Fourth Grade Lessons

American Revolution Project – This was a collaborative project with a fourth grade teacher. Students were assigned a famous person from the American Revolutionary War time period and conducted research on this person in a small group or with a partner. Students then wrote a script, drew a model of their person, and drew an appropriate background as the setting for the person. These were then used to create an informative video using the iPad app Puppet Pals. Next, the drawings were used as a trigger image for Aurasma and shared in the hallway. Now, when someone views the drawing, the videos that the students created will magically pop-up for viewing!


Native American Project – 


 Website Evaluation

When you are doing research you may not always find what you need using the Cobb Digital Library resources. If that happens, you’ll need to go out to the “World Wide Web,” otherwise known as the Internet. You need to be careful when searching the Internet and determine if the resource you are looking at is a good resource or not. When you do that, you’re evaluating a website. Below are two different checklists to help you with website evaluation. Underneath those links are several websites to help you practice your website evaluation skills. If you’re still confused, remember, you can always stop by the media center and we can do a one-on-one lesson with you! 🙂

Website Evaluation checklists: 

5 Ws of Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation Rubric

Visit these websites to practice your website evaluation skills: 

Tree Octopus website

Buy Dehydrated Water website

Mountain Walrus website

All About Explorers website

Henry Hudson website

Genius Hour

Mrs. Catellier’s class will be doing a Genius Hour project this year in collaboration with Mrs. Kenworthy in the media center. But, what is a Genius Hour? Watch this to find out!

For teachers who might want to try this with their class – here’s another video:

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