Last Day to Complete a Lesson Plan is Today, Wednesday May 13, 2020

Please join Mrs. Healy on Wednesday, May 14th for her final Read Aloud at 10:00 AM.

She will be reading Patricia McKissick’s Flossie and the Fox.

After the reading, please stay and learn how to draw a cute fox.

Zoom Meeting ID: 981 354 8654

                                           Password: 234567

Click the link to join Mrs. Healy’s  Zoom meeting:

IMPORTANT:  Tomorrow is our Eastvalley Virtual Field Day.

Be Proactive and print a copy the of the Virtual Field Day Packet by clicking below.  Look over the activities and practice what you will do on Thursday, May 14, 2020:


 Reading and Writing:

Listen to this story.  Notice how each “stanza” of the book rhymes.  After listening to the story, write your own poem or short book that rhymes.  Send your finished product to my email.

Writing:  Answer these questions in complete sentences:

Tuesdays-Reflection-writing (1)



Do this Polygon Puzzle



We will have our  Zoom Class meeting this Friday at 10:30.  See you then!

I will post the Zoom Meeting details tomorrow.  Watch for the Blog Post.


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