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Week of February 1, 2016


Upcoming Dates and Events

Friday, February 5 – Customary Conversions Quiz

Monday, February 8 – New Deal Project Presentations

Monday, February 8 – Microorganisms Quiz

Tuesday, February 9 – Computation Quiz

Thursday, February 11 РPost-War America Test


Monday, March 28 – ROCK EAGLE MONEY DUE (Early would be great, so I can check everyone off ūüôā¬† )


Students had a computation quiz today.  Please go over these quizzes.  Students have been encouraged to come ask for help on skills before and after school.  We are also doing mixed number operations this week in centers.  We are reviewing making customary conversions in centers this week.  Students need to MEMORIZE the conversions for the units of length, weight, and capacity.  There will be a quiz on this on Friday.

Next week we will begin making conversions with metric units including liters, grams, and meters.


Reading and Writing:
Students should be reading and working on a Biography book report which is due on February 29th.  They have specific guidelines in their homework folders.  Students will be reading an approved biography, creating a bottle person to present, completing a flip book on their person, and taking an AR test on the book.  Please encourage your child to read every night to complete this project and the 5 AR book requirement.
We have started a novel study of Number the Stars.  We are reading this book mostly in class.  There will be a few homework assignments as well.  Students are doing vocabulary work as well as analyzing story elements.  This novel will lead into our Social Studies unit for WWII.
Language Arts:
Students are completing Unit 11 in Wordly Wise.  This week we will be working on the vocabulary activities that go with this unit.  The test on vocabulary and spelling will be on Friday, February 12..

This week we have been discussing the impact of the Great Depression on America.  Students will be working in groups at the end of the week on New Deal projects which will be presented on Monday.  There will be a test on Post-War America next Tuesday.  A study guide will be sent home on Thursday.
 We are starting our study of microorganisms this week.  We will be discussing what microorganisms are, how single-celled organisms are different from multi-cell organisms, and how they can be beneficial or harmful for people.  There will be a microorganism quiz on Monday.


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