Monday, May 18, 2020…Fun Rap Songs and a Pep Talk

This is the Last Week of School! 

You do not have any academic assignments to complete today.


Join your fellow Eastvalley 5th Graders for some Read Alouds for this Week:

Eastvalley 5th Grade
Read Aloud @ 2:00 each day:
Monday- May 18, 2020
Tuesday- May 19, 2020
Wednesday- May 20, 2020

Password: 234567

Enjoy listening to these Multiplication Rap Songs:



Can you make up a multiplication rap song of your own?

Try singing it to a family member or a friend.  Have Fun!


*As we close the school year, remember…Keep Being Awesome!

Watch this video for a Pep Talk:

Ask yourself:  How can I make the world a better place?

Did you know, it can be as easy as smiling at someone or waving to a neighbor…Get out there….Be Awesome…

The world is waiting for YOU!


Do it Yourself Puzzle!

Cereal Puzzle

What You Need – 1 Empty Box of Cereal

How to Play – Cut up a cereal box into small pieces and see who can reassemble it back in 1 minute.

Tip – I used a pencil on the back to draw out my pieces before I cut up the box.


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