Zoo-Phonics in the Preschool

The bulk of our phonics and pre-writing curricula, Zoo-Phonics has been the fastest, easiest, most meaningful way for our students to learn letter recognition, phonemic awareness, rhyming skills, and beginning reading skills.  Kids love this program, and to date, it has been the most successful phonics curriculum we have ever used in the SNP at Frey!  Please learn more at: http://www.zoo-phonics.com


Zoo-Phonics combines a “fading” animal shape for each letter with specific movements and letter sounds which provides a multisensory means for children to learn and practice each letter and it’s sound.  The accompanying materials build on these sensory experiences with multiple songs, stamping activities, coloring sheets, writing practice (which blends nicely with the Alpha Beats curriculum and the numerous supporting handwriting manipulatives that we utilize.)  So, if your child sees the letter k, starts kicking and punching the air saying, “k, k, k,”  don’t worry!  He’s only kickboxing like Kayo Kangaroo!