New Lovinggood tardy policy for 8th graders and new track bags usage:


  • Students will use the bathroom and go to their lockers during transitions.
  • Dismissal: No backpacks until your students are dismissed based on transportation. Example:  1st Bell dismissal students will got to their lockers and then to car riders area.
  • Track bags/free locker access information:
  • Starting Tuesday January 16th,2018. Students will be able to carry track bags during the day (and to classes) and have free access to their lockers (no locker breaks). Track bags must be placed on the back of their desks or in the bin underneath. We have decided against the free seating in the cafeteria.
  • During transitions and for classes students will be able to use Track bags.
  • Teachers created a non-graded category in Synergy for “Tardy” marks. All tardy marks will be recorded there. Giving consequences for tardiness starts on Tuesday.01/16/2018
  • The consequences are as follows:
  • 1st Tardy: Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Tardy: Synergy Mark
  • 3rd Tardy: Synergy Mark and Silent Lunch
  • 4th Tardy: Synergy Mark and No Hawk Time
  • 5th Tardy: Synergy Mark and Referral

Semana del 27 de noviembre al primero de diciembre

Estamos estudiando el verbo To Be = Ser and Estar

PowerPoint link Ser versus Estar:

Verb Ser PowerPoint:

Verb Estar:


Descubre I Textbook Access

Descubre I

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