New Look for Fiction Books!


We’ve done a little bit of moving and shaking things up in the Fiction section!  All of the books are now organized by GENRE…ta dah!  What does this mean for you?  Well…ever asked us this question?

“Where are the scary books?” —> now you can find ALL OF THEM in Horror & Paranormal!  Same thing goes for any other type of book you’d like to read!  Here is how it works…


You’ll find the colors on the spines of the books which tells you which genre they are.  We have posted signs posted all throughout the area to help you…pay attention to the signs and you will SUCCEED in finding that special book!



We are setting up Edublogs today!  Follow a few simple directions and you’ll be the star of your own blog this year. :)

  1. Blog setup with Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Zimmerman (directions on your handout).
  2. Name your blog – BurnsELA
  3. Pick a theme (how your blog will look).  You can customize and get creative with it!


Mrs. Garcia is introducing us to Sumdog today.  The program helps you learn your math skills in a different way through gaming.

  1. Setup your Sumdog account.
  2. Customize your avatar.
  3.  Try out some of the activities in the program during the remainder of class.

August 11-16


Last year’s students:

  • Open www.
  • Click Login/Enroll
  • Type the class code from the board and click Enroll
  • Make sure your current science teacher’s name appears
  • Click “I already have an Explore Learning account”
  • Enter the username and password given to you at the start of class

New students:

  • Open www.
  • Click Login/Enroll
  • Type the class code from the board and click Enroll
  • Click “I need to create an Explore Learning account”
  • Enter this information – first and last name, username (on the board) and password (on the board)
  • Click Submit

August 3-10


Welcome to a new school year!  We hope you are excited to see all of new changes that have been made and will be coming to the media center this year.

  • Genre Fiction
  • Makerspace


  • All students can check out up to two books at a time (unless you have overdue or lost books/fines)
  • We can send any Cobb County School District book to your former school.  Please bring those to us and we can help you out!
  • Payments for lost books or fines must be place in a school payment envelope and dropped into the black payment boxes.