Hobbs Learning Stations

Exploring Investigative Journalism

Groups – you will have 10 minutes to rotate through each station

There are three stations to visit and answer questions on your investigative journalism handout:

  1. Investigative article (“My Dog Could Save My Life” printed article)
  2. Investigative video (“The Box: Teens in Solitary Confinement”)
  3. Padlet (brainstorm teen issues – list a minimum of five)

Ramsey Brainpop/WebQuest

Today’s FUN FRIDAY means a visit with Tim & Moby from BrainPop and a webquest on weathering/erosion.

  1. Learn how to login to your account for MY BRAINPOP from Mrs. Zimmerman.  Make sure to write down your login information in your agenda.
  2. Login to MY BRAINPOP:
    • search term – weathering
    • watch the movie on Weathering
    • after the move, select Classic Quiz and submit your answers to your teacher
  3. Complete your WebQuest here:

Anderson Rock Classification

Today we are going to rock & roll in the media center with Gizmo!  Rock Classification is the name of the game today and tomorrow.  I know you’re going to ROCK this assignment. :)


Biome Virtual Museum

You will be creating a virtual museum about biomes.  Using what you know and your notes from class, create your own virtual museum from the PPT link below.

  1. Click to open the virtual museum PPT below and SAVE it to your lunch number.
  2. REMEMBER – save your PPT after you finish working on each slide to avoid losing your work!