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Week of April 8, 2019


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Tuesday, April 9 – Computation Quiz



1st book: March 29

2nd book: April 12

3rd book :  April26

4th book:  May 10

5th book – May 17

5th Grade ELA – Wednesday, April 10, Thursday, May 11, and Friday, May 12

5th Grade Math – Monday, April 22 and Tuesday, May 23

5th Grade Science – Thursday, May 2

5th Grade Social Studies – Friday, May 3


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This week we will be working on writing constructed responses for math problems.  Students will be practicing restating the question with an answer and using math vocabulary to explain the process they took to solve the problem.

We are also still working on computation skills and working carefully and accurately.  Little mistakes are our biggest problem as students understand the processes, but they are still making careless errors.

There will be a computation quiz on Tuesday.

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This week we are discussing independent reading goals.  Students will complete a Reading Reflection Survey which will help guide their note taking and conferences as we discuss their books of choice.

Students should be reading a book of their choice every day during school and every evening at home.    They should have taken their 2nd AR test or written letters by Friday, April 12th.

There will be no Wordly Wise this week since we will be Milestone Testing.


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This week we are discussing and practicing using graphic organizers for planning informational and opinion essays.









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