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Week of January 21, 2019


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Monday, January 21 – No School – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Thursday, January 24 – Geometry Retest – students who earned less than 80% on last week’s Geometry Test

Monday, January 28 – First Greek and Latin Roots Quiz – see Reading section for list

Monday, February 4 – Second Greek and Latin Roots Quiz – see Reading section for list

Thursday, March 7 – Biography Book Report Presentations Due


1st book – 1/18/19

2nd book – 2/1/19

3rd book – 2/15/19

4th book – 3/1/19

5th book – 3/15/19


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Students have been separated into two groups based on last week’s Geometry Test.  One group is working on an extension activity in which they find examples of the geometric figures we studied in real life using Microsoft Sway as a presentation device.  The scond group is working to review and study the geometric terms and figures that were on the test in preparation for the retest on Thursday.

Our next unit will be Measurement and making conversions in the metric and customary systems.

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Last week we learned about perspective and point of view in literature and fiction accounts. This week we will change our focus to non-fiction accounts of events.  The standard asks that students begin to look at different accounts of the same historical event or time period.  They will analyze how perspective and the point of view of the speaker or writer changes the way the event is perceived.  This week we will be reading and comparing the perspectives and point of view of several speeches given by women in different time periods on Women’s Rights including Sojourner Truth and Hilary Clinton.

Students should be reading a book of their choice every day during school and every evening at home.  They should have taken their 2nd AR test or written letters by Friday, February 1.

There is no Wordly Wise unit this week.  Students will be studying and using the Greek and Latin Roots that are glued in their notebooks.  Students will be expected to match the root with its meaning.  The quiz on the first list will be Monday, January 28th, and the quiz on the second list will be Monday, February 4.  The third list will be used for bonus questions.

A Biography book report will be assigned tomorrow.  The actual visual display and presentation will be due March 7, 2019.  We will read the biographies beginning Wednesday after our visit to the Media Center.  Students will be taking notes and using the biography information to write an informational report later in the quarter.

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This week we will be working with the Greek and Latin root words.  We will also be writing and informational essay on our Heroes.







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