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APUSH August 1- 5

July 29, 2016 by Marcie Gorsuch   

Welcome to APUSH!

I will be posting your reading assignments, vocabulary lists, study questions and reminders for the week so that you can plan your time wisely. Over time, these will be condensed as more responsibility becomes yours.

Did you complete your required assignments over break?   If not, go ahead and pick out the book/movie for your analysis assignments.  You may turn in any of these assignments earlier than the due dates. One (film analysis) is due Tues of the 2nd full week and the other (b00k review) on Tues. during the 4th full week of the semester. We will review the TURNITIN procedures prior to the weekend but you will need to turn in a hard copy on the due date as well.  Please make sure that you follow the directions carefully. All assignments are posted on the Harrison website under Academics- Social Studies Dept. – A.P.U.S. History (APUSH) This includes due dates. Be prepared to use Turnitin for each assignment.

How is this class different from other Social Studies classes?  You will receive more information about the class and the AP exam.  What do you know about American history?  Textbook forms. Syllabus and reminders for the class.  Pretest questions sneak a peak. I want you to check out the questions and their depth/length/analysis as compared to previous tests that you have taken as we take the pretest.  Our tests will follow this Multiple Choice format along with short answer interpretation/historical analysis.  You will also be given a copy of the syllabus and basic instructions for the expectations for this course and the student information sheet.Also, go to the website. Watch the short but informative videos from the MOMENTS IN AMERICAN HISTORY COLLECTION for the first section listed below.(1492-1750) Go ahead and view these until we get our textbooks and be sure to use this support during the semester.  For those of you who are auditory and/or visual learners, these short clips are tools for review. These short videos are available for review for all units covered this semester

Monday – Welcome Introduction to the class, TRSS forms, overview of the syllabus, Pretest and Information sheet; Please have your syllabus signed and return the signature page. Keep the syllabus in your notebook. (choice of 5 subject-college ruled spiral or 3 ring notebook)

Tuesday –  I have a few support websites to show you that may prove helpful. I will pass out a copy of Chapter 1 for your to read until textbooks are passed out. Continue with the AP US format and a brief brainstorming activity.

Wednesday/ Thursday : We will begin with a question style lecture on early American exploration and discovery.  As soon as you receive your textbook, Read Chapters 1 and using the list below, pay attention to these topics as you read. BE sure to review the study questions posted at the beginning of each chapter.  is the support website for your textbook.  This site has outlines that you can print our for you to take notes on and practice multiple choice quizzes (usually with 15  items). You will have a reading quiz over Chapter 2 on Monday.

Thursday – Chapter 1 Reading Quiz and begin colonization of the English colonies with maps.

Chapter I these are some terms, concepts, and people that you need to be familiar with:
Land bridge (Bering Strait),  Maize, environmental changes in North and South America and how that affected Native American cultures (p. 7)

Compare and Contrast the Mayan, Aztec, , and the Incan civilizations.

Compare these to the North American Native civilizations (Adena-Hopewell, Mississippian, Pueblo-Hohokam,Anasazi ) Make sure you know the geographic locations of each civilization.
Erik the Red
Leif Eriksson
Effect of the Renaissance on European exploration
Examples of navigational progress
How did each of the following help lead to transAtlantic exploration: urbanization, world trade, nation-states, technology?
Prince Henry the Navigator/Portugal
Bartholomeu Dias
Biological Exchange
Diseases (which ones specifically?  impact on Native Americans
Hernando de Soto
Ponce de Leon
Bartolome de Las Casas
Give evidence of Spanish influence in America. ex mission
Vasquez de Coronado
Saint Augustine (1565)
Influence of Spanish conqest of the American Southwest
Pueblo revolt of 1680
Use of Catholicism as a means of subuing Native Americans
“Horses changed everything.” (p. 33) Explain.
Martin Luther
Protestant Reformation
Henry VIII, Elizabeth I
1588 – Defeat of the Spanish Armada
Lost Colony/Sir Walter Raleigh

Discuss the contrasts between Spanish and English colonization. How do those two compare to the French in terms of motivation, area settled, relations with Native Americans and success?
Discuss the goals of European explorers. Did these men meet the objectives of the countries they represented?
What were the consequences of the biological exchanges that occurred as a result of the age of exploration?

Debate to consider
Columbus’ place in History: Relativism

–  Begin Chapter 2: Great Britain in the New World
This is what to look for as you read the first half of Chapter 2.
Charters/ Magna Carta
James VI/ Charles I/ Divine right
Oliver Cromwell/Parliament
The Restoration
Charles II
Glorious Revolution/ William and Mary
Act of Settlement 1701 / Act of Union 1707
John Smith
John Rolfe
Chesapeake region (be able to locate this on a map)
Chief Powhatan
Virginia company
headright system
Year 1619
House of Burgesses
African labor
Women as a commodity in Virginia
William Berkeley
Native American relations
Economic Growth in Virginia
1676-Bacon’s Rebellion
Maryland- the Calverts and Catholicism
Act of Toleration (1649)

Friday – Intro to English colonial interests

The first Unit test will cover Chapters 1-4 (Brick) but has far fewer questions on Exploration-Ch. 1 than Colonization (majority = European and English specifically 13 original colonies)ch.2 & 3 and primarily just causes and effects for the French and Indian war in Ch. 4 if any info at all.  Your unit tests will usually have multiple choice items and a short answer analysis section.  We will concentrate on taking tests with more difficult questions in the earliest part of the semester and then work in essay skills in parts on test days later on. YOUR FIRST TEST WILL HOPEFULLY BE THURSDAY OF NEXT WEEK! 

  The AP exam has very few, possibly no military questions so we will cover military aspects only as they would apply to the EOC.   Also, I will review with you which items to give extra attention to such as the two charts (Eng./Span./French colonies & New England/Middle/Southern colonies) that you will have for this unit. I do expect that you read 1-4 in the Brick and up to and including 1763 (French and Indian War ends w/Treaty of Paris) in your flag which is a condensed version of American History prior to the Unit One test.  This will be up to page 63 in your Flag. 

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