Holding Books in Destiny

Surprise!  You have a Destiny account! 

What can you do with it?

  • see the books you have checked out
  • see when your books are due
  • put books on hold



  1. Click createaccountquest  at the top right of the screen
  2. Type your information on the next screen (see the picture below)
  3. Next screen —> select your birthday
  4. Last screen —> type your lunch # for your username and pick a password you can remember

SEE YOUR CHECKOUTS (even from elementary school!):


  • Use this link to login to your Destiny Account
  • Search the catalog for a book
  • Books already checked out can be put on hold.  See the picture below.  HOWEVER: If a book is available, you should check it out right now. :)
  • Click on the book cover THEN—-> questholdit

Blog, Blog, Blog

  1. Check your blogs to make sure your Where I’m From and Ode poems are posted.
  2. Complete your rough draft of Webb’s Point of View and post the assignment on your blog.
  3. Login to Biblionasium and update your reading log and/or reading review.
    • Tip: your username and password is your lunch #

[Photo credit: www.literalis.net]

Word Clouds

Have you ever seen shapes, animals or people in the clouds?  Today you will make your own clouds out of words.

  • Open either Internet Explorer or Firefox (Chrome will not work at school)
  • Go to tagxedo.com
  • Select Start Now