Biological Traits

How do genes affect an organisms ability to maintain homeostasis and influence evolution?

Today we will:

  1. Complete Study Island practice questions
  2. Practice Punnett Squares with peer tutoring
  3. Visit the Food Web virtual labs on Mr. Shook’s blog for concepts learned earlier in the year
  4. Review Milstones Practice in the Coach Books

Virtual Field Trip to Peru

Expand your world view today as we visit Peru during Literacy!  You will be exploring the Humboldt Current Ecosystem where you’ll learn about the area’s diversity and productivity.  Get ready to meet animals such as sea lions, penguins and flamingos as well as discover the area’s fishing industry and its connection to the ecosystem.

Please remember to complete the class activity during the virtual field trip and be prepared for a constructed response tomorrow.

National Geography Standards

  • 4 – The physical and human characteristics of places
  • 8 – The characteristics and spatial distribution of ecosystems and biomes on Earth’s surface
  • 11 – The patterns and networks of economic interdependence on Earth’s surface
  • 14 – How human actions modify the physical environment
  • 15 – How physical systems affect human systems