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Week of September 29, 2014


Important Upcoming Dates: Wednesday, October 1 – Book Report due – Students have a flip book they should be completing – NO READING LOG THIS WEEK! Friday, October 3 – Civil War Wax Museum – Come and see our presentations at 8:15 – 9:00.  Every student needs to prepare a speech based on the research […]

PTA Update


PTA Membership Contest Is In Full Swing! If you have not yet joined PTA, please do so this week! We are close to reaching our goal but need 100 more members by this Friday, September 26th! The classroom in each grade with the highest percentage of memberships will win new playground equipment! To join Kincaid PTA, […]

Week of September 22


Welcome Back!!!   I hope you all had a relaxing week. Important Upcoming Dates: Friday, September 26 – Civil War Paper due – paper should have a cover with the name of the person researched, a picture, and your child’s name, the typed or neatly handwritten paper, and an alphebetized bibliography Friday, September 26 – Unit 3 […]

Week of September 8, 2014


We had a great week last week.  We were able to visit the STEM lab to explore engineering with toilet paper towers.  We experimented with building design, and we were able to relate this to our discussions of destructive and constructive forces.  We discussed the use of engineering to develop buildings that are safe in […]

Update about tomorrow — Picnic tomorrow night from 5-7


All papers with a grade of 75 or below should be signed and returned to me.  This is to help make sure that parents are aware of low grades. The Union states quiz is going to be on Monday.   Students will also be able to retake the Confederate states quiz on Monday if they did poorly.  Please […]

Week of September 1


I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and the kids are ready to get to work again tomorrow.  Remember that we need toilet paper tubes for STEM lab on Thursday.  Thank you to the Foundation for supporting the STEM LAB!!!  Also, remember that the Kick Off picnic is Friday at 5:00.  Portions of […]

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