Welcome Back!

Hello and Welcome Back!  It is going to be a great year.  It was wonderful to see all the parents at Parent Orientation yesterday.  Here is a breakdown of what we will be discussing next week:


Writing:  How to “Seed a Writing Journal” and paragraph Writing;

Math:  Number Sense-place value to the thousands place.  Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.  Problem Solving:  One and Two Step Problem Solving.

Reading:  We will practice the Reading Workshop Model and what behaviors I will look for in each of the Daily 5 stations.

Science:  We will begin our Unit on Rocks and Minerals.

Social Studies:  We will continue to review essential map skills.

Extra Supplies

Hello Parents,

Happy 2017.  We are busy learning new curriculum for the 2017 school year.  We are running out of glue sticks, crayons and Composition Books.  If you have a chance, please replenish these supplies for your student and send them in to school.  THANK YOU to Mrs. Brwon, Sarah’s Mom for your generous donation to our class.  I will buy supplies for the classroom.  Thanks again!

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Eastvalley Elementary School is working with The Center for Family Resources and East Cobb Middle School Food Pantry to help families this Thanksgiving.

There will be food collection containers near the entrance of the school starting October 31st – November 11th.  There is a critical shortage of food at this time, so please donate non-perishable food items.

Your support of this worthy cause is greatly appreciated.

Third grade:  Please donate Canned Meats and/or Stuffing/Dressing


An Important Message from Mr. Foster




Hello Eastvalley families!!!  As we have traditionally practiced here, we always encourage our families to come have lunch with their children in our cafeteria, especially on their birthdays!  Celebrating a birthday at school with their classmates makes their day extra special!  We want to create memories and give your child that opportunity to be recognized on their birthday!  Parents are welcome to bring birthday treats for their child to share with classmates for the celebration during lunch.

In order to minimize disruption to the instructional day and maximize student safety and well-being, we ask our families to follow the guidelines below:

  • At the front door, please ring the bell and have your ID prepared to present to the camera to be allowed access to the building.  As soon as you enter, please sign in in the front office to receive your guest badge.
  • Please wait for your child’s class to come to lunch in the front lobby or front office.  Birthday treats are reserved for lunch so it will not interfere with classroom instructional time.
  • Please make the teacher aware with 24 hour notice (email, written notification, or phone call) that you will be bringing birthday treats to lunch.  In case there is a food allergy in the classroom, the teacher can inform the lunchroom monitors to ensure any students with diagnosed food allergies are not receiving food hazardous to their health.  The teacher can also provide an alternate treat for the student if provided by that student’s parents.
  • Please bring enough treats for everyone in your child’s class so no students are excluded.  Please do not bring treats for students in other classrooms for food allergy concerns and equity reasons.

Thank you for helping us continue to celebrate student birthdays here at Eastvalley!  We appreciate your support and want to invite you to enjoy lunchtime with your child anytime, but especially on their birthdays!  Thank you and we hope to see you around Eastvalley soon!



Kendall Foster


Welcome Back!

Hello Wonderful Parents,

Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome!  I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this school year.  I promise that your child will grow both academically, socially this 3rd grade year.  We have been learning so much so far;  See below for a breakdown of what we have learned and what we will work on in the coming months.



We have been learning how to add and subtact within 1,000 using a variety of strategies as well as using an algorithm.  In addition, we will review how to solve two-step word problems uaing addition and subtraction within 1,000.  We have started multiplication and how to interpret products of whole numbers as total number of groups (ie. 5 groups of 7 is 35).



Students have been investigating the attributes of rocks and minerals.


Social Studies:

We have learned how to navigate a map using cardinal and intermediate directions.  We have also located the equator, the prime meridian, and lines of latitude and longitude.  We have started our unit on Greece.  Stay tuned for more information as we plan our third grade Olympics.  So timely!


Reading and Language Arts:

We have been working on essential skills that good readers use to understand text.  The first skill we have practiced is to ask pertinent questions  in order to demonstare understanding of text.  We will begin to learn how to use text evidence to evaluate a character’s traits, motivations, and feelings.  We will need 12 points this quarter in oder to make it to Books for Breakfast.  I am happy to report that 9 students have achieved their goal.  Keep Reading!


We have also started our grammar unit on nouns and pronouns.  In Writing, we are learning how to write a personal narrative by using a a strong beginning, a mighty middle and an exciting ending!  Following this, we will begin to write opinion pieces.

Parent Survey


AdvancED Parent Survey

Please complete this important survey before Friday, 4/1! You may complete the survey using your personal computer, smartphones or tablet.  The survey data will be used to inform the school and the district of parent’s opinions. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to AdvancED’s eProve for analysis. Individual data results from the Georgia Parent Survey will not be available to the public and will not be posted online.  The URL address for the AdvancED Parent Survey is posted below.

AdvancED Parent Survey:


Milestones Assessment

The Milestones Assessment is right around the corner! 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will take the Milestones Assessment Wednesday, April 13th through Tuesday, April 19th. Absent students will have an opportunity to take the missed sections Wednesday, April 20th through Friday, April 22nd. Click on the links for the GA DOE Milestones Study Guides for Parents and Students. The documents are about 200 pages long so you may want to review them online only and not print the large file. The Parent’s Guide to Individual Student Reports provides helpful information about interpreting the results.

2016 Study Guide Grade 3


2016 Parent Guide EOG Brochure


We are working diligently at school to learn new standards and review ones from earlier in the year in preparation for the Milestones test.  You child will bring home two packets today that you can also use as practice at home.  These packets are completely optional and do not need to be returned to school.

I appreciate your continued support and assistance in helping to prepare your child to the best of their ability for the test.  My emphasis will be for them to give their best effort and “show what they know” on the test and not create unnecessary stress.  :)