Exam Exemptions

Exam Exemption Policy




Students may exempt up to two (2) final exams based on the following criteria:


  • EOC classes cannot exempt the EOC Milestone Exam due to the Milestones State Testing, which counts as 20% of their overall grade. However, students may exempt their final assessment in the course as determined by the teacher after they take the EOC Milestone Exam.


  • No more than 3 days absences either for the school day or within the class a student wants to exempt.


  • 3 tardies or early checkouts will count as 1 full day absence for Exam Exemptions


AP Students:

  • Cannot exempt any final in an AP course with the following exception:

Spring Semester only – Students may exempt their AP final exam if they take the AP Exam.

(Students who do not take the AP exam in the spring must take the final in the AP class regardless of the number of absences they have).



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EOC make ups will be given this Friday, May 13th. If you missed any portion of the EOC, please report to the media center Friday morning at the following times:

1st Block–those who missed part 1 of the test

2nd Block–those who missed part 2 of the test


It is imperative that you be present for these make up exams. You must pass this course in order to graduate. Passing includes taking the EOC.