Just so you know, I will not be assigning anything for HW for either my 6th graders or 8th graders until testing is complete. Good luck on Milestones!


In Math 6 today we worked on milestone review. Students should have a completed milestone review packet to complete at home.

In Math 8, we also worked on milestone review. Students should complete their Unit 3 review and have it done by 4/9/18 when we return.


Today in Math 6 we took our statistics test. No homework.

Today in Math 8 we went over our study guide. Test is tomorrow. HW is to study for your test.


In Math 6 today we worked on dot plots and line plots and did an activity with “happy” lyrics that is due tomorrow. Expect a test next week sometime.


In Math 8 today we continued to work on substitution. HW is two substitution problems #’s 13 and 14. Quiz tomorrow over elimination/substitution and expect a test next Tuesday over Unit 7.


In math 6 today we went over the study guide that I distributed yesterday. Test is tomorrow.

In Math 8 today we worked on the study guide. It is due tomorrow when we will review it. Test is Friday.


In Math 6 today we worked on area of rectangles, parallelograms and triangles and volume of rectangular prisms. Quiz over these concepts on Wednesday 2/14/18.


In Math 8 today I distributed a study guide which I will give students time to work on in class Monday. Test is next Wednesday.


In Math 6 today we talked about the area of trapezoids. HW is page 603.


In Math 8 today we worked on slope intercept word problems. HW is #’s 8-13 on the first page of the word problem packet.


In Math 6 today we worked on applications of area. There is a quiz over area on Monday. HW is to finish and study the applications of area packet that we worked on in class if it isn’t already finished.


In Math 8 we worked on a graphing lines and killing zombies activity. HW is to finish it if it was not finished in class.