Social Studies Literacy

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15 in 2015 Challenge

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Career Cruising

Today you will logging into your Career Cruising account.  This account will allow you to explore various careers as well as receive information about potential colleges that interest you.

Career Cruising website

Enter the username and password given to you by your teacher.  Remember to keep your username and password information private.


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Activist Project Day 3 & 4

1. Continue adding your research information to your project.

2. Look at the post from Activist Day 1 if you need links to the online tools:

  • TAGXEDO GROUP – you will need to use the shortcut keys to copy and paste your word list into Tagxedo (CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste)
    • Ready to save?  Click SAVE on the Tagxedo page
    • Select 500 JPG
    • Save the image to your lunch number

3. If you need images to add to your project, open Cobb Digital Library here.

  • type our school name in the first text box
  • username – lunch number
  • password – read
  • Select Multimedia Images
  • Open Brittanica Image Quest
  • Use the search box to look for images related to your activist:
    • You may or may not find a picture of your activist here – that’s ok!
    • Use search terms related to your activist such as where they live and what makes them an activist.
  • Found a picture you want to use?  Follow these few steps:
    • Right click on the picture and choose Save Image As
    • Rename the picture in the pop-up window (a descriptive term or phrase)
    • Save
    • Now look at the Brittanica Image Quest page again
    • Click CITE under the image you selected
    • Copy the citation that appears in white letters
    • Paste the citation on a Word doc and Save As to your lunch number
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Activist Project Day 2

1. Select the presentation tool you would like to use for your project.
2. For Blabberize and Glogster —> check with Mrs. Z before you use the site
3. Today’s task is to type your research information into your presentation tool.

Activist Project Day One

Choose one of the following presentation tools for your activist project:

1. Windows Live Movie Maker (found on any computer or netbook at school)
How does it work?

  • create a movie using text, pictures, videos, and/or audio files
  • type text over pictures
  • create titles and credits
  • use transitions such as fade, dissolve, swipe and more

2. Spicynodes – online and free; create your own account
How does it work?

  • create a visual interactive graphic organizer with text and images
  • add text, images and sound to the nodes
  • username to create – first and last name together (no spaces)
  • password to use – garrett

3. Blabberize – online and free account with teacher assistance
How does it work?

  • upload an image of anything to create a talking person, place or thing
  • move the “mouth” and dots to outline a mouth on the image
  • record your voice in real-time or upload a pre-recorded audio file

4. Tagxedo – online and free (no account needed)
How does it work?

  • create visual word clouds with text
  • change the font, color, layout, shape, etc.
  • upload an image to use as a word cloud

5. Glogster – online and free student account through school

  • create virtual multimedia posters of any topic or subject
  • add text, pre-set graphics, images, video, links and more
  • username – first and last name together (no spaces)
  • password – garrett

Prairie Ecosystem Gizmo

Visit the prairie and investigate the ecosystem along with the food chain found there.

Login to ExploreLearning:

  • username – first initial + last name + gms (no spaces)
  • password – gizmo

The Gingerbread Man is Back!

The hunt is on for the Gingerbread Man!

Just a few simple rules…yes, just a few!

  • If you touch the Gingerbread Man or tell any student where he is, you are disqualified.
  • You must check out a book to participate in the contest.
  • After you check out a book, tell Mrs. Z or Ms. K where you spotted the Gingerbread Man.  You might want to whisper because everyone wants to know where he is.  Just saying.
  • Earn a prize for your awesome Gingerbread Man hunting skills.


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Cell Energy Cycle Gizmo

Today’s Gizmo will allow you to explore photosynthesis and respiration inside plant cells.

Login to Explore Learning:

  • username – first initial + last name + gms (no spaces)
  • password – gizmo

The Giver Part Two – Walker

Using the research information gathered from EasyBib, create a themed Glog about The Giver.

1. Login to Glogster:

  • username – first and last name (no spaces)
  • password – garrett
  • If you have trouble logging into Glogster, please see Ms. Walker or Mrs. Zimmerman

2. Tips for your Glogster:

  • Use the rubric provided to you.
  • You must cite the book cover using EasyBib.
  • Don’t forget to include your citations from EasyBib!
  • Need help?  Ask Ms. Walker or Mrs. Zimmerman! :)