Let boys be boys!

We submitted a Donor’s Choose project titled, Let Boys Be Boys! in an effort to obtain high-interest non-fiction books for our boys. We have found that the students that often say they don’t like reading are boys, and it’s our belief that they just haven’t found the right reading material yet. Note that I said reading material, not book, because it’s not always going to be a book that triggers that spark in a “I don’t like to read” child. It could be a magazine, a newspaper, an online article or e-book or even a printed book.

The project is providing us 29 books to get started on this project. If you’re the parent of an “I don’t like to read” boy (or girl!) please make sure to let us know. Once the materials arrive, we’ll be contacting teachers to help identify the students that would most benefit from these materials and hope to spark a love of reading in them.

Thanks for your continued support and ¬†check back to our Donor’s Choose page for more projects in the future:¬†http://www.donorschoose.org/sherri.kenworthy