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Week of October 2, 2017

Hope you had a wonderful Fall Break and got to relax and enjoy each other.
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Please continue signing the agenda and reading log every night to show that students have completed homework.
Thursday, October 5 – Weather Test (changed from Tuesday)
Friday, October 6 – Wordly Wise Lesson 4 Vocabulary Test
Friday, October 6 – Spelling test 4
Friday, October 6 – Decimal Place Value and Addition and Subtraction Quiz (my Math class)
Friday, October 6 – Sign of the Beaver Biography Book Presentations (in-class project)
Next Week – Explorer Test – start studying notebook notes

This week we will be going over decimal place value to the thousandths place.  This is a 5th grade standard which is included in the AC Math curriculum for our 4th grade students.  We will be covering decimals as part of the base ten number system, reading decimal numbers, and addition and subtraction with decimals.  There will be  quiz on Friday on these skills.

Next week, we will be going back to whole number multiplication.  Students have covered using area model to multiply 2 digits by 2 digits.  We will be continuing this standard with a strategy called Partial Product and then mastering the traditional algorithm which is the 5th grade standard for Ac 4th grade students.

We finished The Sign of the Beaver before the break.  The students seemed to love this book and be quite interested in the characters and the time period.  This week we will be working with students from Mrs. Mawn’s AC class to complete a group project called a Body Biography of one of the characters from the novel.  We will also be watching the film version of the novel and comparing and contrasting the two versions – text and film.

We will be finishing unit 4 of Wordly Wise this week.   There is a link to games they may use to study on the link above called “Wordly Wise and AR .”  The test will be Friday, October 6 on definitions.

The new spelling words will be given to the students on Monday.  Several students did not do well on the spelling test last week.  Please check Parent Vue and the grades that come home in the Thursday folder and help your children study for these tests.  I only give them 10 words each week.  These are all words that I am taking from their writing and that 4th grade students should already be able to spell.  Spelling words are recorded each week in students’ spelling notebooks.  I will also add a page to my blog with updated spelling lists on Monday.


Students will be working this week on completing an Explorer’s Journal.  They have created a persona that worked on the ship of one of the explorers we are studying.  They will be created journal entries to describe the adventures their character is having on their journey.

Please be aware that in 4th grade student handwriting and writing conventions become much more important.  I have explained to students that they will be rewriting work that is not neat.

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We will complete a Weather study guide in class on Monday.  Students will have a test on Weather on Thursday.

Our next unit will be Force and Motion.

All notes for science will be kept in your students’ Science notebook.  Ask your child to bring their notebooks home to show you what we are covering.  The notebook is also what students should be studying as tests and quizzes occur.

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We will continue our learning about North American explorers.  Students have notes and maps in their notebooks on Columbus, Cabot, and Ponce de Leon.  This week we will add the other three explorers as well as de Gama.

The test on Explorers will be next week.  Students should begin studying their notes this week.

This unit concentrates on the North American explorers including Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, Juan Ponce de Leon, Vasco de Balboa, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson.

This unit broadens the students’ understanding and knowledge of the world map including countries in Europe and Central America as well as the Caribbean Sea.

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  1. October 2nd, 2017 at 11:51 am      Reply Jay Swann Says:

    Good morning Mrs. Gillett. The link above for math took us to a site for pre-calculus and algebra. Is there another section of that site that we are supposed to use for studying?


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