Makerspace Lessons

This is very much a work in progress! As we find more ideas and try new things, we’ll update this page. At the bottom, we’ve listed some websites to provide more lesson inspiration.


  • Create movies to show incoming Kindergarten students how things work, i.e. getting their tray from the lunch line, how to walk in the hall, etc… This could be done with a video camera or the camera on the iPad. It could even be edited using the green screen.
  • Use Puppet Pals on the iPads to comare/contrast important people (i.e. Lincoln & Washington)
  • Use Bee Bots to begin learning basic programming and following step by step directions



  • Use the Augmented Reality app from Chromville to test their knowledge of what a plant needs to thrive. Students can color the sheet, then use the app to take the built-in quiz and watch the plant come to life and bloom before their eyes.
  • Use an app on the iPads to design their own car and then print the cars on the 3D printer


  • Retell stories using Legos and the Lego Movie Maker app on the iPads
  • Write a poem about a topic and set to music using Garage Band app
  • Retelling story elements while recycling cardboard from iPad boxes


  • Use the green screen to act out scenes from the lives of historical figures
  • After learning about rocks and minerals, design their own rock/mineral and then print it on the 3D printer


  • Practice grid coordinates using Bee Bots
  • Create persuasive videos using the green screen for Explorers unit
  • Create green screen videos about weather



  • Use iMovie to create a PSA after learning about civil rights
  • Enhance the Genealogy project using the Augmented Reality app, Aurasma






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