August 9-14 7th and 8th Grade Orientations

Welcome back, students!

Today we will revisit the Learning Commons area, check out books and complete teacher assignments.

Seal – quiz before you leave

Head – taking notes (Paragraph Writing)

Hobbs – OneNote – submit your poem, “Where I Am”

August 5- 8 6th Grade Orientations



We are going on a Goosechase! Learn the layout of our area and discover all of the many activities you can do when you visit us such as:

  • book checkout
  • research and assignments using computers
  • small group work
  • makerspace challenges

Summer Reading 2019

May 23 – August 9

Our students are expected to read one or more age- and level-appropriate book(s) of their choice and submit a review using the Summer Reading Form below.

  • Submit at least one Summer Reading Form by August 9th  – one Jeans Day pass in August (date to be determined)
  • Submit at least five Summer Reading Forms by August 9th – one positive assignment grade in the Synergy gradebook

Each review will be used to enter you into a prize drawing! Your chances of winning increase each time you submit a book review! (Up to 10 entries per person.)

Students might also wish to participate in the Cobb County Summer Reading Challenge by reading 1500 minutes and logging them through Biblionasium. Participation in the Biblionasium program is voluntary and will not be counted as a graded assignment, but the top reader from Garrett will receive an award when school resumes in August. For more information about how to log minutes for the Cobb County Summer Reading Challenge click here.

The Cobb County Public Library is also hosting opportunities for students to win a box of books at their fall book sale by completing 3 of the activities listed on their flyer.  Check out their calendar for all of the fun programs that will be offered this summer!

Why Summer Reading?

Students don’t always have time to read for pleasure during the school year. Summer can be the time for students to choose books they would like to read. This helps them maintain or improve their reading levels over those students who were not given a choice.*

Students who read what they enjoy will keep coming back for more. Suggested lists are just that – suggestions. We have those below to help students who may be looking for recommendations.

Research confirms that children who participate in summer library programs better retain the reading skills they gained during the school year and may even improve their reading level.*


Achievement Unlocked!









We are proud to announce we have received Library Learning Commons Certification from the Cobb County School District and the Library Media Education department!

Our Library Learning Commons is a future ready space with an engaging and flexible learning environment for our students. We are the hub of the school where collaboration among students and teachers takes place, where students learn how to be an effective researcher, where technology integration merges with student creativity in the Makerspace…the possibilities are endless!

“Mrs. Zimmerman has done an excellent job of making her program indispensable to students and colleagues alike.  I was impressed with her physical use of space, the genrefication and color coding to help guide students to books that will most engage them, and the way she collaborates with her fellow teachers and administrators.”  

~Library Learning Commons Advisory Board Member