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APUSH Oct. 2 – 6 Homecoming Week :-)

October 2, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch   

Monday –  50’s Dress up day for Homecoming  Turn in your Ch. 12 outline notes for a quiz grade on Thursday. This should have been completed over the break.  We will watch the “Market Revolution” in class which reviews Ch. 12 in the Brick. You should be reading along in the Flag.

Also, you should have completed the outline  over Jackson using the Flag. We have a few items that will be filled in during class presentations. Listen carefully. We will reconvene with our Andrew Jackson groups that met on Friday before the break. You will have a few minutes to review your individual assignments and then we will present the information.  If you have not already done so, watch the Crash course on Andrew Jackson’s Presidency. #14. (Ch. 10 in the Flag)

 Tuesday  – A Pair of Dice = TWIN dress up day for homecoming Continue with our coverage of Andrew Jackson – You will complete an evaluation of his presidency using specific evidence. Begin Reform movements: 2nd Great Awakening (Religion) , Women’s Rights, Education, Utopian communities, Transcendentalists, Mentally Ill/ Prison Reform, Temperance (anti-alcohol), Abolition          * After school help available today 3:45 – 4: 45

Watch Crash (US History)  course # 15 Reform Movements in  Antebellum America

Wednesday –  Dress up like a character from the game CLUE for homecoming – Reading Quiz Ch. 13 in the Brick , then we will finish Antebellum Reform movements covered in class: Chart

Thursday –  Dress up like a detective for homecoming /  Assessment- to page 220 in the Flag  Open Note:Multiple choice 1 pt per item and short answer total 20 pts * No test corrections since it is open note (Info begins with the election of 1824 “Corrupt Bargain”, Market Revolution and includes Antebellum reform movements) You will turn in your notes with the test today. 

Friday – Dress up in class colors = light blue for Juniors Pep Rally today  Competition TRIVIA for coupons based on info learning this semesters so far!  Map to color in class regarding territorial acquisitions of the US  Fall tailgate/brunchgate  in class Bring your own drink and something to share. I will provide the paper goods and utensils.

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