Latin America – Kamhout

Today you will participate in three stations about Latin America in the media center.

Station One

Watch the video found here –

Station Two

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account
  3. Complete these three assignments (in any order you like):
    • Latin America Review
    • Latin America Physical Feature Practice
    • Latin America Political Map Practice

Station Three

1st period –

2nd period –

4th period –

5th period –


Energy Conversions – Dickson

Where does energy come from? How does energy get from one place to another? Find out how electrical current is generated and how living things get energy to move and grow. Trace the path of energy and see how energy is converted from one form to another.

Today you will:

  1. Create energy pathways to show where our energy comes from.
  2. Describe the different forms of energy.
  3. Identify ways that energy is converted from one form to another.
  4. Determine that sunlight is the primary source of most of the usable energy on Earth.
    • Solar cells convert sunlight to electricity.
    • Sunlight causes wind and rain, powering wind turbines and hydroelectric dams.
    • Sunlight provides energy for plant growth.
    • Plants or plant remains can be burned or eaten to provide energy.
  5. Describe four types of renewable resources.


  • Open in a browser
  • Locate your username and password are on the board and log in.
  • Lauch Energy Conversions Gizmo

Infographic – Cooper

Part 2: Creating an Infographic

You need to include at least one piece of information from every element (#1-12) of your research.  You may want to include additional information that you find interesting.  This project is intended to be fun and creative!  Infographics are meant to give information in a visually appealing way.  Keep it simple!

Getting started on your infographic using

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Follow prompts to begin your infographic.
  3. Your infographic will auto save periodically.
  4. Make sure it is saved before exiting. (the teal colored box in the upper right corner will have a check and say “saved”. If it does not, click “save” to save your progress since the last auto-save.)
  5. To continue working on an infographic, log in.
  6. Click on “My Saved Piktocharts”
  7. Hover over the infographic you wish to continue working on.
  8. Click on “Edit”
  9. Add and Edit your infographic. Explore the tabs to the left.
  10. When you are finished, save and log out.

Book Love Is In The Air

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Take a chance on the unknown during the month of February!  Blind Date with a Book is here with so many “mystery” books for you to discover.  Good luck on your book dates and may you find true love…with a book!

African Country Research Part 1

Use the following pathfinder for your research today.  This pathfinder will be useful in finding information about the country of Africa as well the culture, geography, natural resources and more.

Africa Research & Cartography Project Pathfinder

Search Terms :
• Democratic Republic of the Congo
• Egypt
• Kenya
• Nigeria
• South Africa
• South Sudan
• Sudan

Call Numbers of Books (Dewey Decimal)
• 916.2 and 962 – Egypt
• 967.51 – Democratic Republic of the Congo
• 967.6/62 – Kenya
• 394.2/26 and 966.9– Nigeria
• 305.8, 394.2, 96.8, 968 – South Africa

Online Resources
• CIA World Fact Book –
• Culturegrams –
• Cobb Digital Library:
o MackinVia Databases: (username: lunch #/password: read)
o Gale Virtual Reference Library
o Student Resources in Context: choose Geography, then your country
o World Book Discoverer: choose Places —>Continents—>Africa, then your country
o World Geography: Understanding a Changing World
• Maps of countries –


Career Cruising – Chanin

Use the login information on your Access Card to log in to your Career Cruising account.

Part One:

  1. Click on Assessments and then select View All Matches.
  2. Select and save at least three careers that interest you to your portfolio.

Part Two:

  1. Click on your name
  2. Scroll down and select “8th Grade IGP”
  3. Login with your lunch number and happy
  4. Follow the instructions provided by Mrs. Chanin
  5. Click Submit when you are finished.