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Week of February 29, 2016


Upcoming Dates and Events

Monday, February 29 – Biography Book Report due

Tuesday, February 29 – Computation Quiz

Thursday, March 3 – 2 Dimensional Shapes Test

Friday, March 4 – Animal and Plant Classification Test

Friday, March 4 – Unit 12 Vocabulary and Spelling Test

Monday, March 28 – ROCK EAGLE MONEY DUE (Early would be great, so I can check everyone off ūüôā¬† )

This week we will be finishing our unit on two dimensional shapes.  This unit requires students to understand that shapes are identified based on their attributes.  It is very much a vocabulary unit.  Students must understand the types of triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons.  They should be able to understand that a square can be identified as a rhombus, a rectangle, a parallelogram, a quadrilateral, and a polygon.

The test will be on Friday, and students have notes in their Math Journals which they can use to study for the test.

Reading and Writing:
Students will present their book reports on Monday, February 29th.  I look forward to reading their flip books and hearing their MEMORIZED presentations.  I also love sharing the pictures of the bottle people.
We will be finishing  Number the Stars this week.  Students will take a final quiz on the last chapters and completing a short reflective piece to end the book.
This week we will be finishing a unit on figurative language.  Students are expected to understand how figurative language adds to literature and their own writing.  We will be exploring a variety of figurative language components including similes, metaphors, idioms, puns, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, and personification.  Students are taking notes in their reading notebooks which they can use to review and study for the test.
They will be finishing a Figurative Language booklet which will be due on Friday.  We will have a test on figurative language next week.
Language Arts:
Students are completing Unit 12 in Wordly Wise.  This week we will be working on the spelling activities that go with this unit.  The test on vocabulary and spelling will be on Friday, March 4.

This week we will continue our study of World War II.  We will also be discussing Pearl Harbor, the Japanese internment camps, and the Holocaust.  This is new information for many students.  I do not go too deeply into discussion of the Holocaust, but this is an opportunity for you to have a discussion at home about this time period in history and what we can learn from studying it.
By the end of the week we will have covered the United States entrance  into the war and the end of the war in Europe.  Next week we will cover the end of the war in the Pacific Ocean and the use of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  There will be a test next week on WWII.
Animal and Plant Classification:
This week we are working on identifying how plants are sorted based on their characteristics.  We will be having a test on Friday on animal and plant classification.
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