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Week of February 26 and March 5, 2018


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*  We would love some big throw pillows for the class if you have any extras just lying around.
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Please continue signing the agenda and reading log every night to show that students have completed homework.
Friday, March 2 – AR book #4 Due
Tuesday, March 6Computation Quiz
Thursday, March 8 – Stars and Planets Test
Friday, March 9 – Wordly Wise Unit 10 Vocabulary and Spelling Test
Friday, March 16 – Field Trip – Wrinkle in Time Movie 🙂
AR Due Dates –

AR Test #1 – 1/19

AR Test #2 – 2/2

AR Test #3 – 2/16

AR Test #4 – 3/2

AR Test #5 – 3/16

*******  Make sure you are reading for AR.  Most of you should be reading books that are 5th grade or higher.  Only books that are 4.8 or higher count this quarter, but I truly believe you should be pushing yourself to read at a higher level than that.

We will be covering our geometry standards over the next couple of weeks.  Students will be able to identify types of lines and angles.  They will be using a protractor to measure angles.  they will be able to identify and explain the differences between two dimensional figures using vocabulary including information about lengths and angels measurements.

Students have been doing great on the computation quizzes.  The quizzes will have the new decimal standards that we have covered.  Please go over these quizzes with your students and encourage them to come ask for help if they need further work at school.

Computation quizzes will be given every week on Tuesday.

Students are working on Unit 10 in Wordly Wise for these two week.s  The test will be on Friday, March 9.

We are thoroughly enjoying A Wrinkle in Time.  We will use this book to cover many of the 4th grade reading standards including story elements, mood and theme, making inferences, and using text citation to reflect on the book.

Students should be reading for the AR requirement. This quarter students should be reading books that are a 4.8 reading level or higher.  I encourage them to choose books that are higher level to increase their comprehension and vocabulary.

The AR test scores will be entered in the grade book every two weeks as listed above.  Please help your children keep up with their reading.


This week we have started using two passages to write an informational essay with text citation.  The students are producing a 5 paragraph informational essay including an introduction and conclusion.  The paragraph format should be correct with indentation, topic sentence, sentence variety, concluding sentence, an correct punctuation and capitalization.

Student handwriting and writing conventions are much more important.  I have explained to students that they will be rewriting work that is not neat.

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We have started our unit on comparing stars and planets.  This will take several weeks and includes the planets in our solar system as well as types and classifications of stars.  This week students are working in groups to research and produce a power point to share information about the stars and planets standards.  These will be presented on Monday.  The stars and planets test will be next Thursday, March 8.  Students will receive a study guide this Thursday.

All notes for science will be kept in your students’ Science notebook.  Ask your child to bring their notebooks home to show you what we are covering.  The notebook is also what students should be studying as tests and quizzes occur.

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Our current unit is Westward Expansion.  We have covered the Louisiana Purchase and the expedition of Lewis and Clark.  We will be moving on chronologically to discussion of the War of 1812, Texas Independence and the Alamo, the California Gold Rush, and the Oregon Trail.  This unit also includes discussion of what happens to the Native Americans including the Trail of Tears, the Indian Relocation Act, and the Battle of Little Bighorn.

All notes are being kept in the Social Studies notebooks.  Students could begin studying now.


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