All About Me

Hi! I’m Ashling. I love to play sports, especially basketball.  I also love History, Math and Science. I like Astronomy especially. I think Outer Space is really cool. I also like Oceanology. The fact that there’s millions of creatures in one place is amazing-some of which haven’t been discovered yet. I also like hydrology. I … [Read more…]

Biography, Nuhan Haque

My name is Nuhan I am 13. I like video games, conspiracies, Star Wars, STEM,and Psychology. I also like fencing, swimming, and archery. I want to be a Roboticist someday. I want to be a roboticist because i like building and robots are the future.

Blog Assignment #2- The Real Deal

Learning Target:  For the first part of this project your target is to craft meaningful questions and plan inquiries addressing enduring issues in history, civics, economics, and geography. Assignment:  Choose a topic of interest to you.  You must tie it to one of the Georgia Social Studies Performance Standards.  As long as your topic can … [Read more…]

About Madie B.

Hey! I’m Madie B. and I am an eighth grader at McClure Middle School. I like to play sports and watch Netflix! I do swim and volleyball. Not only do I like to play sports, I love to watch them! I am a UGA fan all the way; my whole family is. I have an older … [Read more…]