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Week of December 3, 2018


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Tuesday, December 4 – Computation Quiz

Thursday, December 6 – Fraction and Mixed Number Division Quiz

Friday, December 7  –  Wordly Wise Unit 9 Test

Friday, December 7 – 4th AR book due (or first 200 pages of book of choice completed)

Non-Fiction BOARD GAME due 12/17/18


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Our current unit is multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers and division of fractions and whole numbers.  This week we will be dividing whole numbers by unit fractions and unit fractions by whole numbers.  Students will be modeling these types of problems and calculating the quotients.  There will be a quiz on Friday on these skills.

The fraction multiplication and division test will be next Wednesday, December 12.

There will be a computation quiz on Tuesday.  Please review the standards hat have been covered this year in your math journal to help prepare for the computation quiz.

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Students should use the questions created in class with their informational books to complete the book report for their  5th grade 2nd quarter Non-Fiction Board Game Project.  The project guidelines will be sent home this week.  You can also see the guidelines here.

We will be completing a read aloud novel over the next couple of weeks.  The title is Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse.  The book is aligned to the Dust Bowl unit in the 5th grade Social Studies curriculum.

Students should be reading a book of their choice every day during school and every evening at home.  They should have taken their 4th AR test or written letters by Friday, December 7.

The Wordly Wise unit this week is Unit 9.  There will be a test on Friday, December 7.

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Last week, students did a great job writing 5 paragraph essays based on a given article and prompt with guidance and support.  This week they will be working on writing the same type of essay with less help and guidance.   The goal is for students to clearly answer a question following a 5 paragraph essay format sharing specific details and information from a passage which they have read in class.  They will be typing these papers directly into Word after completing a graphic organizer rather than completing a rough draft before typing.

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