Summer Reading 2020

We encourage you to read for at least 20 minutes per day and if you do that you’ll read for 20 hours this summer! Can you do it? Of course you can! You can read your own books or choose from any of the free eBook resources that you can find on our Digital Learning Resources reading page.

The Cobb County Public Library’s theme is Summer Adventure 2020 and the program runs from June 1 through August 1. They are using a new program called Beanstack to track your reading minutes. You can track the minutes online or using a free app.

To sign up for the Summer Adventure 2020 reading program and a chance to earn badges and win prizes, please visit

To learn more about why summer reading is important and to find more reading resources (including a printable version of the Public Library’s Summer Adventure program) please visit

School Library Month 2020 submitted story

Kaloyan submitted a graphic novel for the School Library Month challenge! Click here to read The MC Adventures. His original sketches of his graphic novel are shown below. Way to go Kaloyan!















If you were working on a story or a Read Poster but haven’t quite finished, that’s okay! You can still turn it in to me when it’s complete! Just have your parents email it to me at

Minecraft Challenge ends 5/1

Don’t forget about the Minecraft Challenge that’s ending this Friday, May 1st! For more information go to: 

If you don’t have the Education version of Minecraft downloaded yet, you can get that here:

Remember, you’ll need your Office365 login and password to download and use Minecraft.



Let’s celebrate School Library Month by writing our own stories!

School libraries wouldn’t exist without stories or readers, so this year we have two options for our activity: (1) Create a story using our silly story challenge and (2) Create a READ poster to encourage everyone to read more books. You can do both options if you’d like!

Option 1 Details: Your story can be as long or as short as you like, but it needs to have a beginning, middle and an end AND it has to include the elements listed below:

Characters: Luna the Unicorn OR Mandy the Shark

Settings: A cave OR a forest

Problem: Has to involve an ice cream cone OR a Minecraft Creeper

Of course you may add other characters and settings to your story. Get creative! You can even make illustrations to go with your story or make it a graphic novel! Make sure it’s elementary appropriate!

Option 2 Details: Create a Read poster. This can be hand drawn on a regular size piece of printer paper or notebook paper or construction paper – whatever you have around the house. Or, you can design it online and take a photo of it. Your poster should:

-Have the word “read” somewhere on it

-Can include your image in the poster but does not have to

-Should be elementary appropriate

-Encourage people to want to read

Once you’ve finished, you can email your story to me at I’ll compile the stories and posters together to share on my blog for everyone to be able to read. If you’re okay with me sharing out your story and poster on Twitter or Instagram, please let me know that when you send your email.

I’m looking forward to seeing how many aspiring writers & poster makers we have out there! #garrisonmillreads AND #garrisonmillwrites AND #garrisonmillmakes