, counting and number recognition, repetitious phrases, animal names and sounds, and other funny surprises make this story a favorite every time I use it with my class!  Perhaps the fall break might bring you the opportunities to visit a working farm, pumpkin patch or an apple orchard with your kiddos!

We will introduce and practice the letters “n” and “a,” and we will continue to emphasize the color red and the  pentagon through the 1st week of October.  Please refer to the “Forming Letters and Shapes” page of my blog to learn and use the auditory cues with your kiddos!

Coming Events and Dates to Remember

  • September 23-27, 2019 – Fall Break (school closed)






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