Informational Text in OneNote

Today you will create an informational text review using OneNote in O365.

  • In OneNote, select the class period you have with Ms. Burns
  • Go to your Class Notebook (look for your name)
  • The assignment is found in Content Library.
  • Type your review/answers to questions in the Class Notes section of your notebook.

Username format – [email protected]

Remember to log in to Office365 here

Gibson OneNote Constructed Responses

We will be using Office365 OneNote today to complete our constructed responses from your class articles.

1st Article – Metal Detectors
2nd Article  – The Strongest of All

Using the questions from your handout, enter your constructed responses with these steps:

  1. Log in to Office365 and open OneNote.
  2. Open your teacher’s Class Notebook and then click on your name.
  3. Click on the Constructed Response section.
  4. Insert a new page.
  5. Type the title of the article and today’s date on the top line.
  6. Now press Enter on the keyboard and type your response.
  7. When finished, follow steps 4-6 to complete the second article response.

Rabbit Population Gizmo October 30-November 2

Today you will:
– Interpret a graph of population growth
– Explain what happens to a population when it reaches carrying capacity
– Describe how limiting factors affect a population
– Understand the effects of density-dependent and density-independent limiting factors

Vocabulary: carrying capacity, density-dependent limiting factor, density-independent limiting factor, limiting factor, population, population density

Log in here to ExploreLearning

October 26-27 Constructed Responses in OneNote

Using One Note, type your constructed responses on the articles, “Metal Detectors” and “The Strongest of All”.

  1. Login to Office365 and open OneNote.
  2. Select the Class Notebook for your class period.
  3. Use the Constructed Response section for your assignments today.

***If you finish in OneNote before the end of class, login to Springboard and complete the assignments in Zinc Lab. ***