Rock Cycle Hutchison

Today you will:

  1. Learn how rocks are formed.
  2. Discover the path a rock travels during the rock cycle.

Vocabulary: deposition, erosion, extrusive igneous rock, intrusive igneous rock, lava, lithification, magma, metamorphic rock, rock cycle, sediment, sedimentary rock, soil, weathering

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Quizizz Kamhout

  1. Enter your Almost There assessment answers into iRespond with the assistance of Mrs. Zimmerman and Mrs. Kamhout.
  2. Review of European languages and religions for the remainder of class:

September 5-6 Coral Reefs

Today you will:

  1. Describe the feeding relationships between 10 important organisms in a simplified model of a Caribbean reef ecosystem.
  2. Model the effects of changing ocean conditions on a Caribbean reef, including increased storms, elevated temperatures, and decreased pH.

Vocabulary: consumer, coral, coral bleaching, coral reef, filter feeder, food chain, food web, grazer, nutrients, ocean acidification, pH, plankton, predator, producer, sediment, zooxanthellae

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