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Week of February 8, 2016


Upcoming Dates and Events

Monday, February 8 – New Deal Project Presentations

Monday, February 8 – Microorganisms Quiz

Tuesday, February 9 – Computation Quiz

Thursday, February 11 – Post-War America Test

Friday, February 12 – Unit 11 Spelling and Vocabulary Test

Friday, February 12 – Valentine Exchange

Friday, February 12 – CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS DAY!!!

Friday, February 12 – Progress Reports sent home


Monday, February 15 – 19 – WINTER BREAK


Thursday, February 25 – STEM DAY – Parents are invited to watch our presentations from 8:45-9:30

Friday, February 26 – Career Day and Auction Dinner (6:30-9:30)

Monday, February 29 – Biography Book Report due

Monday, March 28 – ROCK EAGLE MONEY DUE (Early would be great, so I can check everyone off 🙂  )


This week we will start working with the metric system and making conversions within the metric system.  We will have a computation quiz on Tuesday.  We will finish our measurement unit after the break.

Reading and Writing:
Students should be working on their Biography Book Report which is due on February 29th.  Students will be reading an approved biography, creating a bottle person to present, completing a flip book on their person, and taking an AR test on the book.  Please encourage your child to read every night to complete this project and the 5 AR book requirement.
We are working on the book Number the Stars as a class.  This is a great introduction to World War II and the Holocaust.  We are using the novel to improve our vocabulary as well as studying character traits and story elements.
Language Arts:
Students are completing Unit 11 in Wordly Wise.  This week we will be working on the spelling activities that go with this unit.  The test on vocabulary and spelling will be on Friday, February 12.

This week we are presenting our projects on the New Deal.  Students were able to choose a project and work alone or in groups.  We will also be participating in a Stock Market simulation based on the companies and stock prices of the 1920s.  The test will be on Thursday.
After the break we will begin a unit on World War II.
We will take a quiz on Monday on Microorganisms.
Animal and Plant Classification:
Our next unit will be on animal and plant classification.  Students will begin understanding the process of sorting vertebrates into Kingdoms, Phylums, etc.  They will be asked to understand and identify vertebrates and invertebrates.  We will also work on classifying invertebrates into categories as well such as mollusks, insects, etc.   We will continue with this unit after the break.
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