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Week of March 18, 2019


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Tuesday, March 19 – Computation Quiz

Thursday, March 21 – Coordinate Grid Test

Thursday, March 21 – Wordly Wise Unit 17 Test


1st book: March 29

2nd book: April 12

3rd book :  April26

4th book:  May 10

5th book – May 17

5th Grade ELA – Wednesday, April 10, Thursday, May 11, and Friday, May 12

5th Grade Math – Monday, April 22 and Tuesday, May 23

5th Grade Science – Thursday, May 2

5th Grade Social Studies – Friday, May 3


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This week we will be reviewing using the first quadrant of a coordinate plane.   The x-axis always comes before the y-axis.

There will be a test on Thursday.

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This week we are comparing and contrasting characters, setting, and plots in stories, books, and dramas.

We will also be continuing to read books of choice in class and analyzing the story elements listed above.

Students should be reading a book of their choice every day during school and every evening at home.  This should be the biography book for their project this week.   They should have taken their 1st AR test or written letters by Friday, March 29th.

We are working on Wordly Wise Unit 17 this week.  The test will be on Thursday, March 21.


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This week we are reviewing parts of speech and grammar as well as working on writing an opinion essay based on two articles in a given amount of time.  Students should be reading the articles, choosing text evidence to support their opinions, and writing a solid 5 paragraph essay on the given prompt.









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