November 4, 2019

Wrapping It Up

The month of October, with all of the activities and lots of excitement it brings, opened a plethora of opportunities for our kids to learn and grow. Throughout the month, our little guys have learned about spiders, signs of Fall, and they have explored their feelings, and the feelings of others, with a variety of seasonal, multi-sensory activities.  They have raked leaves, walked on a spider web, tried on lots of fun costumes, and made faces in the mirror.  They have carved a jack-o-lantern and roasted the seeds, made pumpkin dip, flown a balloon powered ghost, and made scarecrows a few different ways! Finally, they celebrated the season during our classroom fall centers where they played games, did a craft, and made a fun snack.  I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet with you all during conference week, because it’s a privilege for me to share the progress your children make each day they come to school!

Coming Next


We’ll begin our shopping/healthy food/Thanksgiving unit with a hilarious story by Anne Miranda, To Market, To Market.   The old woman in the story goes to market to buy a fat pig, then she gets home and the pig promptly escapes, so she returns to the store.  Soon the pig’s in the kitchen, the lamb’s on the bed, the cow’s on the couch–and to her distress she has a house full of animals!  Eventually she makes one last trip to the market, animals in tow, to buy lots of vegetables for a big pot of soup.

Next, we continue our unit on healthy foods and Thanksgiving with a wonderfully rich, counting book about a family’s preparation for a large dinner, Feast For 10 by Cathryn Falwell.  The story begins as five children help their mother shop for the many foods they will need for their family feast, and as they add items to the cart, they count the items from one to ten.  Upon arriving home, they all pitch in to help prepare the meal, set the table, and sit down to share the meal, while counting helping hands, plates on the table, bags of groceries, etc. from one to ten.  The rhyming text introduces a rich vocabulary of several foods, but also the actions and describing words that are a part of the familiar routine of meal preparation.  

The week before Thanksgiving, we will continue our food fun with the story Run, Turkey, Run! by Diane Mayr. As you might guess, the farmer is ready for his turkey dinner, so the turkey takes off!  He hides all around the farm, and all of his animal friends help him.  Needless to say, the farmer’s Thanksgiving dinner consists of peas, mashed potatoes and grilled cheese sandwiches!  Once again, we will touch (gently) on where our food comes from, and we will discuss thankfulness, it’s meaning and everything we are thankful for.  We will also stress appropriate table manners (more than usual) with games, role play, puppets, and real experience.

While many of the activities we will engage in these next three weeks will focus on a variety of healthy food choices and the food groups, we will also emphasize the feeling of thanks and those things we are grateful for and saying “thank you.” We will also touch on the use of good manners at the table and in general.  We will introduce and practice the color brown and thecircle, and we will review vowels “Aa” and “Ee.”  On the week of the 11th, we will introduce and practice the letter “Rr,” and on the week of the 18th, we will introduce and practice letter “Tt.”  And, please join your children for a Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday, November 19 at 10:10 am!  The lunchroom staff always fixes a yummy feast for the whole school and their families, and it is very special when you join your children for a meal at school.  Please either charge your child’s lunch account or send in your meal payment.

Dates To Remember

  • Tuesday, November 5, 2019 – VOTE!!! And it is a teacher inservice day.  NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS!
  • Tuseday, November 19, 2019, 10:10 am – Thanksgiving Feast –  Come share a “before the holiday” turkey lunch and all the fixins’ with us! 
  • November 18-22, 2019 – Thanksgiving Break – school closed 

Needed Supplies

  • Antibacterial Surface Wipes

October 21, 2019


Thank you all for taking the time to meet with me during conference week.  Since we are partners in the education and healthy development of your precious little ones, it is nice to talk face-to-face once in a while!  The short days are a bit inconvenient for everyone, and we are glad to be getting back to our regular schedule as we begin the second week of the next nine weeks.  Get ready for our busy holiday countdown!

Wrapping It Up

The past two weeks have included two favorite, fall stories,  Apples and Pumpkins  and The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything.  We have “picked” lots of apples, carved our own Jack-O-Lantern, and made a (not-so-scary) scarecrow.  We learned and practiced the letter “Pp” and reviewed letters “Yy,” “Nn,” “Aa,” and “Pp.”  We introduced the color orange and the   triangle, which we will continue through the end of the month.

Coming Next


The next two weeks, we will focus on feelings and emotions with the story Glad Monster Sad Monster by Ed Emberley & Anne Miranda.  We will learn how to identify our own emotions, and those of others, things that make us feel a certain way, how to communicate our feelings, and how to manage our emotions appropriately.  The children will enjoy getting to know the seven “colorful” monsters from the story as they laugh, cry, stomp, make silly faces, scare each other, hug each other, and worry about things that might be “under the bed!”  Please help your children identify and verbalize their feelings when they are frustrated, angry, sad, silly, happy, etc.  This will help them learn that they have control over the situation by reacting appropriately to their feelings and continuing to try when things get difficult.  They will also understand the value of staying happy when they are trying so hard to overcome frustrating situations!

We will finish our seasonal unit emphasizing emotions with one last “spooky” story, Where’s My Mummy?, by Carolyn Crimi.  The children will love this story, as it introduces some lovable characters that Baby Mummy meets as he plays “Hide and Shriek” with his Momma Mummy, when he should be getting ready for bed.  The repetitive text and sound play helped the children practice many speech sounds, sequence events, predict outcomes, and be able to identify many emotions as the characters are introduced.

Coming Events and Dates to Remember

  • October 31, 2019 – Fall Centers –  11:00-11:45 *This is the first year I haven’t had a Room Mom to help with this.  Please let me know if you can help with a craft or a make-it-yourself snack.  We have some fun games to play, and parents are welcome to join us!
  • October 31, 2019 – Relay for Life Fundraiser – $5 donation to wear your costume to school (We always allow our little ones to wear a costume anyway, so send them with costumes, regardless of a donation!)
  • November 5, 2019 – No school
  • November 7, 2019 – Family BINGO night – 6:00-7:30


October 7, 2019

Wrapping It Up

Just as Fall finally seems to have arrived, we have learned so much about life on the farm and the vast array of food and other products the harvest brings us.  We even got to play a banjo!  Harvest Party  and  Ten Red Apples   were delightfully fun stories for introducing the concept of subtraction (or “take away,”) since in both stories, each subsequent page revealed one more item missing.  The children really responded well to the repetition, number concepts, descriptive vocabulary, rhymes, and sound play these stories allowed. These guys are predicting words, filling in cloze phrases, counting, and responding to some difficult “Wh” questions!  They recognize the letters “n” and “a” and their associated sounds, and we finished our month-long emphasis on the color red and the pentagon.

Coming Next


We will continue our journey into farm and Fall concepts with the book Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell. This story is a nice segue into October as we continue to explore the various signs of the season and the special activities Fall brings.  As a family visits the Comstock farm, the little girl experiences the best of farm life as she plays with some animals and picks apples and a pumpkin to take home.  What she does with her pumpkin will excite and fill our kiddos with anticipation for things to come this month!

Our next seasonal unit focuses on feelings, and how to understand and express our feelings.  The first story, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams, is an all-time favorite for this time of year!  Our main character, the little, old lady, sees and hears some pretty scary things while out on a Fall stroll through the forest.  As it gets darker, she becomes increasingly frightened and runs back to the safety of her house.  Once she arrives home, she discovers some surprising evidence that sheds light on some new problems and feelings to explore!  This story lends itself to some fun sound play and actions, as well as prediction, sequencing, and discussions about our own fears and feelings.

We will introduce and practice the letter “p” and review the letters “y,” “n,” “a,” and “p.”  We will introduce the color orange and the triangle through the month of October.  Please refer to the “Forming Letters and Shapes” page of my blog to learn and use the auditory cues with your kiddos!

A Point of Interest

As we move into our emotions unit, I want to share this article with you, as it describes some ideas to consider when trying to decide, “To screen, or not to screen.”  The article is a bit long, but I encourage you to take the time to get all the way through it. 🙂

Young Children in the Digital Age: A Parent’s Guide

One challenge families face today involves making decisions about appropriate screen and digital device use for their young children. To help navigate this territory, Nancy Carlsson-Paige has written Young Children in the Digital Age: A Parent’s Guide. Based on six core ideas from the field of child development, the guide offers helpful information and support for family members as well as real-life, specific suggestions to implement at home.

Coming Events and Dates to Remember

  • October 10, 2019 – Early Release – Younger kids dismiss at 10:30 and older kids dismiss at 12:30
  • October 14-18, 2019 – Conference Week – Early release schedule (above) all week. *If you would like to request a conference, please send me a 30-minute time slot that works for you, between 12:30pm and 3:00pm on Tuesday-Friday of that week. I will confirm it with a phone call or email. 
  • October 14-18, 2019 – Scholastic Book Fair AND Red Ribbon Week (see Frey website)
  • October 18, 2019 – Fall Festival

September 16, 2019

Wrapping It Up

ROAR!  Our dinosaur unit has been dino-mite!  All of the children enjoyed the games, movement, dramatic play, science and cooperative activities that accompanied and enriched our unit.  As a natural extension to our “About Me” and “Back to School”  themes, these stories provided wonderful lessons in friendship, sharing, getting along, etc. We emphasized a variety of vocabulary concepts, including many descriptive words and actions, along with a focus on acceptable behavior, manners and rules in a variety of situations.   We also learned about the different characteristics of some of our prehistoric friends, including size, attributes, diet, etc.  We reviewed the letters “s,” “e” and “d,” and introduced and practiced the letter “y.”  

Coming Next


As we begin to welcome fall and the cooling temperatures (hopefully,) we’ll turn our attention to the farm and harvest time.  Our emphasis will be on farm life and animals, healthy foods, and where food comes from. We will begin our farm unit with the book Harvest Party by Jennifer O’Connell.  As the farmers in our story survey their farm during the harvest, they come to find all the fruits of their labor are gone.  Starting with their ten bushels of apples, and culminating with the one key to the barn, the farmers countdown the items that are missing (7 stalks of corn, 3 hay bales, etc.,) until they discover the surprise all of the animals have prepared.  The rhyming, song-like text introduces a multitude of concepts as we continue to explore the various signs of the season, the foods we eat, and the special activities and traditions that come with this time of year.

When we return from Fall Break, we’ll continue our farm unit with Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins.  In this equally rhythmic text, the farmer laments as his animals eat the apples from the apple tree, one-by-one, until he has none for his wife to bake into a pie.  Once again, counting and number recognition, repetitious phrases, animal names and sounds, and other funny surprises make this story a favorite every time I use it with my class!  Perhaps the fall break might bring you the opportunities to visit a working farm, pumpkin patch or an apple orchard with your kiddos!

We will introduce and practice the letters “n” and “a,” and we will continue to emphasize the color red and the  pentagon through the 1st week of October.  Please refer to the “Forming Letters and Shapes” page of my blog to learn and use the auditory cues with your kiddos!

Coming Events and Dates to Remember

  • September 23-27, 2019 – Fall Break (school closed)






September 3, 2019

Wrapping It Up

We have wrapped up our “All About Me” unit after two weeks spent exploring the wonderful body parts we have for “moving and doing” in All By Myself and Dini Dinosaur. Body parts, clothing, hygeine, and actions have been the focus of this lively unit, where we explored all the things we can do with our bodies and brains, including how to stay healthy!  We did the Hokey Pokey, made life-sized posters of ourselves, moved, shook, hugged, kissed, stomped, clapped, brushed our teeth, washed our faces and hands, ate healthy foods, and many more things to increase our awareness of our abilities and the many ways to keep ourselves healthy and strong.  We explored our differences and similarities through a variety of language-rich, multi-sensory experiences.  We also finished up our month’s emphasis on the color yellow and the rectangle shape, and we introduced and practiced the letters “e” and “d.”

Coming Next


Now that we’ve had time to get to know ourselves, teachers, and each other, we are turning our focus to the concepts of friendship, sharing and cooperating.  In continuation of the dinosaur theme (much to the delight of a couple of boys I know,) Groovy Joe, Ice Cream and Dinosaurs by Eric Litwin is the perfect story to teach how “sharing is awesome!”  The author of the Pete the Cat stories, Eric Litwin, brings us more interactive literature and a new main character.  Groovy Joe has some ice cream, and he’s so happy that he starts to sing, “I love my doggy ice cream!”  In succession, three dinosaurs of increasing size stomp into Joe’s house and glare at him.  Each time, he decides (quickly) that he will share his ice cream, and the dinosaurs sing and dance with Joe to, “I love my doggy ice cream!” When the ice cream is gone, the dinos glare, and Joe thinks up the perfect solution to make his friends happy again. 

How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends? by Jane Yolen follows the rhythmic, questioning patterns of her other “How Do Dinosaurs” books.  The hilarious illustrations depict fairly realistic looking dinos doing all the wrong things when some friends come to play. As the rhyming text continues, the dinosaurs turn it around.  They demonstrate what it means to be a good friend and play nicely, as again, they make us laugh by cooperating and sharing in some typical activities of young children.  

Both of these stories feature a repetitive, rhyming text for lots of practice with our phonemic awareness skills, and they both contain lots of rich, descriptive vocabulary and predictable sequencing.

For the month of September we will introduce and practice the color red and the pentagon .

We will review letters “s,” “e,” and “d” this week, and next week we will introduce the letter “y.”

A Point of Interest

Once a month, on a Friday, we spend 30-45 minutes in a group sing-a-long session.  This session is led by some of our wonderful Kindergarten teachers.  We go to the cafeteria with all of the Kindergarten classes for some singing and dancing! The songs are all chosen to support numerous skills and concepts children are developing at this age.  And…they LOVE this!

Coming Events and Dates to Remember

  • Friday, September 13, 2019, 6:30-9:30 – Frey Family Movie Night
  • September 23-27, 2019 – Fall Break, school closed



August 19, 2019


Wow!  We have started off with a BANG!  In the past 2 weeks, our little guys have already made SO much progress with independence, tolerating the longer day, and welcoming all of the new things we have introduced to them.  This is going to be a great year!  We are very excited to continue nurturing them and watching them blossom even more! 

By now, you hopefully understand the “House” system here at Frey, and I will be sending more information as to which houses your children are in.  Those with siblings here at Frey will be in the same house with their family members.  Many of the competition points and behavior rewards do not apply to Preschool, but it’s a fun way to be a part of this big school family and meet new friends and mentors!  Our new principal, Mr. D., is excited to revive and expand on the House System, so look forward to more information about this!

As far as my blog goes, I will compose a new post every other week to fill you in on everything we are doing in class.  Sometimes I may have a special “Point of Interest” to share with you, and you can always find the “nuts and bolts” of everything we do on the permanent pages published at the top or side of every post.

Wrapping It Up 

We finished up our “Back to School” unit with the books If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff and Pete the Cat, Rocking My School Shoes by Eric Litwin. We have spent the last two weeks getting settled in to our new routines, and learning about our school and all the wonderful things that happen here!  We have ridden in several different versions of makeshift buses, we have learned about classroom rules and routines, and we are practicing how to be good friends! Just like Pete the Cat, we have visited the lunchroom, library, office, nurse, playground, sensory room, and other classrooms in this big, beautiful school, and so far, WE LOVE IT HERE!  Your kiddos all seem to be having lots of fun with their new friends, teachers, bus drivers, therapists, and routines.  I think they’ll be coming back for more! 🙂 

What’s Next?


We are beginning our “All About Me” unit with the book All By Myself by Aliki.  This book should be available at the library in the children’s fiction section.  The rhyming, predictable text introduces a little boy as he wakes up in the morning.  It follows him through each step of his day from getting ready for school, to afternoon chores, dinner, bath time, and another night of sleep.  The boy is proud of the many things he can do for himself.  Since our kids are learning to perform many of these same skills, we will continue to emphasize independence in dressing, eating, grooming, going to school, simple chores, etc. through a variety of language-rich, multi-sensory activities. You are your child’s best teacher when it comes to these self-care skills, so as always, let them be as independent as possible during their routines at home!  They can’t learn to “do it” unless you let them “do it!”  Your children are also old enough to have simple chores they are expected to do at home.  When you begin to foster this independence, and expect them to follow through with these tasks, they will develop a sense of pride and autonomy that will lead to more attempts to “do it MYSELF!”

Dini Dinosaur by Karen Beaumont uses a fun rhyming text to deliver a story of a little dinosaur who gets very dirty while playing in the mud and needs a bath when he comes in. When he gets in the tub…Oh no! He forgets that he needs to remove his clothes to get clean enough! The story follows him through his bathtime as he learns to remove each article of clothing while his mother gets him ready for bed.  We will learn about clothing, parts of the body, bathtime and bedtime routines.  We will emphasize personal hygiene and staying healthy in a humorous, “messy” sort of way.  Many of our kiddos have aversions to messy hands and touching various textures, so we regularly do activities with our hands in a variety of different materials to help desensitize them.  We WILL play in mud, and as usual, we will emphasize that we can always get clean afterwards. “Dini” will be a nice segue into our next unit featuring  dinosaurs!  You play the most important roles in helping to reinforce the concepts at home with your children throughout your daily routines!

As part of each new unit, we will continue posting a copy of the concept map, which includes the instructional standards we use to plan our lessons.  This concept map also includes the vocabulary and essential questions that we explore throughout the unit.  It would be very helpful for you to find copies of the books to keep at home.  The children become so familiar with the books, and they love to “read” to Mom and Dad.  Also, if you have the books at home, you can refer back to the pages to point out the answers to the questions.  This helps develop beginning “research” skills.

We will also continue to send a copy of the unit songs on a new CD for each unit. The songs are chosen carefully to help reinforce specific vocabulary and concepts throughout each unit.  Please make a point to play and sing this music with your children in the car or during “down times” at home.  They love it, and the music reinforces so many skills!  You may actually find a few you remember and/or enjoy!

We began our “letter of the week” routine last week with “s.”  The next two weeks will bring us the letters “e” and “d.”  Letters are carefully chosen within the units, and the activities are designed to introduce the children to relevant vocabulary and sounds associated with specific letters.  For this reason, we do not follow alphabetical order to introduce the letters. We will continue to focus on the color yellow and the rectangle through the end of the month.    Remember to check the pages to the right titled “Let’s Practice Our Letters!” and “Lets Practice Our Shapes!” to support the auditory cues we use for forming shapes and letters.

Must Check It Out!

Here is a wonderful article that will give you many more ideas on how to foster more communication at home:

BabyTalk_WEB (1)-ymqx0u

Coming Events and Dates to Remember

  • Thursday, August 22, 2019 – Fall School Pictures
  • Wednesday, August 28, 2019 – Early Release
  • Monday, September 2, 2019 – Labor Day, schools closed

Needs and Wishes

A very big THANK YOU to all who have sent in items from our supply and wish lists!  We are partners when it comes to the care of your little ones at school, and the items you provide help us ensure their comfort and well-being while they are with us!  One ongoing need we have is white cardstock. This is due to the way we present our stories and essential questions.  Both the stories and essential (comprehension) questions are now presented to our little guys in a completely interactive format, where they can physically manipulate the vocabulary.  They can make, and read, complete sentences all by themselves within this engaging platform we use to supplement each story!

Other ongoing needs will be listed here, when we are running low, if you are in a position to donate items. We were just informed that we will NOT get our $100 instructional allotment or our $65 home living funds this year (which is how we fund our science and cooking activities.)  We will NOT stop providing these experiences for our “littles,” however!  

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please shoot me an email, call, or text!  We are working together to give your kiddos the best jumpstart to “big” school that we can!



May 6, 2019

We are in the home stretch, and it is busy, busy, busy around here!  We still have so much fun to pack into the next 2 1/2 weeks!  As the kids would say (I’m not sure where they learned it,) “Let’s do it!”

Wrapping It Up

For some reason, with all of the themes, units, and ideas we present in the course of a year, “Pond Life” ranks very near the top of favorites every time.  The kids just love everything about fish, frogs, ducks, turtles, snakes, and water!  So do I!  This past two weeks we have hopped and waddled, caught “flies,” cast our lines and nets, got “stuck” in the muck, and slithered through the grass.  We also finished our focus on the oval, as we learned about many more animals hatch from eggs!  All along, we have also done a few other things that Spring in our classroom just called for:  we planted a garden (we’ll get to eat some radishes and strawberries thanks to Michelle Hynes!) we made our “grass heads” and got to see the seeds root and sprout, and we are still observing our butterfly life cycle, from tiny caterpillars (something else hatched from eggs) to making cocoons (or chrysalis,) to having one butterfly emerge on Friday!  I’m sure we’ll be able to release 5 butterflies this week!

Coming Next


We are actually changing things from our original plans for the next 3 weeks.  I will explain the reason in our Sparkle of Interest below, but we WILL begin an “ocean” themed unit (another favorite!)  Our stories for this theme are  Way Down Deep In the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck and Pout- Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen. Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea is about a little boy who is on an adventure looking for treasure in the sea. He encounters many different sea creatures on his journey. He finds that not all of them are friendly, but luckily he is really safe in his own bathtub.  Pout- Pout Fish takes you on a swim with a fish who is always pouting, spreading his “dreary wearies” all over the place.  After his friends attempt many different ways to get him to smile, a new friend gives him a different perspective with one little kiss.  We will focus on ocean and beach fun as we near summer vacation.

We will review all shapes for the rest of the year, while we introduce and practice the color blue.  This week we will introduce and practice the letter “Oo,” and in the next two weeks, we will review letters “Rr,” “Kk,” “Ff,” “Oo,” and “Aa.”

A Sparkle of Interest

Each year, the amazing CCSD Special Needs Preschool department, which consists of a director, a social worker, 5 program specialists, 3 behavior support specialists, 5 community-based special education teachers,  and almost 100 facility-based special education teachers (of which I am one) work together to develop materials to support each book we introduce during our theme related content.  While every year, they are increasing our libraries, it is really up to the teachers and program specialists to add these support materials, as we can each year, to the database.  This should explain why some of the concept maps I intended to publish, never got on the list.  The stories I included in my yearly curriculum list for the last 3 weeks of school were two that I was sure would be added this year, but apparently, I was not the only one without the time to work on these two book units this year!  So, we will read two of the same books as last year, but they are favorites!  

Dates To Remember

  • Wednesday, May 8th, 8:00 am – Dads and Doughnuts
  • Friday, May 10th, 8:00 am – Moms and Muffins
  • Tuesday, May 14th, 12:30-1:00 – SPED Unit Beach Party – Please send a bathing suit and towel this day!
  • Friday, May 17th, 1:00 – Preschool Graduation

April 22, 2019

We’re hoping everyone had a spectacular Sunday, no matter how you spent it!  It was a beautiful day to be with family and/or friends and celebrate so many things this time of year brings!  The weather didn’t keep us from having fun with eggs on Friday, we just had to go to Plan B!  You also probably noticed that we did a really fun egg coloring activity that Ms. Michelle coordinated (Did the colorful hands give it away?), but when she was walking out the door, she realized the eggs never went home!  It’s never too late for eggs, so we left them in the refrigerator and will send them home today!

Coming Next


We are beginning our “pond life” unit with a playful, counting book called One Duck Stuck  by Phyllis Root.  This story uses sound play and rhyming to introduce numerous animals volunteering to help the duck get out of the muck!  As each group of animals, increasing in numbers by one, attempts to help her get “unstuck,” they have “no luck.”  Until, at the end, they all work together to get her out of her sticky situation.  Once again, this story has all the right elements for working on our literacy readiness skills.  It uses sequential introduction of characters, rhyming and word play to help us practice our phonemic awareness and sequencing skills, and .  And, of course, it’s a really fun read!

Next, a story by Robert Kalan, Jump, Frog, Jump! , introduces  several new animals  in this scaffolding story (think, “The House That Jack Built”.)  The main character in this book narrowly escapes his demise on each page, by jumping just out of harm’s way!  “This is the turtle that slid into the pond and ate the snake that dropped from a branch and swallowed the fish that swam after the frog — JUMP, FROG, JUMP!” This cumulative story ends when some children finally catch the frog…and let him go again!

We will introduce and practice the letters “Kk” and “Ff,” and we will continue practicing the color purple and the oval shape.  We will extend our discussion of eggs, with each new animal we meet in our stories that hatch from eggs.

Dates to Remember 

  • Monday, May 6, 2019, 8:00 am – Dads ‘n Donuts – Dads, come share some special time with your child to make a gift for Mom!
  • Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 8:00 am – Moms ‘n Muffins – Moms, come share some special time with your child to make a gift for Dad!
  • Friday, May 17, 2019, 1:00 pm – Pre-Kindergartener Graduation – all family members welcome and refreshments to follow!

Needed Items

  • Baby Wipes
  • Anti-bacterial surface wipes (Lysol, Clorox, Store brand wipes)



April 8, 2019

Welcome back from, what I hope was, a spectacular Spring Break!  The weather cooperated here for my “staycation,” and I had a restful time catching up with old friends and spending time with my family!  I even got a little gardening in.  We are in the final stretch with only 6 more weeks of school.  It goes faster for me every year, but we still have much learning and fun ahead!  Let’s hop to it!

Coming Next


We are “traveling” forward in our transportation unit with two more engaging books about vehicles.  This week, we will read My Truck is Stuck  by Kevin Lewis.  In this delightful story, a dump truck with a large load of bones, and driven by some burly dogs, gets stuck in a pothole and can’t move, even “one inch more.”  The all-dog cast of characters, arriving in a series of different vehicles, tries to pull the truck out of peril, as a group of sneaky gophers secretly steals all the bones during the commotion.  Finally, a large tow truck saves the day, and the dump truck drivers can deliver their load???  The children will have multiple opportunities to continue developing their abilities to listen for and produce rhyming words, sequence specific events in the stories, predict and make inferences about situations in the stories, and increase meaningful vocabulary as it relates to their experiences in and outside of the classroom.

We will conclude this unit theme with the timely story Bunnies On The Go by Rick Walton.  This lively and lyrical story about a rabbit family packing for and taking a vacation, and saying “goodbye” and “hello,” is a nice platform for emphasizing even more modes of transportation with engaging pictures and a rhyming text.  We have lots of opportunities to reinforce the verbs and describing words that are so prevalent in the book.  Once again, we will emphasize rhyming words and word patterns, as well as seasonal vocabulary and family traditions.

We will review letters “Ll,” “Dd,” “Qq,” and “Cc” this week and introduce the letter “Rr” next week.  We have many activities planned to tie the letters learned so far into our literature-based themes, as always.  During the month of April, we will focus on the color purple and the  oval.  Please take every opportunity to reinforce these concepts at home.

A Point of Interest

Thanks to Joseph’s mom, Michele, and Walker’s mom, Kalisha, and to Joseph, Rachel and Walker, we now have a class garden to tend this spring!  We planted a variety of fruit and vegetable seedlings that we will be able to observe as they grow, and hopefully we will get to harvest some strawberries, sugar snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and cucumbers later (maybe in August when we return to school.)

Dates to Remember

  • Monday, April 8, 2019 – Please return Kindergarten Transition Passports
  • Friday, April 19, 2019 @ 11:30 a.m. – Class Easter egg hunt – We are asking each family to please send in a dozen stuffed, plastic eggs by Monday, April 15th

March 11, 2019


Just a short note to let you know that for the rest of the month of March, I will be hosting numerous teacher candidates from Kennesaw State who must have a certain number of field hours with Special Needs Preschoolers.  If you happen to see a stranger walking around with one of us, that’s why.  This is something I offer to do every year, and the kiddos LOVE having new faces to read to them and play with them!  Please, however, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Wrapping it Up

Our “friendship” unit was a nice review of general, age-expected social skills, as we found many ways to show cooperation, gratitude, empathy, kindness, forgiveness, and responsibility for our actions.  These are all VERY big words for 3 to 5-yr-olds, and we didn’t necessarily always employ that terminology, but we had fun practicing all of these concepts in multiple activities with our friends!  Look in your email to see how much fun we had with our “We All Fit Together” activity!

Coming Next

Captain’s Log, Stardate 3-11-2019:

We are blasting into outer space with our next unit, beginning with Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman!  In another “underpants” story, the silly cast of characters leads us to a new and exciting destination, the Earth, to find the one thing that makes them ALL very happy: underpants!  The clever and funny rhyming text will have the children laughing and reading along, as the aliens bring us numerous actions and fun descriptors in their quest for these elusive items that don’t exist in space!

Zoom, Rocket, Zoom! by Margaret Mayo is an engaging non-fiction book about astronauts and the jobs they do in outer space.  The illustrations are colorful and less detailed to make them easier to understand, and the text includes rich alliterations and sound effects as it describes moon buggies, lunar modules, robot spacecraft, satellites, and more.  Each page of this delightful book highlights the various aspects of space work and exploration, from the time we blast off and land on the moon, to living in the space station and studying the surface of Mars!  Our boys are sure to LOVE this book!  If you haven’t seen our rocket play area the Jamie King designed and created for us, come by the room and check it out!

This week we will review vowels “Ii,” “Ee,” “Uu,” and “Aa.”  In the yearly curriculum plan, I indicated that we would introduce and practice letter “Dd,” but we have already done “Dd.”  So, another review is indicated this week, since we do have an early release day on Wednesday.  We will introduce and practice the color black and the    star shape with our space unit and through the month of March.

Dates to Remember

  • Monday, March 11th – STEMtastic campaign begins –  Please consider supporting our Foundation, since many of the things our class gets to do and have is provided directly by this fund!  Click here for more info: 
  • Wednesday, March 13th – Early release: Younger students are dismissed at 10:30 and full-day students are dismissed at 12:20
  • Friday, March 15th – Progress reports come home.  If we have recently reviewed your child’s IEP, or if your child has attended our class for less than 8 weeks, you will not receive a report during this period.  You can look forward to one in May!
  • Wednesday, March 20th, 8:30 am until 11:30 am – Kindergarten pre-registration
  • April 1-5, 2019 – Spring Break, school closed