Summer Reading Program & Earn Free Books

Garrett’s summer reading program theme this year is “Unmask” for grades 6-12.  The public libraries
throughout Cobb County are offering amazing events all summer long for kids and teens!

In lieu of reading logs, our school has signed up to participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, a free online reading program that invites children to log their reading minutes to help set a new world record for summer reading.  The goal this year for schools around the world is to break last year’s reading world record of 304,749,681 minutes! With your help, we can do it.

As students log their reading minutes, they will unlock stories written by bestselling authors. Plus,
throughout the summer, students will earn digital rewards and learn about great new books to read. You’ll also find free articles, activity sheets, and book lists for parents on the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge website.

Garrett students received their Summer Reading username and password before the last day of school.  Rising 6th graders will receive their log-in information from their elementary schools.  We are suggesting that students read and log one to two hours a week. 

You can learn more about the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge at  If
your child forgets his or her summer reading username, please contact your local public library or contact Scholastic at 1-800-SCHOLASTIC.

Visit the library to check out books you want (and are assigned) to read this summer.  Write a book review for a chance to win a Kindle Fire!  Book Review Form – Online Form

Summer Reading Suggestions

The books on the attached reading lists are merely suggestions. Our students may readany age- and level-appropriate book(s), magazine(s), and/or website(s) of their choice.Please keep in mind that some content may be too mature for younger readers and therefore parental discretion is advised. See
your public librarian for alternate titles, series, and authors as needed.  Another great resource is

“Well-meaning adults can easily destroy a child’s love of reading. Stop them reading what they enjoy or give them worthy-but-dull books that you like – the 21st-century equivalents of Victorian ‘improving’ literature – you’ll wind up with a generation convinced that reading is uncool and, worse, unpleasant.” –Neil Gaiman

Earn Free Books and More!

Barnes & Noble Imagination’s Destination – Read any 8 books and record them in the Reading Journal (PDF).  Bring the completed Reading Journal to your local B&N store. Find a Store.  Choose a FREE BOOK from our selection on the Reading Journal list at the store… Enjoy reading!

Atlanta Braves Home Run Readers Program – Open to Georgia students in grades K-12.

  • Read one (1) book on sports or sportsmanship and earn one (1) Braves game ticket plus one (1) SUBWAY Restaurants Fresh Fit for Kids Meal voucher.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Reading Rewards Calendar –  Complete the Reading Calendar for two weeks and earn 10 free tokens.

Books-A-Million Summer Quest – Read four books from the Summer Quest section in store to earn a Rick Riordan “Camp Half-Blood Tote Bag”.

Reading Makes Sense College Savings Sweepstakes

The annual Summer Reading Program Sweepstakes, sponsored by Georgia Public Library Service and Georgia’s Path2College 529 Plan, will celebrate its sixth year in 2015, with “Every Hero Has a Story.” Children across the state who were born in 1999 or after and who participate in the Summer Reading Program at their local library can enter for a chance to win a $5,529 college savings account contribution. In addition to the grand price,  four additional lucky children will win $1,529 contributions.  Ask your librarian for more information!

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The Outsiders Webquest

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EQ – How do people reach goals and overcome difficult challenges?
What can I learn by reading accounts of people who overcome challenges?

Constructed Response Practice:

  1. Read “Women_welcomed_to_space_station” from
  2. What facts and supporting details from the article support how to overcome a challenge?

Work Session:

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Study Island – select Writing and Verbs assisgnment

Use your Drafting Your Position plan (outline) to help you write your introduction and first body paragraph today.

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Mean, Median and Mode

Today’s class using Gizmos:

  • Create and interpret line plots of data
  • Understand the concepts of mean, median and mode
  • Find the mean, median, mode and range of a set of numbers
  • Show what you know by completing the Student Exploration Guide in class

Website: ExploreLearning

  • username – your lunch number
  • password – garrett

1. Answer the Gizmo assessment questions after completing the Guide

2. On a sheet of paper:

  • Explain how you use mean, median and mode to evaluate data.
  • List any questions you still have about finding the measures of central tendency.
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EasyBib – Literacy

Need to add images to your Prezi or Glogster?  Follow these steps for success!

1. Find and save your images (save to your lunch number or flash drive) with Brittanica Image Quest and Destiny below.
2. Add image citations to your project:



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New School Lunch – Pro or Con?

Part One

Should Americans support the new school lunch standards?  Use the articles below to gather evidence to support both sides of the argument.

Student Nutrition Reactions

Lunch Lady Gets a Makeover

What’s on the Lunch Menu?

Congress Threaten Kids’ Health

Should Junk Food Be Sold in Schools?

Unhappy Meals

Part Two

Using the R.A.F.T. process, your final product will be an advertisement using Glogster.

Need to add images to your Glogster?  Follow these steps for success!

1. Find and save your images (save to your lunch number or flash drive) with Brittanica Image Quest.
2. Add image citations to your project:

One-Trait Genetics

  1. Log in to ExploreLearning

– username is first initial + last name + gms

– password is gizmo

2. Launch Mouse Genetics

3. Complete the virtual lab

4. Answer the assessment

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Tellagami Avatars

It’s iPad time!  AND we get to create avatars!  We want to hear from your avatar – all they know about the culture, environment and geography about Latin America.

1. Use your notes and Mr. Hobson’s model to write a speech about Latin America. *Speech is 30 seconds or less with the Tellagmi app!

2. Peer Review when finished.

3. Use the Tellagami app to create your avatar and record your speech:

  • Open the Create folder on the iPad
  • Select Tellagami
  • Make an avatar
  • Record your speech
  • Show off your awesomeness to the class
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Blind Date with a Book 2015

Find love at your library from February 9 – 13!  Choose any wrapped book from our display to “date” and find out if its your long, lost love.  A few hints will be given on the cover, but you won’t know the identity of your mystery date until you check it out.  Watch our promo below!

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