Be a library volunteer!

Would you like to be a library media center volunteer? We’re offering volunteer training sessions for parents who would like to become volunteers in the library media center. We’ll show you how to use the computer to check books in/out, how to shelve, and we’ll discuss special projects that we have available too. Please choose one of the links below for SignUpGenius so we know to expect you.

Training Option 1: 10/12 from 10-11 am

Training Option 2: 10/24 from 10-11 am

Training Option 3:  11/1 from 1-2 pm 

We’re mobile in the library!

We were lucky to secure funding to purchase new tables for the media center that have wheels so the tables can easily be moved around during lessons or for small or large group meetings and presentations. The tables even flip upward and nest together so we can clear the table area into a large, multi-grade gathering space.

We recently moved our tables around during a fourth grade research lesson. Students were researching in groups and we were easily able to move the tables for each group. When the lesson was finished, we quickly moved the tables back to their former position.

This is another step into making our media center into more of a learning commons where we can be as flexible as possible. These tables and their mobility add another learning area within the library. If you’re interested in seeing our new tables or learning more about the different learning areas that have been created in the library, please stop by and we’ll be happy to give you a tour!

The Power of Yet!

Have you heard about the power of yet? It’s part of Growth Mindset and something we’re focusing on in the media center this year. An easy way to think of growth mindset is to consider if you think that your brain has learned as much as it can at this point in your life (fixed mindset) OR if you can continue at any age to learn and grow to become the best “you” that you can possibly be (growth mindset). We think the library is a great place to focus on growing and learning since we have books and technology resources that help students learn “school” things and also “fun” things.

Helping students to grasp the concept of growth mindset and begin to integrate it into their daily lives supports our makerspace and the STEM/STEAM lessons that we are incorporating in the library and throughout the school. It’s also a great way to help students realize that learning is a part of life and just because they can’t do something now doesn’t mean they won’t ever be able to do it. It just means they can’t do it YET. This is a powerful message for children and adults and we’re excited to share this with our students.

Students in grades 2-5 used index cards to list two things they can’t do YET and one thing they can do well after we had a class discussion about growth mindset. Students in grades K-1 were read the book, Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae to help them understand that you can change the way you think (from fixed to growth) and it all begins with remembering the word YET. The K-1 students then shared one thing that they couldn’t do yet and it was written on a large poster for each homeroom.

The index cards and posters are on display in the media center and when students achieve their “can’t” item and change it to a “now I can” item, they will be able to sign the wall of fame in the library and have the option of going on the news show to announce to the school that they’ve joined the “Now I Can” club.

We hope that you’ll support your child in this endeavor and maybe even challenge yourself to come up with your own “I can’t yet” and make plans to reach that goal – maybe even enlist the help of your child if it’s feasible. It’s incredibly encouraging and inspiring for children to see that adults still can learn and should keep learning to continue growing as individuals.




Technology Rules with Quizziz!

Last week we began our journey into the world of digital citizenship with our introductory lesson for every student in the school. With our upper grades students (3-5) we formally assessment them using our iPads and QR codes that directed students to the website  This assessment tool was recommended to my by a fellow elementary media specialist and the students loved it! They loved the memes that popped up after their answer selection and the competitive factor (students could see their class ranking based on correct and incorrect answers).  When asked if I should show their teachers this tool and if I should use it again in the media center, the resounding answer was YES!

A-MAY-Zing Activities in the Media Center

We may be nearing the end of the school year, but we’re still keeping busy in the media center! We’re celebrating several special national events this month and kicking off a special new program in the media center – an ongoing book swap called Book Swap @ The Mill: Take a book. Leave a book.

Book Swap @ The Mill will allow students to donate new or gently used books and take a book they are interested in reading. After reading the book, they can keep it or bring it back for another student to read. They can also leave books for other students to read. Students can visit the Book Swap @ The Mill as often as they like, but we do ask that you only take one book at a time. We want to give all students an opportunity to benefit from this program. You’re always welcome to donate more than one book at a time to help other students who may not have books of their own to donate.

The Book Swap @ The Mill program that will help us celebrate Children’s Book Week (May 1-7) and help kickoff the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge and the Cobb County Public Library Summer Reading program. We’ll keep the Book Swap @ The Mill open during the entire school year, so if you have a book you enjoyed but don’t want to keep – swap it!

Below is a list of all the a-may-zing events we’re sponsoring this month:

Children’s Book Week: May 1 – 7. Learn more about this important celebration that began in  1919 at

Free Comic Book Day: May 6. Locate a comic book store near you at to get your free comic book on Saturday, May 6 and visit the media center on Friday, May 5 for free comic strip pages for you to create your own comics. By the way, in the library, comics are called graphic novels (think BabyMouse & Lunch Lady books) and we’ve created a special section of these books. We’re in the process of ordering more graphic novels for next school year.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge Kickoff: May 8. Program runs through September 8. More information will be sent home soon.

Cobb County Public Library Summer Reading Program Kickoff: May 15. Program runs through July 29. We have bookmarks that we’re giving away in the library with details but you can learn more at



News Crew & Media Center Crew Applications

Would you like to be on the news show or help in the media center? We’re now taking applications for the first semester (August – December) of the 2017-2018 school year. You will only work a few weeks during the semester, depending on the number of applications I receive.

Applications can be picked up in the media center or printed online from here. All applications are due to Mrs. Kenworthy by 2:15 pm on Friday 5/12/17. If you turn in your application past that date, it will be saved for the 2nd semester crew.

Crew members will be announced before school ends and the first crew will be given a chance to shadow our current news crew to get an idea of what to do for each position. The first crew will begin on the first day of school.

Questions? See Mrs. Kenworthy! 🙂