Lesson Plan for Tuesday May 12, 2020

You are almost finished with 3rd Grade!  Tomorrow will be the last academic lesson plan that you will need to complete.

Review Science:

Listen to this video on the topic of Pollution given by the Georgia Aquarium: Push the Play Button to listen.  Keep Listening for the next video about Ocean Pollution.

Let’s keep our environment safe!

List some organic materials that were mentioned in the video.  How long does it take organic materials to decompose?  How about non-organic materials like a plastic bottle?

What is the 4th “R” mentioned in the video?  What does this mean to you?


Conjunction Review.  Watch the video below:

Activity:  What three sentences did you hear in the video?

Write your own sentences that contain a conjunction.


Go to Freckle.  Choose the Adaptive Math Section.  Work here for about 15 minutes.

Do:  Fact Practice for 10 minutes.



Edit your Imaginative Story and send it to my by email.

*Be one of the first 30 Students to Join Mrs. Boyle Tomorrow at 2:00

This is from Mrs. Boyle:

I will be playing HUMAN Bingo with the first 30 students who join my Zoom tomorrow at 2:00!


Kim Boyle is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Human Bingo with Mrs. Boyle

Time: May 12, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 327 793 4517

Password: 234567

Lesson Plan for Monday May 11, 2020

Welcome to the Last Week of Digital Lesson Plans

Hi everyone,

I would like to let you know that I received a nice letter from the folks at Freckle.  Here it is:

Math:  Your class has been working hard to become even better with math facts! Your class answered 3,192 Fact Practice questions so far this year, with 1,200 questions answered this past week—great job!

The most improved for this past week are: Maliya A in “subtraction”, Mathews R, Nicole B, Ojas S in “multiplication”, and Nicole B in “division”.

Do you have questions on specific operations? You can ask these classmates for help: Likhita Sri B, Pavitra P in “addition”, Likhita Sri B, Pavitra P in “subtraction”, Nicole B, Likhita Sri B in “multiplication”, and Krithik C, Pavitra P in “division”.


  • In the last week, 11 students completed addition problems with an average of 95.3% accuracy
  • Students furthest ahead in addition are Likhita Sri B, Pavitra P


  • In the last week, 11 students completed subtraction problems with an average of 94.95% accuracy
  • Maliya A improved the most last week, 1.0 levels on average
  • Students furthest ahead in subtraction are Likhita Sri B, Pavitra 


  • In the last week, 11 students completed multiplication problems with an average of 97.65% accuracy
  • Mathews R, Nicole B, Ojas S improved the most last week, 6.0 levels on average
  • Students furthest ahead in multiplication are Nicole B, Likhita Sri
  • Division:
  • In the last week, 11 students completed division problems with an average of 93.6% accuracy
  • Nicole B improved the most last week, 8.0 levels on average
  • Students furthest ahead in division are Krithik C, Pavitra 


  • In the last week, 10 students completed multiplication problems with an average of 97.5% accuracy
  • Mathews R improved the most last week
  • Students furthest ahead in division are Pavitra 
  • Nicole B, Ojas S improved the most last week, 6.0 levels on average
  • Students furthest ahead in multiplication are Likhita Sri B

Language Arts:

Our class has been learning a lot on Freckle ELA! We’ve worked on 189 unique articles & stories so far this year, with 93 articles & stories worked on this past week – great job! The most improved for ELA articles & stories are: Gabriel R, Nicole B. The students with the most student-driven articles & stories are Nicole B, Ojas S. Have questions on ELA assignments? You can ask these classmates for help: Gabriel R, Nicole B. Here’s to another great week with Freckle!

Overall ELA

ELA Articles & Stories

  • On average, the class is at Freckle Level 4C
  • The class is strongest in Word Meaning & Choice and weakest in Text Structure & Development
  • Students the furthest ahead in ELA are Ojas S, Gabriel R at an average Freckle Level of 5C

Lesson Plan for today:

Reading and Social Studies Review and Practice:

For extra practice on the U.S. colonies, log in to IXL- Watch the video below on how to get to IXL Fouth Grade Social Studies:


Then do A 10 and A11 in the Fourth Grade Tab


Watch the video below to learn about the three different Types of Angles:



Now, look around your house.  Can you find examples of the three different kinds of angles?

How many can you find?  Write them down on a piece of notebook paper.

Writing:  Watch the video to learn how to write a Closing for your Imaginative Story

Now, write a closing for your story.

Lesson Plan for Thursday May 7, 2020


Mark you Calendar:  Virtual Field Day is Here!

Virtual Field Day is officially here! May is not the same without our tradition of Field Day, sun (sometimes rain 😊 ), games, competition, getting wet, school spirit, and of course cool treats. I have been researching this for a while now. 

Our official  virtual field day date is next week, Thursday May 14th.

We are going to dedicate the whole day to Virtual Field Day. There will be no schoolwork this day.

**Please read this important message about creating a video of yourself for Field Day:

Hello Eastvalley Parents,

We are preparing for virtual field day.

We would like to also make a torch run video for each class.

Attached below is an example of how the video will look.

Example EV Torch run – Small

Directions on how to make the video:

  1.  Please have your child wear their specific Eastvalley grade color shirt or similar color shirt according to the list below.

Pre-K        – Lime Green

Kinder       – Red

1st Grade  – Royal blue

2nd Grade – Light Yellow

3rd Grade  – Kelly Green

4th Grade  – Turquoise

5th Grade  – Purple


2.  Make your Torch from a paper towel roll and colorful paper.


3,  Have your child run up to the camera (or choose a sport activity of your choice), grab the torch from your right and then pass the torch to your left.


4.  You can send your video directly to Eva Johnson (by 05-12-2020 sooner the better) who will create a movie for each class. Please include your Child’s Grade level and Teacher’s name.  See Eva’s email below:


Lets have fun!!!

Lesson Plan for today:

Reading:  Review the skill of Compare and Contrast.  Click below:




Log in to Freckle and go to Adaptive Math.  Work here for 15 minutes.

Do:  Fact Practice in Freckle



Continue working on your Imaginative Story.  Today, you will begin to write the introduction of your story.  Remember you need an engaging beginning for your story.  Watch this video for tips on how to create a bold beginning for your story.

Lesson Plan for Wednesday MAY 6, 2020

Go on a Virtual Field Trip Today.  Click below for a cool experience about the island of Hawaii and its volcanoes.



Attributes of Shapes Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwK4xa-Znpo


Attribute Assignment: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F8_yHBG9tN_BHjqWq8mXD0dR4Pwi5e0w/view?usp=sharing

Play a Math Multiplication Game:


Language Arts:  What are the 3 Types of Sentences?

1. Simple: Contains one subject & one predicate. (Ex: My sister likes to paint.)
2. Compound: Two independent clauses joined with a coordinating conjunction. (Ex: My sister takes painting classes, and she is very talented.)
3. Complex: Independent clause and a dependent clause with a subordinating conjunction. (Ex: Since I love art, I am impressed with her paintings.)
Helpful Link:
-Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences Video

Think of an example for each type of sentence.  Write down your own Simple, Compound and Complex sentence.


Reading and Social Studies:

The U.S.: 13 Colonies - Geography Games

The U.S.: 13 Colonies – Play the Map Quiz Game



Continue to work on your Imaginative Narrative.  Today, you will make a Plan for your story.  Use a Story Map to help you.  Watch this video on how to do this.