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Week of August 25th


News for Next Week (August 25 – 29):

Integrated Reading, Writing, and Science…                             

This week in Science we will continue our Earth Science unit on Constructive and Destructive Forces.  The standards for the unit can be seen here (Constructive and Destructive Forces Standards).

We have finished our volcano and earthquake research and paragraph writing.  This week we will be studying mountain formation and how human interventions make earthquake and volcano zones safer.  Students will be writing a paragraph about human interventions for safety and an opinion paragraph on whether they believe earthquakes or volcanoes are more dangerous based on research done in the class.  The booklets we are working on will be due on Friday.

The students have done an amazing job with this project, and I cannot wait to share them with the parents.

Next week we will continue our Earth Science with erosion and weathering!



The standards for this unit can be accessed here (Place Value Standards).

Students have a test on Monday on whole number place value including standard form, expanded form, word form, comparing whole numbers, and place value.

The rest of the week will be spent reviewing decimal place value from 4th grade.  We will be discussing and doing activities to create a clear understanding of tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.  They will be learning how to write these in standard form, word form, and expanded form as well as comparing decimal place value and rounding to whole numbers and decimals places.

We will have a test on whole number and decimals place value next week after Labor Day.  The date will be written in students’ agendas.


We will have a test on Wednesday on Text Structure.  Students have created a flip book in their interactive notebooks which they should be studying.  We have also read many passages together in class and discussed the need and the reason for different text structures in informational texts.  The test will have several passages.  Students will need to be able to identify the text structure, find key signal words in the passages, and explain why the chosen text structure is the best choice for the topic being covered.

We are still reading Wonder aloud in class.  It is a fantastic book for discussion of character traits and perspective.  We have had much discussion about how we treat people who are different than ourselves.  The book structure is presented from the viewpoint of several of the characters, so we have also had discussion about how the change of perspective of the narrator helps us as readers to get a better understanding of the characters’ feelings and the plot.  This has been great way to get students talking to one another and discussing meaningful topics.

Social Studies……   

Students will have a test on Monday on Citizenship and the Bill of Rights.  Then we will begin our study of the Civil War.  Standards for the Civil War unit can be seen here – Civil War Standards.

I am very excited about this unit.  We will be studying the causes of the war this week.  Students should be able to explain the differences between the economies and beliefs of the states during the time period leading up the the Civil War.  We will try to understand the issues of states’ rights and slavery and how viewpoints differed between the regions of the country.  After gaining some background information on the history of the time, we will participate in a classroom simulation to try to help students understand the war on a more personal basis.

Students will be expected to identify the Confederate states on a map and spell the state names correctly on a quiz on Friday.  They will have a similar quiz on the Union states the week of Labor Day.  We will write all quizzes in their agendas.

News from Last Week:


We have decided on a discipline plan.  I am trying to get a blank checkbook for each child.  They will collect and pay “fake” money for behavior.  They will each keep track of their money in their check registers.  At the end of the 9 weeks, we will have an auction using the checks and the money they have accumulated.  Students can earn money for a variety of things like good behavior, good deeds, and work habits.  They can lose money for a variety of things like behavior, missing assignments, and work

I WILL NEED PARENT HELP to gather things for the auction at the end of the 9 weeks.  You can find things around your house that you no longer need that other students may like such as DVDs, old games, stuffed animals, pencil toppers, hats, etc., or you can buy and donate items from the dollar store or other places.  Anything would be appreciated.


In math, we began our new schedule with compacted classes.  I enjoyed meeting all the students in my new math class.  They are a great group of kids, and I am so excited to get to have them for math for these 9 weeks.  We started practicing basic multiplication with a Mad 3 Minutes every day.  We played a game we called Threesies on Thursday to practrice.

Students did great on their whole number place value quiz on Friday.  The only problem some are having is the difference between place value and value.  They need to be sure to understand that place value is a word such as ones., tens, hundreds…, and value is a number such as 5, 50, or 500.

If parents have any math questions, please feel free to send a note or an email.


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