Taking Notes Using EasyBib

Join me as we learn the EASIEST way to take notes and it’s all online!

  1. Login to EasyBib with this information:
    • username = [email protected] (no spaces or weird characters and this is not a real email address…)
    • password = your lunch number (student ID #)
  2. Under “My Projects“, find your project & select “Notebook
    1. Click on the “New Note” button.  note1
    2. Choose your source from the drop down menu (if you have any saved, sometimes you may not) and begin taking notes.easybibnote
  •  Remember that notes should be SHORT BULLET POINTS, not paragraphs of information!
  • Save your note & start a new note.
  1. Enough to answer your research question.
  2. Mostly paraphrasing (own words)
  3. Use Evidence From Text (direct quotes) only for emphasis (such as an expert opinion)
  4. Arrange your notes into groups so you can be organized!

Ramsey iMovie Part Three

Today you will create an iMovie based on what we have completed in class this week:

  • your storyboard based on a fictional character who lived during the time of the Dust Bowl
  • images you saved from Britannica Image Quest
  • citations of the images

1. Open Dropbox, log in and save your iMovie images to the Camera Roll on the iPad
2. Log out of Dropbox
3. Open the iMovie app and choose:
– Movie
– News template
4. Insert your images
5. Type your storyboard text on the images
6. Adjust length of iMovie for readability
7. Save your iMovie as Dust Bowl + your initials (example: Dust Bowl KZ)

Let me know when you are ready to submit your iMovie and I will teach you how to do it. :)


Tention Drama Images

You will be locating images for your storyboard and uploading them to Dropbox.  You must also cite the images to give credit to the author.  All images will be found in Brittanica Image Quest.

  1. Open a Word Doc and save it to your lunch number as Story citations.  You will copy and paste all of your citations to this document while you work today.
  2. Log in to your Dropbox account
    • if you do not have an account, click here

—> open Brittanica Image Quest
–> search for images you want to use in your storyboard (one image per scene)
—> use simple search terms (words will automatically appear as you type)


  • Click the image once for it to appear in a pop-up window
  • Rename your image and then save the image to your lunch #


  • Using the image you found in Brittanica Image Quest, click CITE in the bottom left corner of the image
  • Copy and paste the citation
    of the image to the Word doc you created. DO NOT CHANGE THE CITATION FONT OR COLOR ONCE IT IS ON YOUR WORD DOC.


  • Click the UPLOAD icon (looks like a piece of paper towards the top of the Dropbox screen)
  • Go to your lunch number where you saved your images
  • Select one image and click OPEN
  • You will see the image being downloaded into DropBox
  • Click ADD MORE FILES to upload the rest of your images