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Week of January 26, 2015


Note from the STEM LAB —–
Hello parents,

The STEM Lab at Kincaid is looking to find volunteers that would be willing to come in and help out each week. We hope that some of you will like it so much you might make it a monthly or even weekly volunteer position!
Sometimes the schedules and needs will change, and other opportunities for the upper grades will be added in February, but we definitely need help most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with first grade and kindergarten.
Volunteers will facilitate set up, clean up and be an extra pair of hands during technology and STEM activities. If this interests you, we would love to have you join us once or as many times as you are willing and able.
Thank you so much for considering helping out our students in the STEM Lab!
Thank you, Rachel Nix
Upcoming Dates and Events
Tuesday, January 27 – Math Computation Quiz

Friday, January 30 – Unit 10 Spelling due – Spelling and Vocabulary Test

Friday, January 30 – Cell Project Due

Monday, February 2 – World War I test – take your notebooks home EVERY NIGHT to study

Friday, February 13 – Biography Book Report and Bottle Person due

A note about the computation quizzes… Many students are not doing as well as expected on these quizzes.  They are able to do the problems when it is not a quiz situation.  They should be spending some time at home going over similar problems to help them gain confidence and slow down when completing the quiz questions.  Parents can look over the quizzes and they will see that the mistakes students are making are mostly careless errors.

Last week we covered dividing a decimal by a whole number.  Students had to model these problems as well as solve them.  Students are all dividing with long division or partial quotient and placing their decimals correctly.  This week we will cover dividing a decimal by a decimal which will include modeling as well as computation.

At home this week, students should be working on a project to build and present a cell. There are many example sof cell projects online and the kids had some great ideas for how they would like to complete the projects. These are due on Friday, January 30th.  They should be sure to bring the planning sheet as well as the completed cell.

We are starting our study of Microorganisms this week.   Students must recognize that there are helpful and harmful microorganisms.  This week we will begin to understand some of the microorganisms that are good for people and the world like digestive bacteria and decomposers and some of the bad ones like mold and viruses.

In reading we will begin analyzing poetry and studying poetry elements like stanzas and rhyme scheme.  Students will use their knowledge of figurative language to help them better understand how poems are composed and their meanings.

We are also reading When the Mountain Meets the Moon as a class and a nonfiction text on World War I in guided reading.

In writing, students will go to the computer lab this week to take an online assessment.  We will also continue working on our informational writing essays which we began a couple of weeks ago.

Students should have three spelling activities completed by Friday on the Unit 10 words.  They should be ready for the vocabulary and spelling test on Friday.

The World War I test will be next Monday.  This week we will cover how the entrance of the United States in the war helped to bring it to an end.  We will also be discussing the results of the war as they were decided upon with the Treaty of Versailles.
Students should be bringing home their notebooks to study every night this week.
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