Heat Transfer By Conduction

Our virtual lab will show us how heat is transferred through various materials. During class you will:

  • Observe and measure the transfer of heat from one container to another via a thermal conductor.
  • Interpret a graph of heat transfer.
  • Find the relationship between the rate of temperature change and the temperature difference between the two containers.
  • Compare the rate of heat transfer for different materials.
  • Classify materials as thermal conductors or thermal insulators.

Vocabulary: conduction, convection, insulate, radiation, thermal conductor, thermal energy, thermal insulator

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Hutchison Water Cycle

Today you will:

  • Explore the path of water through the water cycle.
  • Explain evaporation, condensation and precipitation.
  • Describe the different paths that water can travel.
  • Compare the amounts of water in different reservoirs (oceans, ice, soil, etc.).

Today’s vocabulary: aquifer, condensation, evaporation, freezing, glacier, melting, phase change, precipitation, reservoir, runoff, transpiration, water cycle

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