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  1. APUSH Dec. 11-15

    December 11, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    I hope that everyone is safe and warm during our snow days.  We will have to readjust our final days of the semester to accomodate the projects and final exam.  I am assuming that we will be back at school on Tuesday!

    Monday – Continue to work on your project as posted to the blog last Thursday night. Remember that the template for you to use for the Create a DBQ was at the end of the project instructions.  You should copy and paste these into a word document and then fill in your information and primary sources.  Each person in your group should have chosen a different topic from the list at the end of the instructions.  Your poster may be on the topic that you have selected to present based on your interests or on a different event topic than your Create a DBQ. Follow the instructions carefully.   You may turn in your Create a DBQ topic by next Monday but you should have your poster ready on your presentation day.

    Tuesday- We will have to postpone the modern Era Test which had been scheduled for today.  This grade will be a shortened test that you will complete on Monday.  It will not be this week so that you can concentrate on your presentation.  We will finalize this once we know our schedule for sure.  TODAY in class you will have the period to work on your project.  I am not sure if I can access a Lab since many classes will be taking their SLOs so bring your regular sized poster or trifold and information printed out if possible so that you can organize this during class. It is not necessary to print your visuals in color and you can add colored paper as a background.  The 208 lab will be available for you before and after school for the next several days should you need to use it. * Make sure that you test any technology you are using such as a speaker for your dance music and have at least 1 background slide for your groups’ “room decoration”.  You can have one for each person if you would like but it is not necessary.   You will need to bring that in on a jump drive since you will not have time to pull up different emails during the presentation.

    Wednesday – Friday  Presentations as planned.

  2. Decades Project Reminders

    December 7, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    1920’s        1930’S     1940’S     1950’S     1960’S     1970’S     1980’S

    USE YOUR TIME WISELY.     Presentation date =  ________________________

    PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: Individual grades for out of class project – presentation planned as a group.

       Part ONE: CREATE A DBQ: 1/3 of the grade    Due by December 18 (last day of school prior to exams).  Reminder: Your fill in template should be copied and pasted into a word document and then completed per your individual topic.  It can be found at the very end of this post.

    • Topic: Select an event/topic which dominated headlines from your decade. (Hint: look over the the list provided at the end of this assignment.) Make sure that it was among those most important for the decade. Get this topic approved before you begin. THIS MAY NOT BE THE SAME TOPIC AS YOUR VISUAL ASSIGNMENT.  Look for themes that would be arguable.  Sample topics are listed below. Assess the significance of this event/topic. You will create a collection of 6 primary documents (includes pictures, graph, chart, table, speech, law, journal entry) from this time period. You should incorporate a variety of items. For example, don’t include 6 pictures. You must create a DBQ question which would require the writer to examine this time period in an arguable fashion.  Each item must be labeled A- F and must be titled with year, source included. Under each item you must write out the purpose, intent and creator. Be sure to explain each and not simply list.  Check to make sure all items have copied clearly.  You will be given a computerized format to fill in for this part. Title this by topic. Always check your spelling.  * I am available before/ after school most days if you need help.
    • Outside information related to the topic chosen= Suggestions for content information TIMELINE, people involved, cause/effects, related vocabulary, area affected-map-if applicable, etc. Ask for help if you need it. Then you must identify and explain at least 15 relevant items of outside information related to the time period.

    Part 2: FULL SIZE POSTER   1/3 of the grade  DUE on presentation day.

    • Topics: You will be given a decade specific list of the topics that you must choose from.  If you would like to complete a poster related to the topic you are speaking about, please clear it with me.  It will not be accepted late.
    • Assess the significance of your topic.  Do not simply give a laundry list of facts.  Content must be relevant and accurate.
    • Include a title = topic and always check your spelling. Include a timeline (counts as 1 of your visuals) with your topic highlighted or bold printed on it.
    • a minimum of 10 visual elements (may be Xeroxed, drawn or from computer) on Full poster size or Trifold; attached neatly and in an appealing manner, no loose items w/captions on all visuals, These captions should not be ALL of your information.
    • Content information =Suggestions for explaining this content information/visuals = people involved, cause/effects, related vocabulary, area affected-map, etc. Ask for help if you need it. Hint: Create subtitles related to your content information and break them information into titles boxes so that your visual doesn’t look unorganized.

    PART THREE– Classroom Experience 1/3  Presentation– Make us feel like we are in the decades assigned! Bring in music, short video clips, pictures, props, popular foods, dress up, etc. Remember the examples given in class. This presentation must be done on the date assigned!

    You have chosen a topic that you are interested in to discuss. Each person has about 3-4 minutes to inform us about whatever their chosen topic is. (example fashion, music, movies, sports, Presidents,cars,event, etc.

    INTRODUCTION TO THE DECADE MUST BE MADE.  Group choice on how this will be handled. By one or all or video clip, etc.  Don’t simply stand up and start talking.

    EACH PERSON in the group will dress up (have someone take a group pic of your group and email it to me), speak about their topic, bring a poster and food item, teach us to dance and help clean up when done.

    • Present your decade information briefly by reviewing your topic with the class. Try not to read straight from your notes but you may use a note card. What is fun or memorable about your decade? Who were the people we should associate with your decade? Why were they significant?
    • Make it interesting by using a trivia game, competition, dress up, etc.
    • Create the atmosphere with a Group background slide– concert, Drive – in, movie theatre; speakeasy, soup kitchen, disco, soda shop, etc.  What were people doing for fun in your decade? What were they concerned about? Fads? Headlines in the news? Celebrities of the day? Popular toys? New inventions?  Popular Dance? (Show us how.)  Bring in sample sizes of the popular foods. Ask for ideas. You may want to have a different slide for each speaker related to their topic.

    You will have 30 minutes min-35 max to present. This includes take down for the next group. You will have to watch your time carefully so that everyone has time for his or her topic.

    • Show us your assigned information (you may want to set them up as stations or present them throughout your presentation) and give us the most important information related to your event. You will not have time to cover all information on your poster. DO NOT read the poster or your notes to us. Games are an interesting way to address the information .Dress up as a famous person or in the fashion of the day! Remember the suggestions given during class.
    • Your group should have a presentation plan which is updated with each meeting as to the order and responsibilities of each group member for presentation day. You have plenty of class time to work on this so use it wisely.  Let me know if you have any questions and get started now!  This is going to be as fun and interesting as you make it!!!!

    1920’S    Prohibition      Republican Presidencies   Harlem Renaissance     Scopes Trial      Wall Street Crash

    Women’s Changing Roles    Stock Market Crash     Nativism-Red scare     Organized Crime  Charles Lindbergh

      1930’S     Hoover’s Presidency              FDR”s Presidency- foreign policy        Bonus March on Washington        Great Depression          New Deal Programs = Relief, Recovery, Reform      Neutrality Acts

    Rise of the Labor Unions       Dust Bowl                  Eleanor Roosevelt       Opposition to FDR

    1940’S    World War [email protected] Home      War in Europe     War in the Pacific        D- Day            Manhattan Project (Bombing of Hiroshima &     Japanese American Internment (Korematsu v. US)          Wartime Conferences        Women in the Military

    Legacy of WWII – United Nations              Postwar: Cold War/ Containment       GI Bill

     1950’S   Korean War           Civil Rights          McCarthy’s “Red Hunt”            Arms Race

    2nd Red Scare       CIA –Espionage        Desegregation of the Schools   Montgomery Bus Boycott     Conformity    Presidencies of the 1950’s        US foreign policy of the 1950’s

      1960’S    Civil Right Movement        Vietnam War (1960’s only)          Bay of Pigs invasion

    Cuban Missile Crisis          Protest in the 1960’s    JFK’s Presidency/assassination

    MLK,Jr. Nonviolent protests                LBJ’s Great Society     Black Power and Race Riots

    The Warren Court          Women’s Rights movement

     1970’S    Vietnamization and the Fall of Saigon      Camp David Accords    American Indian Movement

    Watergate         Nixon’s Presidency     Détente w/China & USSR        Gerald Ford’s Presidency

    Jimmy Carter’s Presidency            Iranian hostage crisis                   Environmental movements

     1980’S   Reagan’s Presidency-Reaganomics   Rise of Conservatism        SDI=Star Wars   US – Soviet Relations

    Challenger Explosion          US foreign policy in the Middle East    Sandra Day O’Connor          Iran/Contra Affair        Renewal of the Cold War      Bush Presidency        End of the Cold War             Persian Gulf War

    CREATE A DBQ Topic

    Name__________________________ class period _____

    AP United States History Document Based Question (DBQ)

     Complete this to earn your CREATE A DBQ portion of your final project.


    DBQ Time Period:

     For each of your documents you should include the following information.

    Document identification (letter of document, title, date when available) and then below the document (picture, cartoon, law, newspaper clip, summary, Song lyrics, journal excerpt, speech, etc.)  You do not have to put each document on a separate page just use your judgment so that each document is clear and your information is complete.

    Include the actual lettered, titled and legible documents.

    American History Document Based Question

    Directions: The following question requires you to construct a coherent essay that integrates your interpretation of Documents A-F and your knowledge of the period referred to in the question. High scores will be earned only by essays that both cite key pieces of evidence from the documents and draw on outside knowledge of the period.

    Prompt / Question:   Include a specific time period, topic (what you expect the reader to do with the topic), and a higher level thinking verb (ex. Analyze, evaluate, etc.) Remember that you will need an argumentative related prompt.

    For each of the documents, follow the format below. Make sure all items are clear and legible.   Make sure that you have a variety of documents related to your specific topic. Make sure that each document used has information related to date, source, etc. included.



                    INSERT  DOCUMENT HERE



                    INSERT  DOCUMENT HERE



                    INSERT  DOCUMENT HERE



                    INSERT  DOCUMENT HERE



                    INSERT  DOCUMENT HERE



                   INSERT  DOCUMENT HERE


    LIST and EXPLAIN at least 15 SPECIFIC, EXPANDED FACTS ABOUT YOUR DBQ TOPIC BELOW THAT COULD BE USED AS OUTSIDE INFORMATION RELATED TO YOUR TOPIC.  Review your prompt and think of the information needed to take a stand related to the argument. Each of these should be a few sentences up to a paragraph in length.

    (Explain how this information relates to the topic = how can it be used to answer the prompt)  Include what you would expect the student to know about the topic given.  Example: causes/effects, people involved, vocabulary w/definitions, ETC. SENTENCES ARE NOT NECESSARY
















    *******Now go back and cut out the directions/subtitles that your were given to complete this assignment, keeping the traditional DBQ directions. Keep all bold printed subtitles and directions.

  3. APUSH Dec. 4 – 7 EOC this week!

    December 3, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    Monday – Continue with our EOC review in the Modern Era w/ emphasis on the Cold War and Civil Rights  Help and or Makeups after school today! 3:40 – 5pm

    Have you finished with your EOC study guide?  

     (reminder: last coupon opportunity posted last week (due by Friday am at the latest!)

    Tuesday – Sample questions online and on paper provided to start class/ Continue with EOC review into the Modern Era presidents Reagan – Obama

    Help and/or makeups/ review session as needed after school today  3:45- 4:45 

    Wednesday – Makeups in 311 before school (Make sure you let me know if you plan on this.)

    In class, EOC review quiz which will count as your last quiz grade for the semester. All coupons due w/ exception of the last offer due Friday am.

    Help and/or makeups/ review session as needed after school today  3:45- 4:45 

    Thursday-  State mandated EOC in class “A ” lunch for 3rd period. We will complete the EOC today  and you will turn in your study guide at the start of class as we leave for the lab.  Eat a good breakfast and read carefully!

    Friday – Decades review, rubric and research during class. Use your time wisely!  Over the weekend,get your Decades project and Modern Era information organized and prepare for the Open Note Assessment on Tuesday (Cold War to Obama), all multiple choice, no corrections.   Presentations for the Decades project begin on Dec. 13th Wed (80’s, 70’s), Dec. 14th Thurs (60’s,50’s) Dec. 15th Fri (40’s, 20’s).  Group evaluations due before you leave on Friday afternoon.

  4. APUSH Nov. 27- Dec. 1

    November 17, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    Monday – when we return from the break – 1940s in America and US involvement in WWII, aftermath and the Cold War begins  RQ To start class =Multiple Choice, a few True False and Matching (only time this semester) : Reading quiz over Chap. 25/26 in the FLAG

    IMPORTANT  Over the break –  Work on your  End Of Course study guide which will count as a test grade!! Answer each item on the and read the questions carefully. It is not necessary to write in complete sentences.  This is important and will help you with that 20% grade.  This must be complete by December 6th.  Let me know if you need time after school to work on this or help with any of the items.  

    Also READ chapters 25/26 in your Flag and watch the corresponding crash course videos!

    Tuesday – Post War policy and Cold War begins : Continue reading Ch. 27 in  the Flag at home Korean War, containment, Sputnik,etc.

    Coupon opportunity:   Review the  following topics as you read about them in your Flag and answer these 5 basic questions about each (Who? What? Where? When? Why and How?)  You can earn 10 points (1 coupon) for 2 topics! You can do them all for 30 points (aka.3 coupons).

    A. McCarthyism         B. the launching of Sputnik    C. Tet offensive    D. Camp David Accords    E. NOW           F. Iranian Hostage Crisis

    Wednesday –*Testing Bell schedule for next 3 days (shortened 1st period)  Presidents Truman and Eisenhower video clips; Cold War info covered complete the Early Cold War quiz in class using the information provided. The in class, open note quizzes will take the place of the traditional reading quizzes, although you should continue to read in the Flag text at home.   Homework: Complete the Cold War Crisis packet if you didn’t finish in class and review the terms explained  Watch Crash course #37 and 38 on US in the Cold War.

    Thursday–  Continue reading in the flag  Cold war discussion w/ comparison of 1st and 2nd Red Scare, terminology and impact of television; In class, Complete the U.S Society and Politics from WWII to 1970 quiz in class w/ emphasis on Civil Rights and Social Movements/ Staple the Compare Contrast over Dr. MLK,Jr. Malcolm X to the quiz when completed.    Tonight watch US HistoryCrash Course #39 on Civil Rights

    Friday –  Presidents clip Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon, Ford; Review of Korean War as compare/contrast to Vietnam War  Late Cold War and Modern Politics review with completion of the reading quiz in class.

    OVER THE WEEKEND; Complete and review your EOC study guide and begin reviewing it in preparation for the EOC worth 20% of your grade. Don’t forget that the study guide is a  grade as well.

  5. APUSH Nov. 13-17

    November 10, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    Over the weekend, read Chap 22 in the Flag and watch the Crash course over WWI #30 as identified at the  top of your TAKE  HOME quiz!  Have it ready to turn in at the beginning of class. **RQ**Correction on #21 answer D. should read “resumed unrestricted submarine warfare”.  Begin reading the next chapter once you have completed your Take Home quiz.

    Monday –  Turn in your RQ!  In class we will complete our review of US involvement in the War with culminating with  the Senate rejection of the Treaty of Versailles.

    Tonight read Chapter 23 in the Flag over the 1920’s. (470- 485) You will have a quiz in class on Tuesday and you can use any handwritten notes that you have taken.

    Tuesday-  RQ23 FLAG in class /Presentation of the Roaring Twenties, Republican Presidents, Conflict and the Stock Market Crash in Oct. 1929.  You will have a chronology list for the next few decades.  Be thinking about which group you would like to select for the Decades project. (Individual project presented as a group.) I will let you know more information before the Thanksgiving break and you will have a chance to email me with your first, second and third choice. Listen carefully in class.

    • After school help available! 3:45 – 4: 45

    Make sure that you read over the 1930’s chronology before you read the Chapter 24.   WATCH THE CRASH COURSE ON THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND NEW DEAL.

    Wednesday – Complete the 1920’s if needed and begin  the 1930’s with emphasis on causes of the Great Depression and Presidential response (compare/contrast Hoover  to FDR), Dust Bowl  Take Home Ch.24 Flag.  EOC STUDY GUIDE HANDED OUT DUE ON DEC. 6TH

    Thursday–  You should come to class with your New Deal chart completed.  Reading quiz over Chap. 24 in the FLAG was handed out in class yesterday. It is due tomorrow.  –  In class review 1930’s info. and discuss the 3 goals of the New Deal – Relief, Recovery and Reform

    Friday – Turn in Ch. 24 quiz Unit 7 test over WWI – 1930’s  multiple choice and short answer  No test corrections 

    Monday – when we return from the break – 1940s in America and US involvement in WWII.  MC : Reading quiz over Chap. 25 in the FLAG

    IMPORTANT  Over the break –  Work on your  End Of Course study guide which will count as a test grade!! Answer each item on the and read the questions carefully. It is not necessary to write in complete sentences.  This is important and will help you with that 20% grade.  This must be complete by December 6th.  Let me know if you need time after school to work on this or help with any of the items.  


  6. APUSH Nov. 6 – 10

    November 6, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    Monday – We have a few minutes to complete our discussion on American Imperialism and to review the Progressive presidents and legislation.  We will be in the lab for the last 1/2 of class for you to complete your review folder on Imperialism/Progressive Era. *This 4 part folder will be due on Thursday which will be the same day that you will write your Long Essay.   Instructions were on last week’s blog and you were shown samples in class.  Anyone who needs help or extra time at school should make plans to stay after on Monday or Wednesday.

    REMINDERS:  I assume that you watched the crash courses assigned and that you have reviewed your readings handed out last week. Did you complete the reading questions, cartoons and charts related to Progressives?   You had last week to review the questions relevant to the group projects beginning with #17 few on New South, 18 -25. I may even use some questions from for the last 2 topics on Imperialism and Progressive Era.

    Tuesday Students have the day off for election day and teachers will have professional learning. 

    Wednesday –   Wear Red, White and Blue today to honor our veterans!  Unit Test in class; Multiple choice only.  I will hand out and  review the Long Essay Grading Rubric.

    Thursday –  Students will be given a copy of the rubric to use as they write the long essay from a menu. We will review some important essay reminders together in class. You will be able to have these on your desk as you write the essay in class.  You will turn in your 4 part folder project.

    Read Chapter 22 US Involvement in WWI in the Flag.  Watch the crash courses which correspond to  WWI. We will concentrate on the last year of the war since American did not join the allies until 1917 and then fighting ends in 1918 with the Treaty in 1919.

    Friday –  We will move on to the information covering American involvement in World War I, and the debate over the Treaty of Versailles.  Complete the  compare/contrast chart over the Spanish American War and World War I, along with a take home reading quiz to complete over the weekend.


  7. APUSH Oct. 30 – Nov. 3rd

    October 30, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    Over the weekend, you are to finish your outline lists on the presentation topics and review the Flag 16 – 19 that you should have read last week.  Did you watch the FULL crash course reviews on each of the 6 group topics? If not, you should.

    Also, as you read Ch. 23 this week, take notes on the outline and bring this to class to use  for the Brick RQ 23 on Wed..  This outline is the same one  that can be found on the textbook website and should be brought to class on Wed. if you would like to use it on your RQ.   You will have 25 minutes MAX to use your notes to complete the RQ at  the beginning of class.

    Monday – Group meeting then jeopardy review in class.  We will discuss the very different format for this unit’s test grade.  Listen carefully!

    Tuesday – Donner Party party in class.  Bring a snack to share and your own drink.  I will provide the paper products. We will have a review of the Presidents beginning with Hayes – William Howard Taft.  I will stay after and work with anyone who would like time in the lab to work on this test or review information from 3:45 – 4: 45 or use this time as a study hall.

    Wednesday – RQ 23 in class. We will review the information related to American Imperialism via the chart and short readings to complete as review using the Flag.

    Thursday – the Progressive Era – Using the flags in class You should be reading Ch. 24; You will need to complete the Populist/Progressives Compare/Contrast graphic organizer and questions from the reading on the Progressive Era.  Watch the Crash course US History #27 on the Progressives tonight.

    Friday –  Continue with lecture on the Progressive Era discussion. Preparation and “How to”Essay writing and review in Class over future essay on Progressive Era – Imperialism  * You will be writing the essay next week. 

    A Unit folder will be completed for this next unit (American Imperialism, Progressives   1867-1917)  and will be due the day of the unit test. Use a traditional file folder of any color and make sure all items are attached neatly. You may write neatly on the folder (assuming it’s not a dark color) or neatly attach a word document.  I have a few samples to show you on Friday.


    • Outside front Cover = Your name, class period (back of the tab)  and time period ( should be on the tab w/ labelled pictures on the front)
      • illustrate activities, evidence of understanding of important events, places and people that make this period unique to others (need at least 10 and need to be labeled)
    • Inside left cover = Themes
      • Utilize the themes to discuss the events in the time period (at least TWO bullet point sentences for each theme) –
      • Identity
      • Work, Exchange, Technology
      • Peopling
      • Politics and Power
      • America in the World
      • Environment and Geography
      • Ideas, Beliefs, and Culture
    • Inside right cover = terms & people
      • Pick at least 20 terms, events or people that you think most characterize this unit (the important ones ! Hint: Use the lists in your Flag.) and then define them giving their significance (why are they important) Many of them can be found in your glossary or listed in the flag.
    • Outside back cover = timeline
      • At least 20 items on the timeline (again stick to important things that characterize the time period and specific topics 1867 to 1917). The items should be covered in sentence style and not simply listed.

    Unit One is done for you and is the example to follow (however note that this unit was short and therefore does not have the required number of items stated in the instructions above.

    Slide2   Slide3
    Slide4   Slide5

  8. APUSH Oct. 23- 27

    October 22, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    MondayUnit Test in class – Chapters 15-18 in the Flag; Multiple Choice and 1 short answer (a,b,c) Read your notes carefully. Remember that there will be no test corrections on this test.

    Tuesday – Group Project Assignments handed out in class – ( New South – Politics in the Gilded Age ) You should be reading Chapters 16 – 19 in the Flag.  Also, you should read your assigned info first and then as we cover the topics in class.

    Group presentations with individual grades related to the 6 postbellum topics 1865 to 1900 (Turn of the Century). After presentations, I will review information with you each day but I need you to read the information covered in class in your Flag text (Chapters in the Brick and Flag are identified at the top of each page).

     Info  in class on the New South, Farmers, Conflict with Native Americans, Industrial America, Gilded Age politics  and the West,etc.  Read chapters 16  – 19 in the Flag 

    Decide on a shape for your visual (color of paper needed) and make assignments for information. Tonight each person should print out of copy his or her assigned 1 visual topic, outline info. and 2 multiple choice AP level questions with answers indentified on the 2nd copy of the questions. Your print outs will be attached to the group paper tomorrow in class.

    Wednesday – Lecture & discussion on the New South – Henry Grady’s vision, crop lien system, George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Plessy v. Ferguson, Jim Crow Laws, grandfather clause, poll tax, literacy tests, Ida B. Wells   You will have the last part of class to work on your group visual.

    Thursday  3 group Presentations . All groups should be ready to present with each person assigned to cover information assigned and point out visuals. One person should be chosen to give the introduction to the topic.

    Friday – Last 3 group presentations.

  9. APUSH Oct. 16- 20

    October 16, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    Road to War CONTINUED : Remember that last Friday, you were working on  the outline on the Road to Civil War info sheets on the topics listed. 

    Monday – Begin reading ch. 18 for a RQ on Chapter 18 on Thursday -Individual Multiple Choice  We will review the road to war in class and you should complete any information missing as we discuss each topic.  This will cover ch. 16 from the Brick so it will not be necessary to read it. You should reading in the Flag.   Did you complete your map? Map quiz on Wednesday.

    Tuesday = finish the road to war as needed.  Civil War powerpoint and notes   Causes and Effects of the Civil War, advantages/disadvantages,  Battles of Bull Run, Shiloh, Antietam, Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Chattanooga,  Atlanta, writ of habeas corpus, Anaconda Strategy,Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg Address,Morrill Tariff, greenbacks, Radical Republicans, Copperheads, Appomattox Court House  This will cover the info from ch. 17 so you will not need to read this chapter in the Brick.  *YOU SHOULD BE READING CHAPTER 18 (Brick) FOR THE RQ ON THURS.

    Are you reading and reviewing your notes? Help after school for anyone who would like it. 3:45 – 4: 35

    Wednesday – MAP quiz over the CSA USA map in class and complete the  with the War. Start Reconstruction

    Thursday – RQ ch. 18  continue with Reconstruction Plans LECTURE and PPT in class.  chapter 18 terms to know:  Freedmen’s bureau, West Virginia, Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction, Wade Davis Bill, pocket veto, John W. Booth, Andrew Johnson, Black Codes, Thaddeaus Stephens, Charles Sumner, conquered provinces, forfeited rights theory, Civil Rights Act of 1866, 13,14,15 amendments, due-process clause, Military Reconstruction Act, Command of the Army Act, Tenure of Office Act, Edwin M. Stanton, carpetbagger,scalawag, Ku Klux Klan, Ulysses S. Grant, hard v.soft money, Panic of 1873, Resumption Act of 1875, bloody shirt, Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden, Compromise of 1876

    Friday – New South – Henry Grady’s vision, crop lien system, George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington, Plessy v. Ferguson, Jim Crow Laws, grandfather clause, poll tax, literacy tests, Ida B. Wells

    Unit test in class over Chapters 15- 18 in the Brick  —Topics include: Antebellum (Old South) Societyquestions -few  Review your handouts,  Road to War is very important..more questions from this section, Civil War, – advantages and disadvantages – few battles identified in class,election and surrender and Reconstruction – plans and impeachment * There will be NO test corrections for this test. 


  10. APUSH Oct. 9-13

    October 9, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    I hope that you had a safe and fun Homecoming weekend.  I had a lot of fun playing Tailgate Trivia over information previously learned this semester.   Reminder: coupon on “The Drunkards Progress” from the temperance reform movement.

    Monday  –  We will begin the information on the territorial expansion of the USA.  We will have our map and ppt. lecture in class. You will be notes to read at home in a different format that what is used during class. It is great to process the information in more than one format. For now at home, read Chapters 14/15  and take notes using the Questions ch. 15 /outline Ch. 15 from the textbook website.    Also, Complete the manifest destiny map using the sample attached if you did not get it done in class. You will have a MAP QUIZ on the territorial expansion map this week.

    Tuesday–  Complete Manifest Destiny and complete information then on to the ppt lecture on the  Antebellum South in class.  Help available after school today.

    Wednesday – PSAT and ASVAB testing   I will not meet with all classes. For 3rd, you will have time to review and complete your Ch. 14 ?’s/15 outline so you may want to bring your Brick to class.

    Thursday Early Release  Turn in your Ch. 14 ?’s /15  outline with the map completed. this will count as your RQ for ch. 14/15.  MAP QUIZ In class, writing assignment related to Manifest Destiny and the Antebellum South.

    Friday – Small group assignment presentations to complete Antebellum South with Visuals and related to the South and the Road to Civil War .


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