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Week of November 6, 2017

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¬†***** Empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls – morning work this week will be building marble roller coasters — TRY TO COME EARLY ūüôā
Please ask your students if they have glue sticks and dry erase markers.  They need them almost daily, and many are running low.
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Please continue signing the agenda and reading log every night to show that students have completed homework.
If students are reading an average of one book every two weeks to meet the AR requirements for the quarter then they should be on the following schedule.
  • Oct. 20th (test 1)
  • Nov. 3rd (test 2)
  • Nov. 17th (test 3)
  • Dec. 1st (test 4)
  • Dec. 15th (test 5)
Friday, November 10 –¬†Colonial America Test
Friday, November 10 ¬†–¬†NO Spelling Test this week
Monday, November 13 –¬†Colonial Informational Booklet due (students have had time to finish in class, but they made need to do a little work at home)
Tuesday, November 14 –¬†Math Test – Factors, Divisibility Rules, and Prime and Composite Numbers
Friday, November 10 –¬†1st AR book recorded in grade book
Friday, November 17 –¬†2nd AR book recorded in grade book
Friday, December 1 Р3rd AR book recorded in grade book
Friday, December 8 – 4th AR book recorded in grade book
Friday, December 15 –¬†5th AR book recorded in grade book
*******  Make sure you are reading for AR.  Most of you should be reading books that are 5th grade or higher.  Only books that are 4.2 or higher count this quarter, but I truly believe you should be pushing yourself to read at a higher level than that.

This week we will be working on finding factors,

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identifying prime and composite numbers,

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and the divisibility rules.


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Students will be finishing and sharing their Shel Silverstein stories and plays on Monday.  We will examine the differences and similarity between poetry, prose, and drama this week.  We will be learning the vocabulary that goes with these types of writing such as cast of characters, rhythm, and rhyme scheme.

We will begin a novel study of Love That Dog by Sharon Creech.  This novel is written in a lyrical, poetic style.  We will spend time analyzing the story elements of character, setting, and plot as well as the rhythm and rhyme scheme of the poem.

Students should be reading for the AR requirement ūüôā

We will be working on Unit 7 ¬†of Wordly Wise this week. ¬† There is a link to games they may use to study on the link above called “Wordly Wise and AR.” ¬†The test will be Friday, November 17 on definitions.

There will be NO SPELLING TEST this week.

We have started an informational booklet project on Colonial Life.  Students have completed the research for this booklet.  They will spend time this week completing the informational paragraphs on the Southern, Middle, and New England colonies, the comparison table, the illustrations, map, and captions, and the glossary to complete the booklet which is due next Monday.  They have had time to finish in class, but some students will need to complete the final project at home.

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Student handwriting and writing conventions become much more important.  I have explained to students that they will be rewriting work that is not neat.

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We have started our Physics unit on Force and Motion.  This is a fun unit with lots of activities.

This unit covers force, motion, gravity, Newton’s Laws, and simple machines.

This week we continue our study with the concepts of Potential and Kinetic Energy.  This will include the making of Spool Rollers and doing activities with Matchbox cars and ramps.

All notes for science will be kept in your students’ Science notebook.¬† Ask your child to bring their notebooks home to show you what we are covering.¬† The notebook is also what students should be studying as tests and quizzes occur.

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This week we will conclude our Colonization unit.  Students will have all notes for the test and begin work on a study guide on Monday.  We will review on Thursday and have a test on Friday.  Students should be studying all week as this is NOT an open-note test.


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Remember to join our class TEXT list.  To receive messages via text, text  @ab823a to 81010. 

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