Number Beats and Shapes Writing Prompts


One of the essential curriculum tools we use to teach pre-writing skills, along with our phonics and math concepts is a series of videos by “The TV Teacher.” These videos repeatedly model for children, the correct formation of shapes, letters and numbers through a variety of short scenarios. Each snippet features Miss Marnie (an occupational therapist) writing or drawing the target form several times, with different media, while constantly providing the following auditory prompts. She also provides this modeling with several examples of the concept she is demonstrating. You can print these lists to have on hand while drawing or practicing writing with your child! For more information about the TV Teacher, go to: TV Teacher Videos

The following are the verbal prompts we use to teach the children how to form numbers during prewriting and math experiences:

1  “Long line down, number 1”

2 “”Up, hook around, slide down and across, 2”

3  “Hop around, hop around, number 3”

4  “Line down and across, long line down, 4”

5  “Little line down, big hop around, across your 5, number 5”

6  “Slide down, bring it out and around, 6”

7  “Line across, slide down, number 7”

8  “Up, hook around, slide down, loop around, back up to meet, 8”

9  “Up and around, back up, line down, 9”

0  “Up and around, all the way around, zero”


The following are the verbal prompts we use to teach the children how to form shapes during prewriting, art and math experiences:

circle  “A circle has no sides. up and around, all the way around, a circle has no sides”  OR  “Round and round, it doesn’t stop.  All the way back to the top!”

square  “A square has four sides.  Line down, across, back up, run back.  A square has four sides.”  OR  “1,2,3,4, square, sides the same!”

triangle  “A triangle has three sides.  Slide down, across, climb up to meet.  A triangle has three sides.”  OR  “1,2,3, a triangle for me!”

rectangle  “A rectangle’s short and long.  Short line, long line short line, long line.  A rectangle’s short and long.”   OR “o—–ne, two, threeeeeeee, four, a rectangle like the door!

oval  “Squish over, squish all the way around.”  OR  “Lo——-ng and round, it doesn’t stop, all the way back to the top!”

heart  “Letter V, hop over, hop over!”

star  “One, two, three, four, five, a star I see up in the sky!

diamond  “One, two, three, four and stands on it’s point, diamond.”

octagon  “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, octagon says STOP!”