Biomes Virtual Museum

You will be creating a virtual museum about biomes.  Using what you know and notes from class, create your own virtual museum from the PPT.

  • Click to open the virtual museum PPT below and SAVE it to your lunch number.
  • REMEMBER – save your PPT after you finish working on each slide to avoid losing your work!
  • BiomeMuseum
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Biomes Webquest

—> Make sure the sound is OFF from the computer <—

Today you will be going on a  webquest of the major biomes around the planet.

Each website will open in a new window.  Make sure to come back to the media center blog each time you are ready to explore another biome.

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Tirpak Weebly Selfies

Today you will upload your selfie onto your Weebly account.

  1. On your computer, click the Start button.
  2. Select Computer.
  3. Double-click the STUDRIVE U:
  4. Scroll through the images to locate your art selfie.
  5. Double-click your selfie to open it.
  6. Select File, then Save As JPG.
  7. Navigate to the drive with your lunch number and click Open.
  8. Rename your picture as Art Selfie and click Save.

Upload your photo into Weebly:

  1. Login to your Weebly account.
  2. Select the page titled “Art Work”.
  3. Click and drag the Image widget to your page.
  4. Click the icon that appears.
  5. Follow the directions to locate your selfie saved to your lunch number.





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Homeostasis Gizmo – Shook & Banks

You will be creating your Explore Learning account and learning about homeostasis during your science class in the media center.

Creating your Explore Learning account:

  • Follow along with Mrs. Zimmerman as she takes you through each step of the sign up
  • You must type the class code in ALL CAPS!
  • Gizmo labs will appear on the homepage of your account.
  • Click Launch Gizmo to open the lab assigned to you for this class.
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We had a super week with all of the 6th grade ELA classes visiting us for orientation!  Students were challenged with a “media center quest” to visit nine stations set up around the media center.  They learned the media center procedures, how to locate a book using Destiny, what it means to use technology in our building and so much more!  I know many students were surprised by our “selfie” station – after they located a book that matched the first three letters of their last name, students took a group selfie of their findings.  We do love to have fun while we learn in our media center!

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Welcome to a New School Year!

Ms. K and I want to welcome all students to a new school year!  We are looking forward to seeing new faces from 6th grade and “veteran” students from 7th and 8th grades in the Media Center this year.

Look for BRAND NEW BOOKS  displayed near the front doors, on the bookcase near the circulation desk and on tops of shelves throughout the Media Center.  We bet you can’t pick just one!

Just a few reminders for the year:

  • You will need a signed gold pass to visit the media center and the faculty housed in our area (Mrs. Alberding, Mrs. Sorensen, Mrs. Blackwell, Mrs. Jenkins and Officer Clark).
  • To use the Media Center – sign in to the laptop at the circulation desk and leave your gold pass with the Media Staff.
  • You may check out up to two books as long as you do not owe a fine or another book.
  • You will need to provide your own paper if you need to print.  No exceptions. :)
  • Pick up your gold pass from the Media Staff when you are ready to return to class.

See you soon!
Mrs. Z and Ms. K

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7th Grade Social Studies CRCT Review

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Biomes Webquest

Directions: Please check that the volume is OFF on your computer before you begin. 

Use the websites below to complete your webquest assignment today.  You should have a handout from Mr. Shook to fill out during class.  COMPLETE EACH CHART AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BEFORE MOVING ON THE NEXT WEBSITE!

  • Choose Rain Forest  after clicking this link – website #1
  • Choose Great Barrier Reef after clicking this link – website #2
  • Choose The Arctic after clicking this link – website #3 (you will also visit Antarctic and Deep Sea for this website)
  • Choose Columbia River after clicking this link – website #4
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Eison Movie Maker


1. Login to Cobb Digital Library

  • Type Garrett and choose our school from the drop-down list
  • User ID – your lunch number
  • Password – read

2. Open Brittanica Image Quest database (search for it at top)

3. Using key terms from your writing assignment, search for images that will best represent your story:

  • Save all images to your lunch number (see Mrs. Zimmerman or Mrs. Eison for help)
  • Locate a minimum of 10 images for your project


1.Begin your Movie Maker project:

  • Click the Start Button
  • Click Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Click the arrow to the LEFT of HOME and choose SAVE PROJECT AS
  • Locate your lunch number
  • Change the FILE NAME to Crayon Writing Prompt
  • Click SAVE 

2. Click ADD PHOTOS AND VIDEOS to import your saved images into your project

3. Wait for further instructions from Mrs. Zimmerman on adding text and other items to your project at this time.

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Eison Webquest

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