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Welcome to our Makerspace page! You may have some questions about our makerspace, so we’ve included some FAQs below to help you.If you’re interested in learning more, visit these other pages on our website, read this document on Understanding Multimedia Learning, or contact us. We’re always happy to have visitors!

Maker Mornings – Where everyone at GM can be a maker! Each grade is level given a week at a time to visit the different stations. One of the favorite stations is the Morphi EDU app where students simply draw on the iPad and then click a button to transform their drawing from 2D to 3D. The tricky part is resizing objects so they’re not too small. For some help with this task, watch this video from Morphi!

Makerspace Guidebook – We share our journey to help you start yours

Makerspace Lessons – Ideas and examples of lessons as well as websites for inspiration

Maker Mornings – Find out what our students have been making. You can see photos and watch videos on our #MakerMornings Flipgrid

What is a makerspace?

Basically, it’s a space where people can get together to collaborate and create, or make stuff.

Who can use the makerspace and why did you make it?

It was designed for all the students at Garrison Mill Elementary. Our goal is for all students to increase their curiosity and sense of wonder while practicing real-life problem solving and research skills.  The bonus is that it’s a fun, creative space where students express ownership of their learning.

There’s no extra space in the school, so where did you put the makerspace?

You’re right – space is limited, but we made room for it! We converted the large office area to the makerspace. We relocated the student broadcast/news room equipment to the maker space. The offices and teacher book room have been swapped, adding to more efficient usage of those areas as well.

What do you have in the makerspace?

We asked students, teachers and parents to complete surveys to help us plan the space and the results of those surveys guided our initial purchases.

As mentioned above, the news room equipment has been moved to the new makerspace, and will be used for video production projects during the day. For our initial start-up, we purchased:

  • A green screen
  • A Makerbot 5th Generation 3D Printer & filament
  • Two MacBooks – primarily dedicated to the 3D Printer and green screen
  • Six iPads
  • BeeBots
  • Legos
  • A cart so the makerspace can be mobile
  • A TV and Apple TV to use with iPad projection
  • Three tables that are on wheels and can be flipped up for storage or moved to another area with ease

Is this just a media center program?

No, it’s a collaboration between Ms, Kenworthy (media specialist), Ms. Lopez (art teacher) , Ms. Crotty (music teacher) and Ms. Schulman (technology teacher). We’re also developing relationships with local museums.

This sounds great! When do we get to use it?

We’re open now! The collaborative team is making plans with teachers so students can use the makespace to support their learning.

Can I help with anything?

Yes, we’d love help! During the school day we’d love to have parent and community volunteers to help supervise the makerspace to ensure the safety of our students.  If you have a special skill (expert movie maker? 3D printer guru?) we could use your expertise to help set up tutorials for the students.

We can also use donations of materials – right now we’re collecting Legos – bricks and figures (even Duplos). As the year goes along, we’ll put out the call for other donations of things you have around the house (cardboard, milk jugs, etc…).

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