Hour of Code

You may be asking, what is the hour of code? Watch this video and then keep reading!

The Hour of Code is a way to bring attention to the field of computer science – that background stuff that makes computer programs and email and apps work. We live in a technological world and it’s important that our children understand how computer science and coding works since their future is being shaped by it. It also gives children an opportunity to express themselves creatively and practice their critical thinking skills. It goes right along with our makerspace program that we’re starting here at Garrison Mill.

Students will be given some chances to practice their “hour of code” this week in their computer lab lessons, but you may be wondering if you can do this at home. What’s the best way to learnĀ about computer science and coding? How do you do an hour of coding even if you know nothing about it? You try it! Here are some resources for the elementary level and beyond to get you started:

If you participate in the hour of code at home, let us know and we’ll get you a certificate to award your awesome new skills!